8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners

Are you still hunting for the best Husky shampoo and conditioner? If so, you’re at the right place. I’ve scouted 30+ products and came up with these 8 picks that will surely keep your dog’s coat smooth and fluffy. The best part is that these shampoos and conditioners are blended with botanicals for a naturally hydrating effect. See which of these products you’d love to use on your Husky:

8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditioner Our Top Pick! 
Moosh Natural
Dog Shampoo
8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditioner Check Price
8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditionerK9 Pro Oatmeal Dog
Shampoo and Conditioner
8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditioner Check Price
8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditionerBuddy’s Best Dog
Shampoo and Conditioner
8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditioner Check Price
8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditionerBodhi Dog Organic Dog
Shampoo and Conditioner
8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditioner Check Price
8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditionerearthbath Oatmeal and Aloe
Shampoo and Conditioner
8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditioner Check Price
8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditionerSKOUT’S HONOR Probiotic
Shampoo and Conditioner
8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditioner Check Price
8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditionerWarren London Combo
Shampoo and Conditioner
8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditioner Check Price
8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditionerPaw and Pals Dog Argan
Shampoo and Conditioner
8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditioner Check Price

Do Huskies really need conditioner?

It’s quite common for Husky owners to have dog shampoo on their shopping list. But what about conditioners, is it really necessary? While it’s true that most dog shampoos are enough to keep a healthy coat, the following are the perks of having an added conditioner in the mix:

  • It will help unravel tangles. Huskies have double coats that are prone to tangles and matting. With added conditioner on its grooming kit, you can easily work on these knots without the need to cut them. Conditioning the dog’s coat will allow the fur to slide on each other to prevent tangles.
  • It keeps the skin hydrated. Husky skin is pretty sensitive when it comes to high temperatures. It can easily get dry and flaky. Conditioners come in handy during these conditioners. The product locks in moisture in your canine’s skin to prevent dryness.
  • It will make the Husky’s coat plumper. Conditioners prevent your Husky’s coat from being weighed down. It will add volume to the canine’s fur, which will make it look plumper.
  • It adds shine to the coat. A nice blend of conditioners will add a glossy touch to your dog’s coat. Many conditioners contain Vitamin E, which is crucial in maintaining a healthy dog coat.
  • It helps with shedding. Dog conditioners help a lot during the coat-blowing season. It allows loose fur to fall off during bath, which is a painless and hassle-free way to manage shedding.
  • It repairs the Husky’s coat. Huskies suffering from skin problems will find relief from conditioners. These products will deliver added moisture to repair the canine’s damaged skin.

Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioner – Top 8 Picks


OUR TOP PICK: Moosh Natural Dog Shampoo
best Husky shampoo and conditioner

Product Name: Moosh Natural Dog Shampoo

Product Description: When it comes to the best Husky shampoo and conditioner, I swear by the Moosh Natural Dog Shampoo. This one is made of all-natural ingredients that are guaranteed effective but gentle on your Husky’s coat. It’s also pH-balanced to ensure zero irritations on every bath. Moreover, this dog shampoo and conditioner is made of argan oil for a hydrating effect. It’s also infused with bentonite clay to draw dirt out of your Husky’s skin. This is paired with rosemary, vetiver extracts, shea butter, and aloe vera for added antiseptic properties. I also like that this product is free from harsh chemicals, sulfates, and preservatives. Your Husky will have an enjoyable bath with this shampoo that also doubles as a conditioner. This formula is also safe for bodies of water as well as your Husky’s incessant licking.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Ingredients
  • Scent
  • Lather
  • Value for Money


Take note that this Moosh shampoo is highly concentrated, so a small amount goes a long way. The good thing is that they equipped the bottle with a reducer on the neck to prevent accidental spills. They also produce this shampoo in small batches to guarantee the quality of each bottle. Above all, this formula is cruelty-free, which is a big deal for me. My only gripe is that this shampoo isn’t the best-smelling of them all, but that’s just a small issue compared to its effects. I also noticed that the consistency is slightly sticky, which is probably due to its high concentration.


All-natural ingredients Cruelty-free Free from sulfates and harsh chemicals A little goes a long way pH-balanced formula


I’m not a big fan of the odor, but my Husky has no complaints. Slightly sticky, which some pet owners find unusual


K9 Pro Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

best Husky shampoo and conditioner

For Huskies suffering from skin irritations, the K9 Pro Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner might be a good choice. It’s a medicated option that contains the brand’s proprietary liposome technology. This technology allows the formula to adhere to the skin well for a stronger effect.

Aside from that, this soap-free shampoo is blended with oatmeal, aloe, cucumber, and melon for a naturally hydrating effect. All of these ingredients will soothe flaky skin and add shine to your Husky’s coat.

This shampoo also does well for odor control, especially for Huskies who love to swim. It also applies and rinses easily for faster bath time without compromising its cleaning effect. For the best results, you should let this shampoo soak on your Husky’s coat for 5 to 10 minutes.

I also like the natural smell of cucumber, which isn’t too overpowering, even for canines. And in case you’re not satisfied with the results, K9 Pro will give you a full-price refund, no questions asked. For me, that level of guarantee speaks for the quality of the product.

This is a tear-free formula, which is perfect for Huskies that hate the bath. It’s hypoallergenic, too, and it remains gentle even on the most sensitive canine skin.

The only gripe buyers have is that this shampoo leaks. It can either be due to delivery or the quality of the container. Other than that, you’ll never go wrong with the efficacy of this formula.

  • It uses proprietary liposome technology.
  • Excellent for odor control
  • Natural ingredients and scent
  • Medicated to help with irritations
  • Tear-free formula
  • The bottle tends to leak if not handled well.
  • Some think that the bottle is too small for its price

Buddy’s Best Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

best Husky shampoo and conditioner

For a silky smooth coat, you can try switching to Buddy’s Best Dog Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s a wholesome blend of coconut extracts, oats, Aloe vera, shea butter, almond oil, and other botanicals. This makes it a powerful shampoo and conditioner combination.

This formula is made to remove odors and give Huskies a shiny coat. It’s also vegan, which is a plus point for many pet owners.

Moreover, this Buddy’s Best formula is available in various scents. Some of it are citrus fresh, coconut vanilla bean, ripe melon, and calming lavender. But if you have a sensitive Husky, you can also get this in an unscented version.

Overall, this is an excellent choice for dogs with skin allergies. It doesn’t cause bumps or itching, which is what happens to some cheap formulas. It also lathers well, which makes it easier to apply on a Husky’s coat.

For a gallon, this price is already a steal, especially if you have multiple Huskies at home. It lathers well, and a small amount is more than enough for every bath.

However, buyers complain of faulty lids, which makes the formula prone to spilling. Other than that, this shampoo and conditioner blend won’t disappoint in terms of benefits.

  • Made with natural botanicals
  • Vegan formula
  • Available in multiple scents
  • It doesn’t cause bumps and itching
  • It lathers well.
  • Faulty lids which may cause spills
  • Some of the scents are too strong

Bodhi Dog Organic Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

best Husky shampoo and conditioner

The Bodhi Dog Organic Dog Shampoo and Conditioner is a trusted product by many dog owners. Its soothing and moisturizing formula is also a perfect pick for Huskies with dull coats.

This shampoo is made with real Aloe vera, fruit extracts, coconut, and oat proteins. It’s also infused with Vitamins A, D, and E for powerhouse hydration on every bath. I also like its calming effect, which is beneficial for Huskies with irritated skin.

Moreover, the Bodhi Dog shampoo is free from alcohol, detergent, soap, and harsh chemicals. It’s formulated with sensitive dogs in mind, so you’ll have peace of mind.

Aside from that, this formula has a light apple scent, which isn’t too strong for dogs. It also leaves a nice whiff without added artificial perfumes.

Overall, this shampoo will provide immediate relief for canines with severe itching. It has a rich lather, and you no longer have to use a separate conditioner because this product already does the job.

The only thing some buyers notice is the runny consistency of this shampoo. But for me, since it has a thick lather, it’s not much of an issue.

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • It helps a lot with the itching
  • Free from alcohol and soaps
  • Mild odor, so it won’t overpower your dog
  • It lathers well
  • It has a runny consistency, which some dog owners don’t like.

earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner

best Husky shampoo and conditioner

The earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner is a bundle of two bottles. It has the shampoo and conditioner separate, so you’ll have more control over your dog’s grooming. Both are free from parabens, soaps, dyes, alcohol, and harsh chemicals that will wreak havoc on your pet’s skin.

The shampoo on this bundle is made of colloidal oatmeal, coconut-based cleansers, and aloe vera. It’s also blended with Vitamins A, B, D, and E for added moisturization.

Meanwhile, the conditioner contains vegetable-derived conditioners, colloidal oatmeal, organic shea butter, and aloe vera. It’s guaranteed to hydrate your Husky’s skin without irritations.

Moreover, this formula is guaranteed cruelty-free. It’s also covered by a happiness guarantee where you can receive a refund if you’re not satisfied with the results.

Overall, this shampoo and conditioner combo is trusted by thousands of pet owners. It’s also reasonable for its price, though it’s not the cheapest you can find in the market.

I just wish they could improve the bottle to avoid leaks and mess. Other than that, it’s hard to beat the value earthbath provides.

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Free from soap, parabens, and harsh chemicals
  • Cruelty-free formula
  • Refund guarantee if you’re not happy
  • Good scent
  • The bottle is prone to spilling.

SKOUT’S HONOR Probiotic Pet Shampoo and Conditioner

8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditioner

Is your Husky suffering from a dull and dry coat? If so, the SKOUT’S HONOR Probiotic Shampoo might be the right choice. It’s formulated for all dog’s coats and to relieve itching, hot spots, odor, and excessive shedding. This is also an effective preventive formula if your Husky has sensitive skin and a history of dermatitis.

Moreover, this shampoo and conditioner contain a probiotic blend that cleanses and nourishes the dog’s skin. It will make your Husky’s coat appear shinier and plumper without the need to use harsh chemicals.

You’ll also enjoy peace of mind because this formula is free from parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, and artificial colors. This is also cruelty-free, which is an ethical choice for all pet owners.

I also like SKOUT’S HONOR’s 2-in-1 protection that moisturizes the canine’s skin after cleansing. This prevents dryness and damages, especially for Huskies who love the outdoors.

Aside from that, this product is covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The brand will give you a refund in case you’re not happy with the results. Every purchase of this shampoo also helps shelter animals through SKOUT HONOR’s Paw Pledge.

Overall, this is a formula that works even for the most sensitive Huskies. It also has a thick consistency that lathers and rinses well.

  • Cruelty-free formula
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Infused with a probiotic blend
  • Suitable for sensitive Huskies
  • The extremely thick consistency makes it hard to squeeze out of the bottle.

Warren London Butter Combo Shampoo and Conditioner

8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditioner

Another conditioner and shampoo pair I recommend is the one from Warren London. This is composed of an exfoliating butter wash and hydrating butter leave-in conditioner. For many Huskies, this is the only pair they need for a healthy and shiny coat.

The butter wash is made of fine-grit jojoba beads for a scrubbing effect. It’s also paired with botanical extracts that remain gentle on your Husky’s coat.

Meanwhile, the butter conditioner has pomegranate and acai for natural hydration. It also gives the conditioner a nice scent without additional chemicals.

Whether your Husky has a damaged coat, dry skin, or cracked paws, this shampoo and conditioner pair packs a punch of moisturization. It will be a big help in treating skin problems without strong chemicals.

Aside from that, this combo is available in two scents to match your preference. Both are mild, and it doesn’t seem to irritate my dogs.

Overall, I like the detangling effect of this shampoo and conditioner. It’s heaven-sent for Husky owners, especially during the coat-blowing season.

The only thing many Husky owners notice is that this shampoo and conditioner take time to show substantial effects.

  • Made with botanicals
  • Excellent, mild scent
  • Suitable for dry and flaky skin
  • The conditioner doesn’t need rinsing
  • It works on all coat types
  • It takes time to show results on extremely itchy skin.

Paw and Pals Dog Argan Shampoo and Conditioner

8 Best Husky Shampoo and Conditioners best husky shampoo and conditioner

My last pick for this roundup is the Paw and Pals Dog Argan Shampoo and Conditioner. This delivers a heavy dose of moisturization for the driest Husky skin. It’s made of essential oils for natural cleansing and guilt-free odor.

Aside from that, this shampoo contains coconut oil and aloe vera that also helps with fleas, ticks, and dander. Meanwhile, the added rosemary extracts restore the shine and plump of your Husky’s fur. It’s a vegan formula that’s easy to apply and delivers a long-lasting scent. 

This is a tearless formula, which is heaven-sent for Huskies that hate the bath. It will not inflame your dog’s nose either, and it’s somewhat safe to lick, but you should still discourage your Husky from doing so.

Overall, this dog shampoo doesn’t have parabens, mineral oil, or synthetic dyes. It’s made with safety and guaranteed results in mind at a reasonable cost.

The only small niggle I have over this formula is it doesn’t have a pump. It can be difficult to squeeze, especially if the shampoo is already running out.

  • Made with essential oils
  • No parabens or mineral oil
  • Tearless formula
  • Long-lasting scent
  • The bottle doesn’t have a pump.

How to choose the best Husky shampoo and conditioner

There are many shampoo and conditioner options in the market. If you’re looking for the right choice for your Husky, you must think about the following points: 

🐶Shampoo type

Dog shampoos are formulated differently, so there are multiple types to choose from. Here are the most common types you can find:

  • General cleansing shampoo. General cleansing shampoos are standard types that you can buy for a small price. This is made of basic cleansing ingredients suitable for regular use. However, general cleansing dog shampoos aren’t reliable when it comes to treating skin problems or removing intense odor.
  • Antipruritic shampoo. Antipruritic shampoo products contain oatmeal, aloe vera, and similarly soothing ingredients. This is a good option for Huskies suffering from skin problems without the need to use a stronger medicated shampoo. It’s also a great choice to fight dandruff and greasy skin.
  • Antibacterial shampoo. These products are often blended with triclosan, ethyl acetate, and similar chemicals that combat bacterial infection. It’s not a fully-fledged medicated shampoo, but it fights skin irritations.
  • Medicated shampoo. This is often used for Huskies with ticks and fleas. It’s loaded with pharmaceuticals that will kill the parasites and rehabilitate the canine’s coat. Usually, medicated shampoos need to be used more frequently than regular shampoos until the Husky’s condition progresses.
  • No-rinse/waterless shampoo. Leave-in or no-rinse shampoos are used in between full baths. It helps keep a Husky’s coat clean and fresh without the need for a full rinse. However, this type of shampoo should only be used sparingly as too much can lead to matting.
  • Moisturizing shampoo. This shampoo is blended with conditioner, which makes it a 2-in-1 product. It’s a great choice for Huskies, especially if you’re on a budget. This formula locks in moisture to the dog’s skin to prevent flaking and dryness.
  • Brightening shampoo. Brightening shampoos are often intended for white-coated dogs and not Huskies. It’s made to remove coat stains to restore the canine’s clean white color.

🐶Your dog’s allergies

Aside from the shampoo type, you also have to consider the allergies of your Huskies. Remember that allergies are unique to each dog, so one Husky can be allergic to common ingredients while others aren’t. You can pinpoint this aspect by observing your dog after you use a specific product.

Moreover, your dog’s vet can conduct an allergy test to common shampoo ingredients. This will save your doggo from discomfort.


It’s extremely crucial that you know what’s on the bottle before you use it on your dog. A shampoo product’s ingredient list is often the make-or-break part. Don’t be fooled by the packaging or marketing gimmicks. Read the label and examine the ingredients list.

For my Huskies, I swear by natural formulas. Botanicals are gentle to the dog’s skin while packing a lot of conditioning and moisturizing benefits. Again, it’s crucial to factor in your Husky’s allergies here.

If there are hard-to-pronounce ingredients, take the time to do your research. These are often chemicals that could be potentially dangerous.

In general, you’d want to avoid dog shampoos with parabens, phthalates, artificial colors, and sulfates. You should also steer clear of formaldehyde, alcohol, soap, and betaine. These ingredients have been seen to cause irritations on canines, especially those with sensitive skin.


When it comes to dog shampoo and conditioner, I always opt for natural, especially when it comes to the scent.

Remember that your Husky doesn’t care if he smells like roses. After all, the scent is just intended for the satisfaction of the pet owner.

Aside from that, you should know that dogs have a strong sense of smell. They perceive normal odors as stronger than we do. With that, you should always opt for mildly scented or unscented products as much as possible.

In the long run, artificial scents and colors might irritate your Husky’s skin and nose. These ingredients don’t provide any benefit and must be avoided at all times.


The packaging of the dog shampoo and conditioner is something many Husky owners overlook. I’m quite meticulous with the products I use on my Huskies, so I always want to get the best value.

Make sure that the shampoo bottle doesn’t have leaks. Also, it should be easy to squeeze or pump. Otherwise, you’ll have to open the bottle repeatedly, which increases the risk of spills.

🐶Price range

Lastly, always aim for the best value for money. When I say value for money, I pertain to quality ingredients offered at a decent price. After all, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a bottle of dog shampoo. Still, you shouldn’t cut back on quality since your Husky’s health is at stake.

Above, I reviewed 8 shampoo and conditioner products that offer great value for your money. Let us know if those picks suit your dog well.

My proven methods for an enjoyable Husk bath time

Every aspiring Husky owner should know one thing: this breed is a drama queen in the bath. They will yell as if the water is lava. It’s an innate breed characteristic and something I got used to over the years.

While Huskies can give you an earful during baths, the following advice will help you manage the bathroom drama:

‘Disarm’ your ‘opponent’ first.

Before you even start bathing your Husky, it’s important to clip its nails first. Groomers refer to this as ‘disarming your opponent’. While Huskies can be trained to get used to grooming, some will give a fight. By clipping the dog’s nails first, you’re saving yourself from injuries.

Remember the 3Bs: Brush Before Bath

After clipping your Husky’s nails, it’s important to brush its coat first to remove tangles. This will save you from a lot of trouble since you have to hand-comb the shampoo into the canine’s undercoat. Also, brushing will remove a bulk of loose fur, which will make bathing much easier.

Drain your Husky’s energy

To ensure that your Husky will be calm during bathing, it’s best to take it to a short walk or give it a quick playtime. This way, your doggo will not have the energy to fight back or escape while bathing. You’ll be surprised by how much a 30-minute walk can make grooming much faster.

Dress for the part

Expect yourself to get soaked while bathing a nervous Husky. This is why you should dress in clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and wet. Also, remember that dogs shake their bodies which will get the water all over the place.

Use a shower head made for pets.

For Huskies, I highly recommend showerheads made for pets. These showerheads have adjustable pressure, which will let you remove loose undercoats easily. It’s also easier to maneuver around the bathroom, unlike the typical shower heads you use.

Prepare some treats

Dog treats will also come in handy during bath time for an uncooperative Husky. You can distract your dog by feeding it with easy-to-treats from time to time. This is also a good way to make bathing a positive experience for your dog.

Over time, your Husky will realize that cooperating in the bath is a rewarded experience. It will make your pet calmer and more cooperative in the succeeding sessions.

Let the shampoo sit for a few minutes.

Once you’ve applied the shampoo to your dog’s coat, you should let it soak for five to 10 minutes, more so for medicated types. This will allow the formula to reach the Husky’s undercoat and skin.

Dry the Husky well

Lastly, you should make sure that your Husky is fully dry. The tricky part with this breed is its undercoat. If you don’t use a powerful pet dryer, moisture will get trapped underneath, which will pave the way for infections and irritations. Also, trapped moisture will result in matting if not removed right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it okay to use a human conditioner on dogs?

A: It’s not advisable to use a human conditioner on your dog. These products contain potentially toxic chemicals. Also, human-grade conditioners aren’t formulated for the pH level of your dog. In the long run, human conditioners may dry your Husky’s skin even more.

Q: How often should a Husky be bathed?

A: Most Huskies only need to be bathed every six weeks. However, if your dog spends more time outdoors, you may need to bathe it more frequently. But generally, six weeks is the average period in between a Husky’s bath.

Q: Do dogs need conditioner after shampoo?

A: Dogs, especially those with undercoats, need conditioner to keep their coats in the best shape. However, it’s not a requirement since some Huskies have a naturally healthy coat, thanks to their diet and proper grooming. It all boils down to the current situation of your dog’s coat.

Q: Can I wash my dog with just water?

A: Technically, yes, you can wash your dog with just water. However, it will not remove all the dirt stuck on its coat. It’s still best to use a shampoo and conditioner formulated specifically for canines. This way, you can keep your Husky’s coat shiny and healthy.

Q: How often should you bathe a Husky with itchy skin?

A: Dogs with irritated skin can be washed once a week using a medicated shampoo. This is to combat the infection that’s possibly causing the itching. You can also consult your dog’s vet to ensure that you’re using the right approach to the skin problem.

Final words

You can’t compromise when it comes to your Husky’s health. This is why you should only invest in the best Husky shampoo and conditioner that delivers results. These are natural formulas that will restore your pet’s coat and skin health.

What do you think of these picks? Share your thoughts below!