Information and Facts about Akita Husky Mix

 You may have heard about the mixed dog breed, which is popularly known as Huskita. This breed developed when Akita and Siberian Huskies were bred together first in the 1900s. Both of these are identifiable dog breeds.

The designer breed’s popularity is increasing, which is why this Huskita breed has become famous. The mix between Akita and the Siberian Husky makes large and adorable pups which is a great fit for several families.

Not only this Akita Husky Mix is stubborn, but they are also a bit tricky. If you want to know more about this breed in detail, you can keep reading!         

What Is Akita Husky Mix?

A cross between Ankita and Husk Mix is known as Huskita. Several other names are given to these mixed dogs, such as Siberian Akita.

It is a mixed breed that is large, loyal, and energetic, as these dogs get the best traits from both of their parents. These incredible dogs are loyal and protective and also known as protective dogs. They even have a history of working on guard duties and police work.  

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Size and Appearance of Akita Husky Mix

Akitas are known to be a large breed, whereas Siberian Huskies are medium-sized. Akita Husky Mix has a height range of 22-25 inches and about 50-75 lbs of weight.

When you have to deal with the mixed breed, Huskita, the person can’t predict which traits this breed will inherit from their parents. Usually, the mix will have a robust build and broad chest.

Huskitas come in a wide variety of colors, including a combination of gray, sable, fawn, silver, white, black, and red. They also have brown eyes and black noses.

TraitsAkita Husky Mix
Dog breed groupMixed breed
Height  22-25 in
Weight50-75 lbs
Life Span10-14 years
Exercise schedule90 minutes in one day
PersonalityLoyal and Protective
ColorGray, Black, White, Red, Sable, and Silver
Source: Wikipedia

Personality and Temperament

There is no doubt when you say this Husky mix with Akita is an intelligent breed. Both Akita and Siberian Husky are intelligent, so no matter which parent trait they inherit. These dogs are also stubborn, so your little furry friend may also inherit that trait.

These dogs are highly protective, loyal, and active, so if you want a family dog, Huskita is a perfect choice! Moreover, these dogs are playful like others, especially other pets or dogs. Like any other dog, the owner should also help them socialize with other dogs when they are young, which will also improve their manner and social skills.

The Huskitas are high-energy dogs and have a fierce independent streak, but they still want attention from their owner.      

“When training an Akita Husky puppy, it’s important to establish yourself as the pack leader early on to prevent unwanted behavior and ensure a well-behaved and obedient pet.”

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An Akita is a Japanese breed known as a working and large dog. The Spitz breed is a domestic dog that also has an influence on Japanese culture. According to some websites, these dogs are considered the most robust hunters used in the pack to hunt for wild boar, Yezo bear, and deer.

They are often dubbed as noble and dignified and are owned by the imperial members of the court. Thanks to the American lady, in 1937, Akitas arrived in the USA, and after two years, a standard for this breed has established. Nowadays, there are two different varieties of Akita: American Akita or Akita and Japanese Akita or Akita Inus.

The other is Siberian Husky, who came from the northern, eastern Siberian peninsula. They were known to be part of the Chukchi tribe. This breed was a vital part of the tribal unit.

They are known as the sled dogs, and in the 20th century, they arrived in Akaska and participated in sled racing, where they had to pull light loads over long distances.  

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Living with

Husky Akita Mix is an excellent pup if you are becoming a dog owner for the first time. Huskitas is a highly energetic dogs, and because of their large size, they can’t meet the requirement for exercise inside the house. The owner needs to take them on walks and meet all their requirements.

One must aim for about 10-14 miles one week, but there are chances that Huskita loves to walk more. Huskita has a reputation as untrainable dogs because they are stubborn, and it is not easy to train them. But adopting a better training method makes their companion animals for people.

“The mix of the Akita and Husky breeds creates a dog that is both strong-willed and affectionate, making for a truly unforgettable companion.”

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Akita Husky Mix Grooming

An Akita and Husky Mix dog requires daily brushing during the season of shedding. But if it is a non-shedding season, then that will reduce the grooming sessions, and now you need to brush them two or three times a week.

They need to be bathed about three or four times in one year. You may want to consider brushing their teeth regularly and also check their nails and ears.

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Health Condition of Akita Husky Mix

There are many crossbreeds that may come with fewer health concerns as compared to the parent breed. The truth is that this comes with some genetic lottery. The crossbreed pulls half of the genetics that comes with each parent breed which means they even inherit conditions from both parent breeds.

You can keep your Akita healthy, which will be possible when you meet all their requirements and by feeding them a healthy diet. It is a healthy breed, but there are a few concerns on which you need to keep your eyes.   

Here are some tips to keep your husky puppies always in good health.

Minor Problems

  • Obesity
  • Ear infection
  • Dental problems

Severe Problems

  • Hemophilia
  • Epilepsy
  • Retinal Atrophy
  • Dysplasia
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Akita Husky Mix Lifespan

The lifespan of the Siberian Husky ranges from 12-14 years of age, and that of the Akita is about 10-14 years. Hence, the lifespan of Akita Husky Mix could live for about 10-14 years.

“An Akita Husky Mix is not just a dog, it’s a member of your family that will love and protect you unconditionally.”

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Akita Husky Mix puppies have the combined traits of both Siberian Huskies and Akitas. It is not possible for the person to predict the characteristics of the puppy which they may inherit from their parents. These are the best dogs that a family can have.


How big does a Husky Akita Shepard mix get?

The crossbreed will have a solid, muscular and large body. The breed can grow about 22-26 inches and have weight around 50-75 pounds.

Is Akita Husky a good mix?

Yes they are, this mixed breed is so playful loving and quite energetic. It is the best companion who is affectionate and loyal and good with children.