8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur

Huskies are monster shedders. During coat-blowing seasons, they will lose piles of fur enough to recreate another dog. And for pet owners, this translates to endless brushing, tumblefurs around the house, and added grooming tasks. But don’t worry because the best deshedding tool for Huskies will make the process more manageable at home.

In this post, I reviewed 8 of the best-selling grooming tools in the market out of the 30+ units I’ve tried. These picks are based on my own recommendation as a long-time Husky owner and the suggestions of groomers I’ve talked to. See which of these tools suit your Husky best:

8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskies Our Top Pick! 
FURminator Undercoat
Deshedding Tool
8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskies Check Price
8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskiesSleekEZ Deshedding
Grooming Tool for Pets
8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskies Check Price
8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskiesEquiGroomer Deshedding
Brush For Pets
8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskies Check Price
8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskiesDakPets Deshedding
Pet Grooming Brush
8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskies Check Price
8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskiesMIU COLOR Deshedding
Tool for Pets
8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskies Check Price
8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskiesAndis Pet Premium
Dog Grooming Brush
8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskies Check Price
8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskiesHappyDogz Magic Pro
Dog Deshedding Brush
8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskies Check Price
8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskiesKing Komb 3-Blade
Deshedding Brush
8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskies Check Price

Why do Huskies shed?

Huskies shed to eliminate their old fur and grow a new one. This allows them to self-regulate their body temperature and prepare for the changing seasons.

Take note that shedding is a normal part of a Husky’s life. This dog will shed all year long, but major coat blowing occurs before winter and before summer.

There’s no way to stop your Husky from shedding, and you don’t have to anyway. However, you have to dedicate more time to grooming to prevent the Husky’s coat from getting matted and tangled.

A deshedding tool is your bosom buddy as a Husky owner. This will let you remove loose fur, so it won’t stick to your furniture or create a mess in your home. Above all, a deshedding tool will help your dog transition its coat in preparation for the changing seasons.

No matter how difficult grooming is, remember one thing: never shave your Husky. Double coated dogs should never be shaved clean. Otherwise, you’re going to ruin their body’s natural temperature regulation as well as the growth of their coat.

You should be careful with groomers who say that a full shave is the only solution for your Husky’s matting or shedding. This isn’t true, and you must look for another groomer who can unravel the mats and help manage the coat-blowing phase.

Best Deshedding Tool For Huskies – Top 8 Picks!


OUR TOP PICK: FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool
best deshedding tool for Huskies

Product Name: FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool

Product Description: When it comes to the best deshedding tool for Huskies, I highly recommend the FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool. This is tried and tested by thousands of pet owners who are dealing with massive coat blowing and shedding. This tool has a curved edge blade that conforms to the natural shape of your Husky’s body. It also makes the tool easier to glide through your dog’s coat, reducing the strain on your hand. Aside from that, this has a skin guard that prevents the edge of the blade from digging too far into the skin. It also acts as a blade protector when storing the deshedding tool. I also like the contoured handle with a textured rubber cover to reduce the strain on your hands.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Value for Money


Another highlight of this deshedding tool is its Furejector button that releases the fur you collected automatically. It makes the tool easy to clean, and you no longer have to stop for long periods just to remove stuck dog hair on the deshedder’s edge. Moreover, this tool is available in small to large sizes as well as different edge configurations based on the coat length of the canine. Overall, this deshedding tool is truly worth the price. It removes loose fur in chunks, which speeds up grooming for Huskies. For as fast as five minutes, you can remove tufts of shed undercoat. It’s also a long-lasting tool that feels solid on the hand.


Furejector button for easy cleaning Contoured handle to reduce strain on the hands It doesn’t snag Husky’s fur


Some of the hair still flies, even if it’s meant to be trapped on the tool’s teeth.


SleekEZ Deshedding Grooming Tool for Pets

best deshedding tool for Huskies

Another deshedding tool I swear by is the SleekEZ Deshedding Grooming Tool. It has an elongated wooden handle that holds the blade with teeth lined up in tidy rows. The best thing here is that the teeth of this tool are shallow and won’t scrape a Husky’s skin.

SleekEZ is a patented tool with a wave pattern blade designed to remove dirt, loose fur, and dander without pulling your dog’s skin. It also has an ergonomic design with a poplar wood handle that will last for years. The handle is also oval-shaped for optimal grip as you work on your Husky’s thick coat.

Moreover, the blade is made of stainless steel, so it won’t rust easily, making it last for years. It also grabs the dog’s hair from the tips, so it doesn’t hurt your pooch. This will also make it easier for dog owners to finish grooming.

This is a 10-inch tool, which covers a lot of fur in every pass. You can also get this in 2.5-inch and 5-inch versions to suit your Husky on every life stage.

It may look harsher than other products, but it’s actually a God-sent tool for many pet owners. You’ll never need another deshedding tool once you have the SleekEZ on your toolkit.

Overall, this deshedding tool melts away loose fur with minimal effort. It’s even safe to use for pups, which makes it a total value for money.

  • Patented blade design
  • The small teeth will not scrape a Husky’s skin
  • The handle is made of high-quality poplar wood
  • Made to last for years
  • It takes time to get used to due to the unique handle design.
  • The hair will fling out everywhere.

EquiGroomer Deshedding Brush For Pets

best deshedding tool for Huskies

If you’re having grip problems with the SleekEZ, you can try the EquiGroomer instead. This deshedding brush is made to reduce shedding by up to 95% among cats, dogs, and even horses.

This deshedder has a wave-style blade design that will pull the hair from tips to prevent hurting the Husky’s skin. Its edge is made of a hardened steel blade that lasts for years. Aside from that, I like the comfortable handle with a contour where you can rest your fingertips. This prevents slippage during the heaviest coat-blowing season.

Moreover, EquiGroomer provides a replacement and refund guarantee if you’re not happy with the tool you received. It’s a low-risk purchase you’ll never regret.

Overall, this tool is made for short and firm strokes along your Husky’s coat. It helps pull out loose fur without straining your hands or hurting your pet.

If your Husky hates other brushes, the EquiGroomer might be the solution you’re looking for. It’s so gentle that your dog will feel like it’s getting a massage instead of intense grooming.

Take note that, unlike the SleekEZ, the EquiGroomer is only available in a 5-inch size. Nevertheless, you can choose the color handle, which is all made of durable wood. The finish is made of a high-grade coating that prevents the wood material from splintering.

 Since it has small teeth, the shed fur of your Husky will fly everywhere. It’s best to deshed your dog with this tool on a spot you don’t mind being covered with fur.

  • Wave-style blade design for gentle deshedding
  • Refund or replacement guarantee
  • The wooden handle has a durable coat to prevent splintering.
  • Contoured handle for slip-free use
  • It’s not available in bigger sizes.
  • Your Husky’s fur will get everywhere while using this tool.

DakPets Deshedding Pet Grooming Brush

best deshedding tool for Huskies

The DakPets Deshedding Pet Grooming Brush is a budget-friendly choice for Husky owners on a budget. This is made to reduce shedding by up to 95%, so you won’t have to deal with clumps of loose fur at home.

It shares similar features with the famous FURminator but at a lower price. It also has an ejector button that allows users to remove the blade head. Aside from that, it has dense teeth made of stainless steel that will last long.

Moreover, it’s fitted with an ergonomic handle to keep it easy on your hands. There’s also an eyelet at the end of the handle so that you can hang this tool for storage.

DakPets also provide a refund or replacement guarantee within 60 days if you’re not satisfied with the quality. Don’t worry because the blade of this brush is made to be non-irritating, even for Huskies with sensitive skins.

Overall, this deshedding tool can be used two to three times a week to manage your Husky’s shedding. Aside from removing loose fur, the DakPets deshedding tool also helps remove tangles and knots on your pet’s coat.

This deshedding tool is way better than I expected for its price. The head is large, and the teeth can really pull out shed fur well.

However, you should know that this has plastic construction, which feels lightweight and a bit flimsy. But at this price point, I really don’t have major complaints.

  • Affordable deshedding tool
  • Ejector button to remove the blade
  • Refund or replacement guarantee for 60 days
  • Ergonomic handle
  • It’s mostly made of plastic, which gives it a slightly cheap feel.
  • A bit lightweight than what I expected

MIU COLOR Deshedding Tool for Pets

best deshedding tool for Huskies

If you want to save more bucks, you should consider the MIU COLOR Deshedding Tool for Pets. This is made with a 4-inch stainless steel comb that can remove loose undercoat without irritating the skin.

Like most deshedders in the market, this one has a quick-release button that will let you remove the blade. There’s also a lanyard hole at the end of the handle for easy storage. You’ll also receive a blade cover to protect the blade from damages.

I also like that a purchase of the MIU COLOR Deshedding Tool comes with a free bonus book. It’s an unbeatable value at this price point. Aside from that, the brand offers a refund or return service if you’re not happy with the tool you received.

However, I wish its blade is bigger, so it could get more fur in every pass. Also, the sides are slightly sharper, so you have to be extra careful not to scrape it on your dog’s skin. But other than that, this deshedding tool remains a great pick. It still does the same job an expensive brush will do.

Take note that sensitive Huskies may not tolerate this tool. Early training and desensitization are crucial if you want your pet to get used to grooming.

  • Equipped with a quick-release button
  • Return or refund guarantee if you’re not happy.
  • The blade is made of stainless steel that lasts long.
  • Ergonomic handle to reduce hand strain
  • The sides of the blade are slightly sharper, which can irritate a Husky if you’re not careful.
  • It feels slightly cheap on the hands due to the plastic construction.

Andis Pet Premium Dog Grooming Brush

8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskies

Huskies with wooly coats will benefit a lot from the Andis Pet Premium Dog Grooming Rake. This helps remove 90% of the loose undercoat. However, since it’s a rake-style tool, you have to be extra careful not to hurt your Husky’s skin. Keep the grooming process firm bit but gentle at all times.

This deshedding tool gets into the undercoat without damaging the topcoat. Its stainless steel rake teeth are a powerhouse tool in removing matting, tangles, and bulk of fur while your Husky is blowing its coat.

Aside from that, it has a simple yet ergonomic grip to prevent the tool from slipping as you groom your dog. It doesn’t have a cutting blade either, which prevents over-deshedding your canine.

The Andis Grooming Rake prides itself on its professional-grade design. And true enough, this tool is trusted by many professional groomers.

However, this tool only comes in a small size, which will take more time to deshed an entire Husky.

Overall, many users of this tool are amazed by how much the Andis Deshedding Tool can put up with the intense shedding of a large dog. And while it’s not as cheap as other options I reviewed, every dollar is worth the splurge.

  • Rake design that reaches the undercoat easily
  • It doesn’t damage the topcoat.
  • Ergonomic grip for easy gripping
  • Ideal in removing tangles and knots
  • You have to be extra careful not to get the rake teeth from scraping the dog’s skin.
  • It’s smaller than I expected, so deshedding will take more time compared to using larger tools.

HappyDogz Magic Pro Dog Deshedding Brush

8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskies

The HappyDogz Magic Pro Dog Deshedding Brush is made for all coat lengths, including the thick and short fur of Huskies. It’s made with a stainless steel blade with dense teeth that will reach the undercoat without irritating the dog’s skin. This is also suitable for both puppy and adult Huskies.

Moreover, this has a quick-release button that lets you remove the blade for easy cleaning. And to keep your hands comfy, it has an ergonomic handle with texture for a stable grip.

Overall, this has a 4-inch blade, which is compact enough for small hands. However, this means that you’ll have to perform more passes to cover the entirety of your Husky’s body.

For a low price, you’ll get a reliable deshedding tool that will last season after season. I’ve also tried many deshedding tools before, and I can say that this has a better handle for a fraction of the cost.

I only wish this one had a push-button that will eject the fur and not just the blade. I also noticed that it has a trimming effect, so I recommend keeping it easy when grooming your Husky.

  • Made of stainless steel blade
  • Textured grip to prevent slipping
  • Made for all coat lengths
  • It doesn’t have an ejector button to remove the fur.
  • It has a mild trimming effect.

King Komb 3-Blade Deshedding Brush

8 Best Deshedding Tools For Huskies To Get Rid of Loose Fur best deshedding tool for huskies

My last pick for this roundup is the King Komb 3-Blade Deshedding Brush. This tool has three stainless steel comb blades to get all the loose undercoat on every pass. It’s a must-have tool for every Husky owner who is dealing with coat blowing.

Moreover, this has a round handle that remains easy on the hands, even on long grooming sessions. I also like the rubber bristle option you can use to massage your Husky’s skin. The rubber bristle is also useful as a daily brush, so you only need one grooming tool for the price of one.

The blade edge has a jagged teeth design to lift loose hair with minimal effort. This is also effective in reducing the dander your Husky produces.

If you’re not happy with the brush you received, King Komb provides a 100% money-back guarantee. You’ll receive your money in full, no questions asked.

Overall, this deshedding tool is easy to clean and works well in managing a Husky’s shedding. Just note that the old version of this comb doesn’t retract the blade.

  • Three stainless steel blades
  • Rubber bristle for daily brushing
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • The old version doesn’t retract the blade.
  • Some find it hard to hold the round design

How to choose the best deshedding tool for Huskies

There are many deshedding tools in the market, so picking one can be confusing for first-time Husky owners. To help you out, here are some of the aspects you need to consider:

🐶Know your grooming tools

It’s important to know the difference in grooming tools you’ll find in the market. There are slicker brushes, bristle brushes, pin brushes, and more. You’ll also encounter the likes of undercoat rakes and deshedding brushes.

For a shedding Husky, you need a deshedding brush. Unlike an undercoat rake, a deshedding brush is gentler and won’t graze the skin. Still, rakes come in handy on some occasions, but you have to be careful in using them.

Moreover, deshedding brushes are metal-toothed tools that vary in teeth density and size. A medium to large deshedding tool is always advisable for Huskies due to their large bodies.

🐶Consider the type of fur.

You also have to consider the fur type your Husky has. Generally, Siberian Huskies come in short, plush, and wooly types. The coarser the coat is, the stiffer your brush teeth or pins should be.

In my experience, deshedding blades work well on the short to medium hair of Huskies. The stiff blade also allows the brush to reach the undercoat for deshedding.

🐶Think about the sensitivity of your dog

While Huskies can be trained to tolerate grooming, each doggo will have varying sensitivity to grooming tools. If your dog gets itchy skin when using an undercoat rake, you can switch to a blade-type tool like the one from EquiGroomer and SleekEZ I reviewed here.

Aside from that, sick and pregnant dogs would be extra sensitive to brushing and deshedding. With this, you should use a gentler tool like a slicker brush, though it will take more time to use.

🐶Mind the size

Huskies are medium to large dogs, so you should match it with the right tool size. A deshedding that’s too small will take you more time to finish grooming. On the other hand, a larger brush will let you cover a larger area of the coat for faster deshedding, which is a big plus if your Husky isn’t a fan of grooming.

🐶Check the price

Lastly, you should check the value for money of the deshedding tool. These grooming tools aren’t very expensive, but you should avoid extremely cheap ones. Those are often made of flimsy materials that won’t last up to the next coat-blowing season.

Overall, it’s about finding the right balance between price and value. The 8 deshedding tools I reviewed above are some of the good picks with a decent price and unbeatable quality.

Proven hacks to manage Husky shedding

Huskies shed all year round, but they will start to blow coat as the winter and summer approach. To manage these heavy shedding periods, you should keep the following in mind:

🐶Bathe your dog

Before you start deshedding, it’s best to give your Husky a bath. This will remove dirt and loosen up for easy brushing.

Also, I suggest using a deshedding shampoo and a high-pressure deshedding nozzle. Specifically, the deshedding nozzle will let you use high-pressure water to wash away the loose undercoat. This will save you a lot of time from manually brushing out the fur while dry.

🐶Choose the right spot for deshedding

Huskies will shed a lot of fur, so you should perform this grooming task on a spot you don’t mind getting messy. After bathing and drying my dog or outdoors, I usually do this in the bathroom to prevent loose fur from clogging the drains.

However, you should avoid deshedding your dog outdoors if it’s too windy. In this case, the fur will fling into the air and stick on various areas, which is a pain to clean.

🐶Make your dog comfortable first.

Huskies are quite dramatic dogs, and they will surely give you an earful during grooming. It’s best to deshed the pooch after a walk or a playtime session. This way, you can drain its extra energy, which will help the pooch calm down.

For Huskies that get anxious or aggressive during grooming, the vet can prescribe sedatives. You can also provide calming treats during the grooming process.

🐶Brush along the coat’s ‘grain’

It’s important to brush along the direction where your dog’s coat grows. This will prevent tangles and pain on the part of your dog. Take note that aside from hurting your dog, brushing against the direction of the fur will also damage the skin and cause matting.

🐶Remove mats, but don’t shave your dog.

Sometimes, it’s unavoidable for Huskies to develop mats in their bodies. It can be on their armpits, bum, behind the ears, and other skin folds.

Severe matting can’t be brushed, so your only choice is to shave that part. However, you should only shave the small matted area and not the entire coat of your dog. And to prevent future matting, you should brush your dog daily and make sure it’s fully dry before letting him go after a bath.

🐶Vacuum your home like mad!

Unless you love seeing clumps of dog hair on your furniture, you need to vacuum daily. You can also vacuum clean your home twice a day during the coat blowing season, where your Husky will shed more fur.

Take note that the popular Roomba isn’t enough to handle all the dog fur your Husky will release. You need a high-powered vacuum with a HEPA filter and a large tank. Added nozzles are also necessary, so you can remove shed hair stuck on crevices and corners of your home.

Aside from that, you can use a lower setting to vacuum your dog’s coat. This is relatively safe, but you should avoid the face area. Also, you’ll get the best results if you use a concentrated nozzle. 

Mistakes to avoid when deshedding a Husky

Grooming a Husky is no walk in the park, and it’s quite easy to commit mistakes. So when it comes to deshedding, the following are some of the errors you have to avoid:

  • Over-brushing your dog. As much as brushing helps manage your Husky’s shedding, overdoing it isn’t a good thing. Always be gentle and don’t brush longer than 30 minutes unless your Husky is blowing its coat.
  • Brushing sensitive spots. Practice extra care when brushing your Husky’s face, tail, and paws, as these are sensitive areas. Moreover, you should never use a deshedding rake or blade directly into your dog’s face as it can cause injuries.
  • Tugging on tangles. Tugging on snagged fur is a mortal sin when grooming a Husky. This will hurt your dog and make the tangle worse. If you’re dealing with fur knots, you can use a detangling spray to work it out.
  • Not giving your dog a break. Huskies have varying tolerance to grooming, so it’s best to give them a break after a few minutes. Brushing for 30 minutes straight will make a Husky agitated, which will make grooming a stressful experience for them.
  • Applying too much pressure. It’s easy to get frustrated over your Husky’s, but you should always watch out over the force you’re using while brushing. Keep it firm but not too forceful.
  • Not brushing before bathing. Before bathing your shedding Husky, it’s important to give it a first brush to remove its fur. This will also help untangle your Husky’s coat for easy deshedding later on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you ‘over brush’ a Husky?

A: It’s possible to overbrush a Husky if you’re not careful. Avoid brushing too much as this might pull off fur that’s not loose in the first place. Also, you should use the right tools that match your dog. For example, if your Husky is blowing its coat, it will benefit a lot from using a deshedding tool with a gentle blade or teeth. Undercoat rakes are also good picks.

Q: How often should you brush a Husky?

A: Daily brushing is important to keep your Husky’s coat clean and healthy. During the heavy shedding season, you should use a deshedding tool to remove the canine’s undercoat. This will save you from a lot of hassle because loose fur can become matted or scattered all over your house.

Q: Are deshedding tools worth it?

A: Deshedding tools are lifesavers for many pet owners, especially those who have Huskies. These double-coated dogs blow their coats heavily twice a year. The best way to manage this is to remove the loose fur even before it drops around your house. A deshedding tool is the best solution to this problem.

Q: What dog breeds shed the worst?

A: Huskies are one of the worst shedding dog breeds you can ever own. They are joined by German Shepherd, Chow Chow, Corgi, Alaskan Malamute, and Great Pyrenees. These double-coated canines require a lot of grooming to manage their blowing coats.

Q: Can I shave my Husky?

A: You should never shave your Husky just to get rid of shedding. Huskies are double-coated canines, and you’re going to damage its coat if you shave it. If you want to manage shedding, you should focus on proper grooming, including daily brushing, regular bathing, and a lot of patience.

Final words

The best deshedding tool for Huskies will help you manage the coat-blowing season. While it will not stop shedding, it will let you remove the loose fur before it makes a mess in your home. With patience and proper use, these tools will be your Holy Grail for your Husky.