Boxer Husky Mix Information with Pictures

A Boxer Husky Mix is a hybrid dog created by crossing a purebred Boxer with a purebred Siberian Husky. This hybrid is descended from two working dogs. During World War I, the Boxer served as a courier, hunting, and tracking dog for the military. Meanwhile, the Siberian Husky was bred to aid in the towing of sleds through Siberia’s freezing tundra.

As a vet, I will share my experience on Boxer Husky Mix in terms of Diets, Behaviour & Grooming tips.

If you are trying to find the ideal dog to join your family? then, think about getting a Boxer Husky mix. Let’s thoroughly assess the breed, highlighting its attributes and qualities. These lovely, thoughtful, and devoted dogs make wonderful family pets. 

Boxer Husky Mix: Overview

AppearanceMuscular, athletic build with short, shiny fur, pointed ears
Average weight50 to 90 pounds
Average height21 to 27 inches
Type of coatShort, shiny fur, typically in shades of brown or black
SheddingModerate to heavy, especially during seasonal changes
ColorTypically brown or black with white markings
PersonalityEnergetic, playful, loyal, intelligent, protective
Health IssuesHip dysplasia, heart issues, cancer, allergies, bloat
Life span10 to 12 years
DietHigh in protein with balanced carbohydrates and fat
Training needsHigh, requires regular exercise and mental stimulation
Family suitabilityBest suited for active families with spacious homes, or experienced dog owners
Grooming needsLow to moderate, requires occasional brushing to maintain coat health.

A Boxer Husky Mix is a crossbreed between Boxer and Siberian Husky, two working dogs.

How old are Boxer Huskies? To be true, nobody appears to be certain when the crossbreed started.

The Boxer breed originated in the nineteenth century in Germany. Boxers appear to have originated as hunting dogs. However, the majority of them ended up serving as ranch dogs or armed forces dogs. They began appearing in the United States at the turn of the twentieth century.

Additionally, the Siberian Husky was a hunting dog. However, the Husky’s origins trace back thousands of years. They migrated from Siberia to Alaska and Canada in the early twentieth century to work as sled dogs. They were registered with the American Kennel Club in 1930.

What does Boxer Husky Mix Looks Like?

Boxer Husky Mix (1)
Lucky, Boxer & Husky mix  (Photo: @vcrosstacraskem / pinterest)

The Husky Boxer Mix has a striking resemblance to the Boxer in appearance. The body of this canine can range in size from medium to huge. It adopts an attentive and inquisitive demeanor. 

While the breed is frequently brown-eyed, it might acquire the Siberian Husky’s piercing blue eyes. Its short to medium-length coat varies in color from tan to fawn to white with black. 

The coat is noted to have a dense texture, similar to the Siberian Husky. Ears can be upright or floppy. The tail is typically long but with a short coat. 

Husky Boxer Mix: Temperament and Intelligence

Boxer Husky Mix
Husky boxer mix (Photo: @jjcadwell / pinterest)

Husky Mix Boxer dogs are clever, and they may be a little overwhelming for first-time dog owners. They are also incredibly energetic and eager, which means you’ll need to plan a variety of activities to keep these pups cognitively and physically active.

They are not hesitant to express themselves if they feel they are not receiving enough attention, which requires careful training to avoid being excessive, especially if you enjoy your neighbors. They are protective of their family and may become excessively territorial if not properly socialized at a young age.

They also like the companionship of their humans and will make every effort to spend as much time as possible with them. Their activity and training requirements imply that you’ll need to commit a significant amount of time each day to ensure that your dog is well-exercised with plenty of exercise before you can sit down. They’ll let you know immediately if you neglect to take their daily stroll.

Exercise Requirements of Boxer Husky Mix

This is the point at which you will need to commit a large amount of time and effort. Boxer Husky Mix dogs are extremely active and will grow frustrated if not provided the exercise time. These dogs would struggle if they are deprived of their daily stroll.

Once fully matured, you could anticipate spending around 90 minutes each day exercising these dogs. A daily 2-mile walk, along with a training session and leisure time in the backyard, will keep your Boxer Mix with Husky dog happy and exhausted.

You’ll also need a properly secured yard, as they have been known to escape either by burrowing or leaping. Additionally, it is better to walk them on a leash, as their recall is not optimal when distracted by anything attractive.

How to Train a Boxer Husky Mix?

Boxsky puppy can easily train
Image Source: mrsjennstdenis

You may believe that training a dog that is a crossbreed between two working dog mixed breeds would be simple. It’s true—these canines’ intellect, friendliness, and need for attention may assist you in training them. And certainly, boxers have historically been rather easy to train. However, Siberian Huskies? That is a different story.

Huskies frequently prefer to venture off on their own. They may be obstinate and prone to distraction. These characteristics are sometimes more evident in Boxer Husky mixes, frequently outweighing the trainability of their boxer parents.

It will be simplest to teach a Husky Mix Boxer dog if you adopt him while he is still a puppy and immediately begins training. Do not postpone critical training. The older your puppy becomes, the more difficult it will be to train him efficiently.

How Much Are Boxer Husky Mix Puppies?

Because the Boxer Husky is still a somewhat uncommon hybrid mix, it’s advisable to seek a trustworthy breeder with expertise with this specific cross. Puppies will likely cost between $800 and $1,000, and the price may vary based on the breeder’s reputation and region, as well as the coat and eye color of the puppies.

Grooming Tips for Boxer Husky Mix

1. Bathing Tips – You should bathe them every month or whenever they start to smell bad. While human products may be too abrasive for their delicate skin, use a shampoo and conditioner made exclusively for dogs. Moreover, you should never use hot water, avoid using soap in your eyes, ears, or nose, and only use lukewarm water.

2. Brushing and Shedding – The thick coat of the Boxer Husky Mix needs to be brushed frequently to avoid matting and to maintain the skin looking good and lustrous. Slicker brushes work ideal since they may assist in removing extra shearing and dead fur. To keep your dog’s coat healthy and tang-free, brush them at least once weekly.

3. Nail and Ear Care – Boxer Husky Mix’s health and wellness depend on proper nail and ear care. Every few weeks or whenever they get too long, it’s crucial to trim their nails because they can be uncomfortable and even infected. You should also routinely examine your dog’s ears for indications of discomfort or infection. Contact your veterinarian for more information if you see any redness or discharge.

Are Boxer Huskies Good With Kids?

Boxsky Behaviour with Kids
Image Source: boxer_husky

Because of their intelligence and loyalty, Boxer Huskies make wonderful family pets. They make beautiful pets for families with young children because they are highly affectionate.

Children who may not be familiar with dog handling are a fantastic fit for Boxer Huskies since they are recognized for their patience. They may make excellent playmates for children and protect their families. They can be excellent playmates for kids because they have a playful side.

They may be trained to obey directions and pick up tricks because they are quite obedient. Overall, Boxer Huskies are excellent with children and may bring a family much joy.

Their kind and caring temperament makes them excellent friends and may bring out the best in children.

Pros & Cons of Owning a Boxer Husky Mix


The intelligence and trainability of Boxer Husky mixes are one of their key advantages. It is well recognized that this breed is exceptionally trainable and eager to learn. They make excellent companions since they are devoted and affectionate. These dogs are also well renowned for having active and vivacious dispositions, which can be a lot of fun for their owners.

The adaptability of a Boxer Husky mix is another fantastic advantage. These dogs suit various tasks, including agility, obedience, tracking, and even herding. They are, therefore, excellent companions for active owners. This breed is excellent for families with young children because it is sociable and friendly.

Last but not least, Boxer Husky hybrids are generally healthy and live long lives. With the right care, this breed can live up to 12–14 years and is typically fairly resilient. This breed is also renowned for having relatively low care requirements for exercise and grooming.


Although owning a Boxer Husky mix has numerous advantages, there are a few disadvantages to take into account. Its high amount of energy is one of this breed’s key disadvantages. Due to their high activity level, Boxer Husky mixes need much mental and physical stimulation. These dogs might grow bored, destructive, and even aggressive if they don’t get enough exercise. For this reason, it’s crucial to provide this breed with a lot of physical activity and cerebral stimulation.

The Boxer Husky mix is also renowned for having a loud voice. This breed is renowned for its barking and howling, which some households may find rather disruptive. Also, because of their high energy level and noisy attitude, this breed is unsuitable for apartment living.

And lastly, this breed isn’t the easiest to groom. Due to the double coat of this breed, regular brushing and bathing are necessary to reduce matting and shedding. It’s also crucial to know the breed’s predisposition to specific health conditions, including hip dysplasia and eye difficulties.

Overall, the Boxer Husky mix is a special and clever breed that may be a wonderful companion for busy and seasoned pet parent breeds. Although this breed has some disadvantages, many families find their intellect, loyalty, and fun personality traits a fantastic fit.


What is a Boxer Husky mix, and what are its characteristics?

A Boxer Husky mix, also known as a Boxsky, is a crossbreed between a Boxer and a Siberian Husky. This mix combines the physical traits and personalities of both breeds, resulting in a dog that is loyal, energetic, and playful. Boxskies typically have a muscular build, short coat, and pointed ears.

What is the temperament of a Boxer Husky mix?

Boxskies are generally very friendly, loyal, and affectionate dogs. They are known to be intelligent and playful, and they enjoy spending time with their owners. However, they can also be stubborn and may require consistent training and socialization from a young age.

How much exercise does a Boxer Husky mix need?

Boxskies are high-energy dogs that require a significant amount of exercise to stay healthy and happy. They should get at least an hour of physical activity each day, such as running, playing fetch, or going for long walks. They also benefit from mental stimulation, such as training sessions or puzzle toys.

What is the grooming routine for a Boxer Husky mix?

Boxskies have a short, smooth coat that does not require a lot of maintenance. They shed moderately throughout the year and may experience heavy shedding during seasonal changes. Brushing their coat once or twice a week can help control shedding and keep their coat healthy.

Are Boxer Husky mixes good with children and other pets?

Boxskies can be great with children and other pets, but early socialization and training are crucial to ensure they learn appropriate behavior around others.



While the Boxer Mix with Husky is not one of the more well-known hybrid breeds, these active dogs have a lot going for them. They adore their family and are devoted and watchful hounds. They’re typically healthy and quite low maintenance in terms of feeding.

You’ll need to ensure they receive enough activity each day. This is not a breed that will happily spend the entire day indoors, and failing to exercise these dogs adequately can put you in a difficult situation. They are sophisticated enough to discover various exits from a protected garden.

If you have an active family with older children who like spending time outside, the passionate and loyal Boxer Husky Mix may be the ideal addition to your family.

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