Bathing: How To Make Your Husky Love Water

Is it time to bathe your husky, but it keeps on squirming whenever you put it in the tub? Huskies are really stubborn and tend to be aggressive when they dislike something. And one of these is taking a bath. Most husky parents have a difficult time bathing their pets for the first time because they still don’t know the right approach when taking them to a bath. They are afraid that their huskies might bite them when forced to take a bath.

That is why in this article, we will reveal the right approach on how to make your husky love taking a bath effortlessly. And the first step you need to take is to know how to condition your husky before washing it thoroughly.

Proper Conditioning For Husky Who Hates Baths

husky bathing
Photo credits: 💦 Brush beforehand

Before letting your husky touch the water, you need to brush its fur beforehand. This is to prepare your pet for the bathing session. Brushing also helps to make the bath faster because you have already detangled its fur. And brushing your pup is also a way of massage to condition your pet and ensure there is a proper blood flow.

💦 Check the size of your husky

When planning a bathing session, the first thing you want to be sure of is that your husky is not a puppy. Keep in mind that puppies can’t be bathed until six months old. This is because submerging them in water too early can cause their skin to dry out and get irritated, leading to an itchy coat that brings unnecessary discomfort and pain.

Huskies are born with a natural coating on the skin called vernix caseosa. This coating helps protect the puppy from infection while in the womb but also needs some time after birth to go away naturally. Bathing huskies too often and too early before this natural process takes place can lead to skin problems for them later on.

Additionally, frequent bathing sessions can also be stressful for them! You want your husky’s first experiences with water to be positive ones, so avoid doing anything that could potentially scare it. If you have a husky that simply must be washed before it hits six months of age, you can try using wet wipes instead of immersing it in water.

💦 Health issues

It would help to check that your husky is in good health before bathing it. Huskies are particularly vulnerable to hypothermia and other health concerns, so you’ll want to be extra careful. If your husky suffers from hip dysplasia, allergies, heart issues, or anything else that prevents it from being bathed safely at home, discuss alternative options with your veterinarian. 

💦 Good water pressure

Your husky is going to need a lot of water, so make sure you have good water pressure in your area before bathing them. And this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re using the bathtub or shower stall in your home bathroom. If you plan to set up shop outside, it’s essential to check both the hot and cold water pressure from an outdoor faucet. You’ll want to use warm water for baths, but if the hot water doesn’t flow well, it will probably be easier to use tap or cold water than fight the poor pressure. You can also do sun bathing to make your pet dry after taking a bath.

💦 Barking and howling

Huskies are very vocal dogs. This can come as a shock to first-time husky parents. But being prepared is the best way to deal with any potential issues. When you bathe huskies, expect that there will be some noise, such as crying. Huskies are known for their emotional behavior, such as howling and barking, especially when they’re uncomfortable or unhappy, like when they’re in a bath! Don’t worry! These noises aren’t an indication of pain or discomfort. Instead, they’re simply the huskie’s way of expressing its feelings about the situation.

Just remember that while we’re talking about barking, please don’t yell at your husky for making noise during his bathing! Your husky is already anxious enough, and yelling will only make it feel worse and more nervous.

💦 Choosing the right product

Perfume is a big no-no with huskies since they have sensitive skin, especially since perfume can cause allergic reactions or even be toxic. This isn’t necessary when washing your husky, and it just makes the washroom smell nice while you’re washing them. 

And suppose your husky suffers from respiratory issues like kennel cough or bronchitis. In that case, you’ll definitely want to stay away from anything with perfume in it, as that could exacerbate the problem due to their breathing problems.

💦 Distraction

Let your husky know when it’s time to take a bath. If you have a husky who loves his daily baths, then you won’t need this tip. In that case, give yourself an extra pat on the back because either you have an exceptional husky or your husky is exceptional at pretending to enjoy baths. 

But if your husky is like most and would rather spend its life in the snow than bathed, then it needs to know that “bath time” doesn’t mean it’s actually time for a bath. Instead, it means it’s about to be time for some delicious treats or just some extra petting and love.

If dog treats and snacks motivate your husky most, which many pets respond best, consider purchasing a healthy treat containing fruits and vegetables but little fat or salt. Examples of healthy treats include bananas, blueberries, applesauce, carrots, or baby food with chicken as the first ingredient. Just make sure there isn’t any onion on the ingredients list because onions are toxic for huskies!

💦 Scratches and bites

It’s crucial to your safety that you stay calm, speak gently and firmly, and act with confidence. If you’re acting scared or unsure of yourself, you’re liable to end up getting scratched or bitten by your husky, which is definitely not what either of you wants.

Remember that if your husky knows what’s coming, it’ll be more likely to comply than if it senses that you’re testing it. Your husky doesn’t want a bath any more than you do, so try to make sure that it fully understands why this is happening before proceeding.

If possible, get someone else to help hold the husky from behind using a “belly band” or a strip of fabric tied around the husky’s midsection. This will prevent the husky from spinning around and attempting to run away while also giving it less leverage with which it can fight back or intimidate you.

💦 Shower sprayer

If your husky is small enough to hold easily, you can use a handheld shower sprayer attached to your tub faucet. Shower bathing will prevent from getting water splashes and make the whole room soak with water. Wrap the leash around your wrist and hold onto the husky’s collar or harness with your other hand. Then turn on the water to just above lukewarm and slowly wet down its back legs and belly while it may or may not growl at you. Keep the water temperature steady, as huskies are sensitive to temperature changes. 

Tips To Make Bathing Session Less Difficult

husky bathing
Photo credits: Rumble Viral

Bathing a husky can be difficult, but following these steps will make it less stressful.

💧 Prepare the tub for bathing

As mentioned above, bathing with a sprayer is preferable because they’re less likely to get hurt if they try to run away or jump out of the tub, and also because it’s difficult to hold down an angry husky while you’re trying to scrub them down with a washcloth.

Get your things ready beforehand so that you don’t have to leave the husky alone in the tub while retrieving items or rinsing them off. Keep in mind that leaving your husky while submerged in water or while the water is running in the tub, your husky can get drowned, especially if its body is smaller than the tub.

💧 Introduce it to water little by little

If it is your first time bathing your husky, don’t surprise it with water splashes. Though huskies can swim, this approach may become a threat to your pet, especially if it’s too young to take a bath. Introduce water to your husky little by little. You can do this by letting it touch through its paws or letting it drink first (while the water is still clean).

💧 Compliment your husky

Say words of admiration towards your husky. This is one of the most clever and sharp breeds, and appreciation is easy for them to understand. If you show praise to your husky, it might think that it’s making you happy and getting your attention, so your husky will do its best while taking a bath.

💧 Use force when needed

Be gentle while bathing your husky. You can only use force if it starts being aggressive but avoid too much force as much as possible. Do not shout or spank your husky if it hesitates to take a bath. This will just make them stubborn and will get used to barking at you.

💧 Grooming centers

If you really can’t wash and groom your husky, you can bring your husky to grooming centers to let professionals do the work for you. This way, you can be assured that the right product and approach are done on your husky.

Bottom Line

Proper grooming is needed for every husky because their furs can easily collect dirt that can cause various health issues. So if you want to prevent your husky from being covered with dirt, you can ask your vet how to clean your husky, such as by bathing it properly.

Remember that it is normal to see huskies squirm while in the tub, especially if they are just puppies. This is because water may feel new to their senses and can be a threat to them. But if you train huskies for liking bathing sessions, like the tips above, you’ll notice the change in their behavior in a short time. Just get ready to get wet, and let your husky enjoy its bath!

When bringing a husky into your home, you must know how to train it, especially when it comes to behavior. Click the link to know how to make your husky stay calm, and other modes of training it.

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