5 Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency

Zinc deficiency is common in huskies. When unaddressed, it might be detrimental to their health. Luckily, you can supplement your dog’s lack of zinc with food! But what’s the best dog food for huskies with zinc deficiency? The best ones are packed with zinc, nutritious, and wholesome ingredients. I made this article to help you find the perfect pick for your husky, addressing their zinc deficiency. 

5 Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Our Top Pick! 
Nulo Grain-Free Dog Food (Limited +)
5 Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Check Price
5 Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc DeficiencyPurina Pro Plan Dog Food5 Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Check Price
5 Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc DeficiencyTaste of the Wild Dog Food5 Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Check Price
5 Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc DeficiencyBlue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food (Rocky Mountain Recipe) w/ red meat5 Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Check Price
5 Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc DeficiencyZignature Grain-Free Dog Food (Kangaroo Formula)5 Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Check Price

Do Huskies Really Need Higher Zinc Levels in Their Diet?

Huskies originated from harsh environmental conditions bred to work hard. These dogs adapted to the prey model diet, where they eat lots of fish, meat, and offal. So though a traditional husky’s diet is nutritious, it isn’t enough to meet the breed’s zinc needs. And this applies to domesticated huskies we have at home. 

So what is zinc? Zinc is an antioxidant that helps the immune system fight against various illnesses. It usually works well alone, but it also synergizes well with different vitamins. 

However, a husky’s body doesn’t have the capability of storing zinc. Therefore, it’s crucial to give your dog adequate zinc. Doing so ensures your husky’s optimal health condition. 

If you don’t give your husky the right amount of zinc, this can lead to several complications. And these include:

  • A sudden decrease in appetite 
  • Chronic digestive problems
  • Zinc responsive dermatosis
  • Weakened immune system
  • Thyroid issues
  • Failing organs 
  • Seizures

All of these results from zinc deficiency, so it only makes sense to add more zinc to your husky’s diet. 

Zinc and a Husky’s Diet

Remember that though all snow dogs need higher zinc levels, not every husky diet requires a zinc boost. Regardless, if you notice any of the signs above, it’s time to change your husky’s diet. And it only makes sense to choose food that’s easy to digest and absorb. So, what is the proper diet for a husky?

The best diet for a husky should contain mostly animal protein and fat. And it’s best to avoid carbs since huskies don’t need it to stay healthy. However, most importantly, your dog’s diet should be rich in zinc. 

But before you add supplements to your husky’s diet, see if you can make any changes first. Here are the things you need to look out for:

  • Choose grain-free kibble. Most dry dog foods contain high levels of corn, wheat, and soy. And this can hinder your husky’s ability to absorb zinc. So, when choosing dog food, go grain-free.
  • Don’t rely on protein-rich dog food. These usually depend on meat by-products, which aren’t healthy for your husky. Not to mention, these types of dog foods cannot meet the daily zinc requirements. 
  • Watch out for cheap zinc. Some manufacturers use cheap sources for zinc, and these are usually not enough. 

If you’re looking for the best dog food for huskies with zinc deficiency, the five products below will not disappoint! 

Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency -Our Top 5


OUR TOP PICK: Nulo Grain-Free Dog Food (Limited +)
5 Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency

Product Name: Nulo Grain-Free Dog Food (Limited +)

Product Description: Nulo is a relatively new brand in the market, but it's taking over the quality dog food scene. That's because they produce top-tier kibbles at a reasonable price. And Nulo Grain-Free Dog Food (Limited +) for zinc-deficient huskies are no exception. This particular dog food boasts limited ingredients. Therefore, your husky can absorb more essential nutrients, including zinc. But the best part is this formula contains zinc methionine, which is a top-quality form of zinc. It's digestible and easily absorbed than other types of zinc. Finally, it's available in different flavors. With Nulo, your husky will surely keep coming back for more!

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Formula
  • Quality of ingredients
  • Value for money
  • Zinc quality


Aside from that, this dog food from Nulo is 100% allergy-friendly. Each kibble is made without chicken, eggs, peas, and grains. Also, this recipe contains probiotics that make it easier to digest. So if your husky has a sensitive stomach, this product should be safe for them.

Moreover, you can choose between salmon and beef to add variety to your husky’s diet. However, salmon usually has less zinc than beef. But it’s rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and fish oil, which is beneficial for zinc deficiency in dogs.

Overall, Nulo Grain-Free Dog Food (Limited +) is a great option for huskies with zinc deficiency, especially those who developed skin problems!


  • Grain-free
  • Made with real meat
  • Packed with probiotics
  • Uses zinc methionine
  • Available in different flavors


  • A little pricy
  • Some buyers have complained about the product’s packaging being a little flimsy


Purina Pro Plan Dog Food

5 Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency

When it comes to quality dog food, Purina doesn’t disappoint! And the brand’s Pro Plan line has some of the best kibbles out there made for sensitive dogs. The Purina Pro Plan Dog Food is no exception. It supplies huskies with zinc while addressing skin issues.

This particular product was exclusively formulated for dogs with sensitive tummies. Hence, it’s easy to eat and easily digestible! Foods your husky can digest better increase their chance of absorbing zinc.

Aside from that, it does wonder in addressing skin issues caused by zinc deficiency. This particular formula is not only rich in zinc but also omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. And these are the best ingredients you can ask for zinc deficiency in huskies.

However, this dog food isn’t only efficient, but it’s also tasty! It uses real salmon meat as its base ingredient, making it more enticing to dogs. Other than that, using real meat makes the zinc content of this product top-notch.

That means you’re not only getting quality protein sources, but you’re also scoring better zinc!

Overall, if your husky has developed skin issues due to zinc deficiency and has a sensitive stomach, choose Purina Pro Plan Dog Food.

The only issue is that its packaging is flimsy, according to some buyers. Anyway, you can always ask to pack the product more securely.

  • Made with real meat
  • Grain-free
  • Packed with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Uses rice and oatmeal for easy digestion
  • Affordable
  • A few buyers have complained about the packaging being too thin
  • Only available in one flavor

Taste of the Wild Dog Food

5 Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency

One of the oldest and most trusted dog food brands is Taste of the Wild. And the Taste of the Wild Dog Food does not disappoint! This particular product is rich in protein, ideal for huskies with zinc deficiency.

We’ve established that one of the best ways to supply dogs with zinc is through real meat. And this is exactly what Taste of the Wild provides. It contains 100% bison and venison meat, making the kibbles zinc-rich and delicious! So besides packing a lot of quality protein, it’s also abundant in easily digestible zinc.

One thing that stood out for me with this brand is that you can choose between grain-free or with grains. Ideally, it’s best to opt for grain-free kibbles to help your husky digest the food better. Through this, dogs will get more zinc into their bodies.

Not to mention, grain-free kibbles also give your dog’s stomach an easier time.

Aside from that, this formula from Taste of the Wild uses zinc proteinate. This comes from the chelation of zinc alongside amino acids. And it’s one of the highest quality forms of zinc you can get. Many manufacturers have used it in creating zinc supplements.

  • Available grain-free or with grains
  • Made with real bison and venison meat
  • Uses sustainable recipe
  • Packed with proprietary probiotics
  • Contains high-quality zinc proteinate
  • A little expensive
  • Only available in one flavor

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food (Rocky Mountain Recipe) w/ red meat

5 Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency

If you’re looking for a real meaty option, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food (Rocky Mountain Recipe) w/ red meat is your best bet. Blue Buffalo is one of the most famous dog food brands in the market, and for good reasons. This particular product is packed with protein and zinc!

Its rocky mountain recipe uses red meat as one of its base ingredients. For this reason, it produces high levels of zinc. And we know that zinc derived from actual meats is of higher quality. Plus, they’re easier to digest! Therefore, even huskies with sensitive stomachs can enjoy this dog food.

Also, this formula contains zinc amino acid chelate. It’s one of the better forms of zinc that allows dogs to digest the kibble easier. As a result, it helps them absorb the nutrients, minerals, and zinc better!

Above all, you won’t find any grains and artificial additives in this formula. So though it isn’t the most impressive, its wholesome recipe is enough to meet your dog’s zinc needs. And the best part is, you can get this premium dog food at a reasonable price!

With this, you can be confident that you’re getting the best value for your money.

Overall, this rocky mountain recipe from Blue Buffalo is a great option for huskies with zinc deficiency and sensitive stomachs!

  • Made with real beef
  • Uses healthy and wholesome ingredients
  • Packed with antioxidants
  • Grain-free
  • Free from artificial additives
  • A handful of buyers have complained about the kibble quality degrading
  • A little pricy

Zignature Grain-Free Dog Food (Kangaroo Formula)

5 Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency

For owners looking for a dog food that’s rich in protein and zinc, look no further than Zignature Grain-Free Dog Food (Kangaroo Formula). Yes, you read that right. This product uses kangaroo as its first ingredient. Therefore, you’re getting high-quality protein and zinc in one bag!

Kangaroo is considered a novel protein, but it’s already taking the market by storm. With this, your husky will get plenty of zinc and balanced nutrition minus the stomach issues. So even huskies with sensitive tummies can enjoy this food without a problem.

Also, you can rest easy as this dog food doesn’t contain grains. It’s 100% grain-free, using only limited ingredients. Plus, it only uses a single protein as its first ingredient.

Moreover, all ingredients used are natural and will not hinder your dog’s nutrient absorption rate. That means your husky will always get the most out of each meal.

But what stood out for me about Zignature is that all their dog food formulas are physiologically tuned. So that means all products are made to meet the unique needs of your dog, satisfying their instinctual cravings.

However, since this product uses kangaroo as its protein source, many buyers found it uncomfortable to feed it to their huskies. Anyway, if you don’t have an issue with this and want the best for your zinc-deficient husky, choose Zignature!

  • Grain-free
  • Physiologically-tuned formula
  • Has limited ingredients
  • Rich in protein and zinc
  • Affordable
  • A couple of buyers have complained about the product’s use of kangaroo meat

Best Dog Food for Huskies with Zinc Deficiency (Buying Guide)

So, how can you tell a dog food can meet your husky’s zinc needs? From grain-free formulas to quality zinc, here’s what you need to search for when buying dog food for huskies with zinc deficiency:

✔️ Quality Zinc

Since you’re looking for dog food that helps with zinc deficiency, you need to get quality zinc. Many dog food manufacturers use cheaper sources to add zinc to their products. And some of the most common alternatives that these brands add are zinc oxide and zinc sulfate. 

 Although these types of zinc still provide some trace minerals to your dog, they’re not enough. After all, these forms are difficult to absorb and use. That’s why it’s safe to assume that your husky won’t get enough zinc. 

So when choosing dog food, avoid ones that list these cheap sources of zinc. Instead, look for quality zinc to ensure your dog’s top health condition. 

✔️ Grain-Free Formula

Grains like wheat, corn, and soy can disrupt your dog’s ability to absorb zinc. After all, kibble diets with grains largely contribute to zinc deficiency in huskies. Therefore, choosing grain-free dog food is your best option. 

Also, removing this factor can be enough to address your husky’s zinc deficiency. So the next time you check a particular brand, look for the grain-free label!

✔️ Protein

Although protein is a great source of zinc, different bases don’t yield the same amount. For instance, dog food that uses by-products or processed meat can’t provide enough zinc for your dog. On the other hand, kibbles that use whole meat as their protein base can offer more. 

Whether it’s beef, salmon, or chicken, whole meat can supply up to 100 mg of zinc to your husky!

Alternatives to Help Your Husky With Zinc Deficiency 

Besides giving the best dog food for huskies with zinc deficiency, there are many alternatives to try! These include the following:

Note: Never give your husky raw meat and dry dog food at the same time. Doing so can disrupt their digestive system, making them sick.  

🐟 Fish Oils

Fish are naturally rich in zinc, and this includes their oils! Adding fish oil to your husky’s diet can benefit them in many ways. For instance, giving dogs a few drops a day can strengthen their immune system. Also, fish oil can improve heart health and brain function. 

But before adding fish oil to your husky’s diet, consider how much fish oil is in their kibble first. After all, too much of anything can lead to disastrous consequences. 

Generally, huskies can receive up to 150 mg of fish oil per 10 lbs of their body weight. It’s best to spread this out around 2 to 3 times a week. 

🥬 Leafy Greens

Adding a small number of greens like kale and spinach can give your husky a needed zinc boost! After all, these dark leafy greens are rich in zinc. And not to mention, they’re also rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. So, really, you’re getting the best of all worlds! 

You can start by adding greens to your dog’s kibble or wet food 2 to 3 times a week. Just make sure to mix it in your husky’s food well. After all, no dog likes munching on large leaves. 

🦴 Treats

Surprisingly, giving your husky the best dog treats help in combatting their zinc deficiency. Quality dog treats are usually packed with vitamins, minerals, and zinc! Just make sure to choose ones that are made with wholesome ingredients. 

💊 Zinc Supplements

Finally, if you’ve tried changing your husky’s diet but still to no avail, a zinc supplement can go a long way. There are plenty available in the market. However, it’s best to consult with your vet to choose the best one for your dog. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I feed a husky with zinc deficiency?

A: Generally, your husky’s diet should be whole-meat-based. Real meat like chicken or salmon is packed with zinc. And each can give your dog around 150 mg of zinc. On the other hand, processed meat or by-products can be detrimental to your dog’s health. These fake meats can do more harm than good. 

Q: What’s the best way to treat zinc deficiency in huskies?

A: With huskies suffering from dietary-induced zinc deficiency, you can treat this with a change in diet. You can correct this by giving your pup quality dog food approved by the AAFCO. The results won’t be instantaneous, but skin lesions will disappear within 2 to 6 weeks. 

Q: What dog food for huskies contains the most zinc?

A: Dog foods rich in zinc usually have animal meat as their base ingredient. After all, real meat is rich in natural zinc, especially red meat. However, chicken and fish also suffice in meeting the adequate amount of zinc for huskies. Although uncommon, cereals like soybeans also help boost dog foods’ zinc levels. 

Q: Can a husky get zinc poisoning? And how?

A: Giving your husky too much or the wrong type of zinc can be harmful. Generally, zinc poisoning happens when a dog ingests certain types of zinc. These include cheap alternatives like zinc oxide and sulfate. Toxic zinc salts will form in your husky’s pancreas, bones, muscles, kidneys, and liver when this happens. 

Q: How much zinc should I give my husky?

A: Large dog breeds like huskies will need more zinc in their diet, up to 100 mg per day. This is because dogs don’t have a way to store or bank zinc in their bodies. Therefore, you need to supply your husky with more zinc than usual. 

Final Words

The best dog food for huskies with zinc deficiency will supply your pup with enough zinc every day. Plus, the best options will not only give your dog enough zinc but also give them an overall health boost. And the products I mentioned can supply your husk with more than enough zinc daily! So aside from giving your husky undivided attention, buy zinc-rich dog food to keep them in top health.

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