Best 5 Chew Treats For Huskies – Our Top Picks

We all enjoy giving our husky a treat or two. Huskies are a popular dog breed all around the world. This is mostly due to their lovely, long coat and perceptive gaze. One of the major disadvantages of huskies as a breed is their temperament.

They are, indeed, amusing. They are, however, obstinate and may be a touch selfish. Training a husky may be a demanding undertaking that only an experienced and patient dog owner can accomplish.

Giving them goodies is one approach to make the training or play more enjoyable. This will make them feel more driven to obey your directions. Rewarding their positive conduct will encourage them to do it more frequently in the future.

If you’re wondering what kind of snacks to give them, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top five chew treats for your loving Husky.

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Best 5 Chew Treats For Huskies - Our Top Picks chew treatsWellness Natural Pet Food - Natural Grain Free Chew TreatsBest 5 Chew Treats For Huskies - Our Top Picks chew treats Check Price
Best 5 Chew Treats For Huskies - Our Top Picks chew treatsHILL'S - Soft-Baked Naturals Chew TreatsBest 5 Chew Treats For Huskies - Our Top Picks chew treats Check Price
Best 5 Chew Treats For Huskies - Our Top Picks chew treatsBlue Buffalo - Grain Free Dental Chews Dog TreatsBest 5 Chew Treats For Huskies - Our Top Picks chew treats Check Price
Best 5 Chew Treats For Huskies - Our Top Picks chew treatsThe Honest Kitchen - Grain-Free Ocean Chew Treats Best 5 Chew Treats For Huskies - Our Top Picks chew treats Check Price
Best 5 Chew Treats For Huskies - Our Top Picks chew treatsPlanopaws - Calming Chew TreatsBest 5 Chew Treats For Huskies - Our Top Picks chew treats Check Price



OUR TOP PICK: Wellness Natural Pet Food - Natural Grain Free Chew Treats
chew treats

Product Name: Wellness Natural Pet Food - Natural Grain Free Chew Treats

Product Description: These fluffy sweets are delightful and grain-free. It's created using two different types of fresh beef. It includes vitamins added specifically for your Husky. In addition, it is a natural supply of DHA, which promotes healthy brain development. These are juicy and delicious sweets. It contains superfoods. For a natural taste, use blueberries and sweet potatoes. It also has more antioxidants. These are soft bite-sized sweets. Ideal for use as a reward during training sessions. Or if you want to thank your Husky for being an excellent dog. The high-quality components were carefully selected for their nutritious value. There are no byproducts of meat, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This tasty and healthful chew treat is ideal for your Husky.

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  • Value for money
  • Natural ingredients
  • Chews
  • Deliciousness


These chew snacks are healthy, all-natural, soft, sweet, and bite-sized. It has been carefully designed for your Husky. It includes nutritious meat and a delightful lamb and salmon taste. You may observe this with grains, fruits, and vegetables. These chew snacks are an excellent supplement to a balanced diet. Snack time with your Husky is a mutually beneficial display of affection and positive reinforcement. It is possible to feel good about training and praising them.



Easy to break Healthy flavors Affordable


Not ideal for Husky with a sensitive stomach


HILL'S - Soft-Baked Naturals Chew Treats
Best 5 Chew Treats For Huskies - Our Top Picks chew treats

These chew snacks are created with genuine beef and are tasty, soft, and grain-free. It is an excellent training reward for your adoring Husky. Alternatively, as a complement to their dry or wet canned meal regimen.

It is a natural snack that offers the perfect blend of flavor and nutrients in every delightful mouthful. The wonderful tastes of beef and sweet potatoes combine to make a delectably flavorful delight.

The finest component in these natural chew snacks is beef. It will provide your Husky with lean protein, which will aid in muscular maintenance. It has no artificial tastes or colors. When it comes to snacks, only the best will do for your Husky. This is also fantastic for training and serves as a terrific incentive for your Husky.

  • Affordable
  • Healthy
  • Easy to break
  • The texture might be too hard for some Husky
Blue Buffalo - Grain Free Dental Chews Dog Treats
Best 5 Chew Treats For Huskies - Our Top Picks chew treats

These are the dental chews that are devoid of grains. It will aid in the cleaning of their teeth and the freshening of their breath. These are completely grain-free chew treats.

It is designed to satiate the wolf spirit that is within every Husky. It is designed to seem like something the wolf pack might look for in the wild. It is produced with just the highest quality natural components. These chews are gluten-free and grain-free.

They’re pure chewing delight that any Husky will enjoy. Treat your Husky to these natural and healthful chew snacks. They’ll adore you even more. Giving them this as a reward during training will motivate them to obey your commands.

  • Perfect texture
  • Healthy
  • Long-lasting
  • It is expensive
The Honest Kitchen - Grain-Free Ocean Chew Treats
Best 5 Chew Treats For Huskies - Our Top Picks chew treats

This high-protein dog chew is composed entirely of Wolffish skins and is strong in Omega-3s. It is easily digested and has a long chew time. This recipe is completely safe for humans.

It is prepared using human-grade ingredients and is manufactured in a human-food plant. That implies higher-quality ingredients and stricter safety regulations. Exactly what you’d expect from your own meals. Only the finest for your Husky. This non-GMO Project-approved dog chew has no by-products, preservatives, or fillers.

It is one of the healthiest chew treats you can provide to your Husky. Your Husky will get critical minerals and vitamins from this all-natural chew treat, which will help them grow and mature.

  • Healthy
  • All-natural
  • Great flavors
  • Perfect textures
  • It is Costly
Planopaws - Calming Chew Treats
chew treats

This treat has a sophisticated relaxing composition. It contains the most effective substances for calming and relaxing your Husky. It focuses on relieving your Husky’s nervousness. This chicken tastes soft chews are ideal for calming them down.

This is the greatest option for an all-natural dog anxiety treatment. There are no sugars, salts, or gumming agents in it. There is no heat used in the production of these products. It preserves the integrity of the ingredients while providing a sweet, savory treat that your Husky will enjoy.

Hemp Treats are a naturally soothing treatment that helps Huskies cope with anxiety. These soft chews are significantly more convenient to use and more effective. During training, give them a relaxing chew treat to help them keep their cool

  • Calming
  • Healthy
  • All-natural
  • It is expensive

Varieties of Husky Treats

Best 5 Chew Treats For Huskies - Our Top Picks chew treats

We enjoy giving our Husky goodies. Whether it’s a training reward, a reward for general excellent conduct, or just for no reason at all.

Choosing the right treat kinds might help your Husky stay healthy and happy. Treats can supplement a nutritious diet but should never account for more than 10% of a dog’s daily food consumption.

🦴 Crunchy Treats

Hard, crunchy snacks, sometimes known as dog biscuits. They come in a variety of tastes, shapes, and sizes. The size of the treat should correspond to the size of your Husky. 

Select a brand that adheres to the same criteria as premium dog meals. Crunchy dog treats are ideal for rewarding your dog on a daily basis.

🦴 Soft Treats

Soft, chewy sweets come in a range of flavors, shapes, and sizes. These goodies are particularly beneficial during training. This is because they have a pleasant taste and a delicate texture. 

For rapid fun, use modest amounts throughout training. If your Husky can devour the treat quickly, the message that it is a reward is evident. Select reward products that adhere to the same quality requirements as high-grade dog meals.

🦴 Jerky Treats

It provides a delectable morsel comparable to human cuisine when created specifically for Huskies. These sweets are frequently available in a range of sizes and shapes. Meats, liver, poultry, and seafood are examples. And because of their appealing flavor, many Husky owners find these treats to be quite useful for training. 

Make an alert to pick a reputable supplier of jerky goodies. Alternatively, you may use a food dehydrator to manufacture your own beef jerky treat for your Husky.

🦴 Dental Chews

Animal bones are not used to make dental chews or bone-like snacks. Some are produced from maize starch or other easily digested ingredients. According to some specialists, they boost oral health. 

Furthermore, if the treat is overly harsh, it might result in tooth fractures or mouth injury. Always select the right size to chew for your Husky. Choose a chew that will injure your knee if you bang it on it. This indicates that it is too hard for your Husky’s teeth. 

When your Husky consumes any form of chew, make sure they are monitored.

🦴 Animal Bones

Animal bones should not be fed to Huskies in general. These can result in tooth chipping or fracture. Bones and hooves may be quite dangerous. 

Cooked bones and any type of bird bone, on the other hand, are the most harmful. This also applies to deer antlers. They are simply too difficult to be safe. Instead, give your Husky dental chews and other digestible bone replacements.

🦴 Rawhide

Rawhide is not usually suggested for Huskies. Unless it has been carefully treated for digestion. Made from animal hide and frequently treated with chemicals. 

Rawhide can occasionally pose difficulties. Instead, try giving corn starch-based “bones” or dental chews. Veterinarians have created several varieties of rawhide that are both digestible and beneficial to the teeth. Inquire with your veterinarian about these possibilities.

🦴 Pig Ears

Pig’s ears are used to make this product. These are tasty yet fattening snacks for your Husky. They can also be treated using potentially hazardous substances. 

Pig ears should be avoided at all costs. Obesity is very prevalent among Huskies. If you can get pig ears that haven’t been unduly treated with chemicals, keep them to a minimum owing to their high-fat content.

🦴 Human Food Treats

Giving human food to Huskies can be beneficial or detrimental depending on the type of food. Seasonings or sauces should not be used in treats prepared from human meals. 

Never feed your Huskies grapes, raisins, or onions since they are harmful. Garlic may also be harmful. And should only be used cautiously and under the supervision of a veterinarian. Before feeding any human food to your Husky, check with your veterinarian to ensure its safety.

🦴 Special Diet Treats

Special diet treats for Huskies are occasionally made by the same food manufacturer that manufactures the special diet. If not, see your veterinarian see if there is a suitable option. 

You may also manufacture your own dog treats with allowable components. Alternatively, you might use the canned version of your pet’s specific food.

DON’Ts When it comes to Husky Treats


Treats should not be given to your Husky in excess. Your Husky will still need to eat a lot of food during mealtimes. While treats may provide necessary nutrients, your Husky’s primary source of nourishment should be food.


Feeding human snacks and junk food to your Husky is not a good idea. Just as such foods give more calories than your body requires, giving your dog too many treats may be harmful. 

Give your Husky no chocolate. Chocolate can be dangerous to your pet, so keep it out of their reach.


Good conduct can be rewarded with treats. Feeding a reward to a Husky that is eager, leaping around, or climbing on things. is not a good idea. 

Negative behaviors will be reinforced if you treat your Husky while they are hyper. When the Husky is calm, a treat should be provided. Wait patiently until they are sitting or laying down.


Treats should not be given during mealtimes. When the Husky gets hungry enough, give them a reward. However, they should never be used in place of regular, healthy meals.

Husky Training Hints You Should Be Aware Of

Best 5 Chew Treats For Huskies - Our Top Picks chew treats

🐺 Time

This is, without a doubt, the number one tip for training a Husky. To train a husky, you must be committed to keeping your new pet healthy, happy, and obedient. They require far more activity than a conventional home dog.

🐺 Understanding

The second most important factor in teaching your Husky is comprehension. You must be patient with your Husky since it will attempt to put you to the test practically every day. 

This isn’t so much a domineering attitude as it is a manner of life. But it’s also because they grow bored easily. Many Huskies are the epitome of ADHD. You must recognize that they are doing their best when you bring them into your environment.

🐺 Compassion

You must treat them as though they were family. Remember that dogs can’t tell you when they’re sick or aren’t feeling well. You must spend time with them to understand what is and is not normal behavior. 

When something is out of the ordinary, you should seek professional help in analyzing the problem. Whether it’s from breed-specific organizations or your neighborhood physician. You’ve taken on a completely new set of responsibilities. It is your responsibility to do what is best for your Husky.

🐺 Exercise

This training suggestion is critical, and many people will argue that I should have placed it higher. Your Husky demands plenty of activity. 

There are several additional activities in which you and your dog can join. You only need to make a fast search to locate something that both of you are interested in.

🐺 Bonding

You must devote time to bonding with your Husk. This goes above and beyond all of the instructions. You must give them time to return to their natural state as an animal. 

This gives them the sensation of being untethered. And it allows kids to explore without me having to worry about keeping up with them.

🐺 Healthy Food

This is yet another important tip for teaching your Husky. Make sure they’re getting enough food. You are allowing kids to study in a much better mental state in this manner. 

During meal times, you may also practice instructions like sit and wait. So, remember to sit down for a pleasant breakfast with your Husky in the morning.

🐺 Grooming

This is an excellent training suggestion that many people overlook. This is one of the finest times to practice various skills with your Husky. 

You may practice several vocal orders and obedience while still spending valuable time grooming your Husky. This is one training session you’ll both enjoy.

🐺 Entertainment

Another one of those training fundamentals that many pet owners overlook. Your Husky requires time to unwind and not be always working or learning. 

Purchasing puzzle toys or a Kong to thank your Husky for being a good boy or girl is a must. This is when it comes to your Husky’s brain retaining all of the knowledge you’re feeding it.

🐺 Medical

Veterinary exams are another excellent area to work on your husky’s training. They will be treated to a variety of distractions while they are here. 

This is an excellent opportunity to practice retaining your Husky’s attention and teaching them to manage themselves when on a leash. The true training begins when you arrive at the office and begin the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can you provide a Husky with to gnaw on?

A: Beef or lamb bones, which are often firmer and bigger, are the ideal alternatives for giving your Husky a bone. Chicken, turkey, and pig bones should be avoided since they are easier for your Husky to choke on.

Q: Do Huskies enjoy chewing?

A: Huskies, like other dogs, like chewing. Teaching your Husky not to chew is the greatest method to keep your belongings from being destroyed.

Q: Do Huskies chew aggressively?

A: The majority of these enormous dogs are also active chewers, their toys must be extremely durable.

Q: Do Huskies enjoy playing with tennis balls?

A: Tennis balls are fantastic for fetching, but if your Husky is left alone with them, they will rapidly destroy them.

Q: Is it common for Huskies to bite their owners?

A: As puppies, nearly all Huskies bite their owners. Again, this is not an indication of hostility and is a typical stage in the growth of a puppy.

Final Thoughts

Using our suggestions, you’ll be able to provide the greatest treats for your Siberian Husky in every scenario. Huskies are a finicky breed, therefore it might be difficult to locate the proper treats for them. 

Remember that treats should be offered as part of a balanced diet, and you should always stick to the portion quantities listed on the package.

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