Buying A Siberian Husky Puppy: What You Need to Know

It’s not that hard to fall in love with a Husky breed. Its appearance is an eye-turner, and many pet owners fancy this wolf-looking canine. But if you’re buying a Siberian Husky puppy, you have to ensure that you’re getting one from a reputable breeder. This way, there would be one less puppy that will land on shelters.

Take note that owning a dog is a big responsibility, regardless of the breed. Therefore, it’s important to assess whether you’re ready for a pet before you even consider getting a Husky. Below, I discussed a guide to help you decide and to find a legitimate breeder to deal with.

Adopt or shop?

There’s been a longstanding argument between shopping and adopting dogs. But, when it comes to Huskies, here are some of the things you should know if you’re planning to shop or adopt.

Adopting a Husky

buying a Siberian Husky puppy

There’s always a special place in heaven for those who adopt shelter animals. So if you’re planning to adopt a Husky, here are some of the things you should know:

  • You won’t fully know their background. Each dog surrendered in shelters has gone through traumatic experiences in life. Some of them have been owned and surrendered multiple times. With that, it can be difficult to establish the past of a specific rescue Husky.
  • They will have behavioral issues. To be fair, not all shelter dogs are ill-mannered. However, since they are stuck in cold and cramped kennels, it’s only a matter of time for them to develop behavioral issues. This is why adopted Huskies require a lot of work.
  • Adopting is cheaper. Do you want a Husky but don’t have the budget for it? If so, adopting is the wisest option. Many rescue and shelter organizations offer dogs at a low cost. Most of the time, you only need to pay for documentation fees.
  • You can’t vouch for its health. Dogs are surrendered in shelters for a variety of reasons, one of which is poor health. Unfortunately, this can be the case for Huskies who are up for adoption. Nevertheless, most shelters are diligent enough to conduct health checks on their canines.

Buying a Husky

If budget isn’t an issue, buying a Siberian Husky is a good option. These are the things you should know:

  • It won’t help shelter animals. When you buy a Husky, you fail to give a shelter dog a second chance in life. It’s the reason why there’s an ‘adopt, don’t shop’ advocacy.
  • You can check its health. Legitimate breeders conduct intensive health checks on every Husky puppy they produce. This way, you’re guaranteed to receive a healthy puppy.
  • It’s costly. Buying a purebred Siberian Husky will set you back for thousands of dollars. Many pet owners don’t have such an amount of money.
  • You can choose the color. You can find a breeder that specializes in a specific Husky color. It gives buyers a chance to choose the look and size of the Husky they want to get.
  • You have to be careful with puppy mills. Many puppy mills pose as legitimate breeders to make money from their poorly bred pups. Sadly, many first-time Husky owners fall victim to this scheme.

Is a Husky puppy right for me?

Are you wondering whether a Husky pup suits you well? If you’re keen to own this breed, your home should have the following:

  • No small dogs or other pets
  • No young children
  • A fenced yard that’s at least 6 feet tall
  • Someone to accompany the Husky all day long
  • An active lifestyle
  • Ample room to move around
  • A large yard for roaming and running

These are just some of the requirements of raising a Husky puppy. Remember that this dog doesn’t typically thrive in apartment settings. If you’re an apartment dweller and thinking of getting this breed, you have to think about your decision many times.

What to know before buying a Siberian Husky puppy

Remember that Siberian Huskies aren’t for everyone. If you’re thinking of getting this breed, you should consider the following first:

buying a Siberian Husky puppy

🐶Huskies are high-maintenance dogs.

Siberian Huskies require intense grooming, exercise, and care. If you can’t deal with this responsibility, you’re probably not yet prepared for this breed or any dog for that matter. Try considering other breeds first and see if you’ll find another match.

Huskies are far from Chihuahuas, French Bulldogs, or Shih Tzus. Siberian Huskies require a lot of attention, or they will become unhappy dogs.

🐶Huskies are prone to separation anxiety.

Huskies develop a severe case of separation anxiety when left for long periods. This is why they suit households with round-the-clock companionship. Otherwise, this doggo will become extremely vocal and destructive.

This isn’t surprising as Huskies were bred as snow dogs and companions, so these doggos crave attention.

🐶Huskies have a strong prey drive.

Don’t expect Siberian Huskies to lounge at the couch all day long. This breed has a strong prey drive, and they will often chase after small animals. Therefore, intensive training and socialization are needed at an early age.

This is also the same reason why young children should never be left alone with Huskies. A running toddler or a pinchy behavior may cause the doggo to snap.

🐶Huskies can be pretty stubborn.

Huskies require a patient and somewhat experienced owner because of their stubborn personality. You should be prepared for their ‘dramatic’ streaks, which include intense vocalization.

Aside from that, Huskies aren’t the smartest of their kind. They love mouthing and nipping things, not to mention that they are notorious wanderers. These Houdini dogs can easily escape your watch if you don’t lock doors or secure fences.

🐶Huskies shed a lot

Huskies shed all year long, but they experience heavy coat blowing before summer and winter. This requires more grooming attention and patience as your home will surely get covered with tumblefurs.

Since they are double-coated dogs, Huskies will shed a lot of fur. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the reasons why some pet owners decide to give up their Huskies not short after bringing it home.

If you can’t deal with this level of grooming, Huskies may not be a wise choice for your family.

🐶Huskies don’t thrive in hot climates.

While some owners succeed in raising Huskies in Texas or Arizona, it’s not the breed’s ideal environment. As sled dogs, Huskies thrive in cold and snowy places. This is something to keep in mind since Huskies have thick double coats.

Generally, Huskies are bred to endure cold temperatures as harsh as -50C or -76F. After all, they came from Siberia, a place that experiences one of the heaviest snowfalls in the world.

While you can always keep your Husky in an air-conditioned room, you have to remember that this breed needs a lot of exercise. It’s challenging to satisfy in a hot climate without subjecting the doggo to the risk of overheating.

🐶Huskies can’t be trusted off-leash

buying a Siberian Husky puppy

Even as a puppy, you can’t trust a Husky off-leash. They are escape artists who will bolt out whenever they get the chance, even with proper training. Huskies can be overcome by their prey drive, which will send them running after a squirrel or other strays.

It’s quite hard to dampen this nature of Huskies. It’s like something is switched on in their brains whenever they see potential prey.

🐶Huskies love howling

Siberian Huskies don’t bark a lot, but they howl to their hearts’ content. Relatively, they are quiet dogs, but once they develop separation anxiety, Huskies will howl non-stop. This will put you in a lot of trouble with your neighbors.

With this, you need to find ways to keep your Husky pup busy while you’re away at work. This includes spending more on pet sitters, toys, and dog cameras.

🐶Huskies tend to be picky eaters.

Siberian Huskies are notorious for their finicky appetite. Once they have had a bad experience with a food product, they will no longer eat it. Many Husky owners also notice that this breed tends to be fussy when it comes to the flavor of their food.

This can be frustrating if you’re a first-time Husky pup owner. So if you don’t have the budget and patience to experiment with dog food products, this breed may not be for you.

🐶Huskies suck as guard dogs.

Siberian Huskies may look like wolves, but they are far from vicious guard dogs. In fact, well-trained Huskies will welcome anyone, including strangers, into your door. They may appear aloof at first, but they acclimate to a new person fast. Before you know it, your Husky is already playing fetch with a stranger.

Remember, Siberian Huskies are bred to be companions and working dogs. Guarding isn’t on their task list. 

🐶Huskies are athletic dogs

Buying A Siberian Husky Puppy: What You Need to Know buying a siberian husky puppy

Are you dreaming of a laidback dog as a family pet? If so, Huskies aren’t the best pick. These dogs are energetic and require at least one to hours of active physical stimulation. This is aside from regular playtime sessions indoors.

If not, your Husky will find ways to expel its extra energy. This can be in the form of chewing your couch or howling all night long.

🐶They can be good with kids.

The good thing with Siberian Huskies is you can train them to get along with older kids. They can be loyal companions of children, but it’s best to raise them together at a young age.

How to choose a legitimate Husky breeder

You should be aware that puppy mills and irresponsible breeders are rampant within the Husky community. To save you from dud puppies, it’s important to consider the following:

✔️Look for an AKC certification.

Buying A Siberian Husky Puppy: What You Need to Know buying a siberian husky puppy

To ensure that you’re dealing with a legitimate Husky breeder, you must ask for an AKC certification.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) awards AKC Breeder with a H.E.A.R.T. and AKC Breeder of Merit for breeders who will meet their requirements. This is solid proof that the breeder is practicing humane and ethical standards when it comes to the production of the puppies.

Aside from that, membership in local breeder clubs is a good sign that a breeder is legitimate. Take note that a backyard breeder with no affiliations is quite doubtful. Unless you don’t mind getting a substandard puppy, it’s best to look for certifications.

✔️Ask for paperwork

Legitimate Husky breeders will provide a contract that indicates conditions for the purchase. This is proof that the breeder is selling his puppies responsibly.

Aside from that, there should be a comprehensive health report to prove that the puppy is free from any health problem. If the breeder fails to refuse to present any of these, you should leave and look for another option.

✔️Look for the parents.

If possible, you should ask the breeder to show you the parents of the Husky pup. This way, you can see the form, temperament, and health of the parent dogs, which will directly impact the quality of pups they produce.

Remember that personality is passed on from the parent Husky to the puppies. If one of the parents appears aggressive or has behavioral problems, you should think twice about the puppies. 

✔️Ask about the cooling-off period.

Breeders who stand by the quality of their pups will include the cooling-off phase in the contract. This is a period to which you can return the pup if it has health issues or if it doesn’t fit your household.

Most of the time, cooling-off periods range from a week to a month, based on your agreement with the breeder. However, this is purely optional and not a requirement when buying a Husky puppy.

✔️Inquire on how the puppies are raised

Husky puppies with the best structure are raised in a home setting. Don’t buy pups that have been locked up in kennels, as these doggos will likely be aloof and aggressive.

My Huskies came from breeders that raise the pups inside their home. This allows for early desensitization and socialization. It’s also a big plus if the breeder has a family with kids where the Husky pups are exposed.

✔️Consider AKC registration for the pup.

Buying A Siberian Husky Puppy: What You Need to Know buying a siberian husky puppy

If you intend to breed the Husky puppy, later on, look for a breeder that offers AKC registration. This is proof that the pup is purebred and is produced within the AKC’s ethical standards. As much as other organizations offer certifications, AKC is the gold standard when it comes to dog registrations.

✔️Avoid breeders that rush you.

Husky breeders that rush you into buying a puppy should be avoided at all costs. This means that they are hiding something and just want the cash.

Also, if the breeder says that a health problem is “normal for its breed”, you should leave. Snoring, limping, wheezing, and the likes aren’t normal among Huskies. It’s a sign of a serious health problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Siberian Husky a good house dog?

A: Siberian Huskies are pack-oriented, and they thrive in a family setting. However, they require a lot of training because of their prey drive. But if raised in a loving home, this doggo would be an amazing family pet.

Q: What is the most popular Husky color?

A: The combination of white and black is the most popular Siberian Husky color. It varies in pattern, but it’s easily distinguishable as it resembles the color of a wolf. Still, there are other hues, including solid black, full white, sable and white, silver-gray, and so on.

Q: What is a good price for a Husky puppy?

A: The cost of a Husky puppy varies per breeder and location. But generally, it will set you back for up to $3,000 or more. Pure-bred Huskies from experienced breeders would cost more due to the intensive breeding process and requirements it took to produce the pup. Despite the high cost, an experienced breeder is guaranteed to produce healthy puppies with good structure.

Q: Are Huskies easy to train?

A: Siberian Huskies aren’t easy to train due to their stubborn nature. They require patience and consistency to ensure that they will learn the commands. Many owners also seek the help of dog trainers if their efforts aren’t yielding results.

Q: Are Huskies loyal to one person?

A: Huskies are loyal dogs, and they tend to be attached to one person. Still, well-socialized Huskies will be friendly and outgoing towards anyone they meet. Just make sure that you train your dog well.

Q: Should Husky puppies be vet-checked before buying?

A: It’s a smart move to get the puppy checked by a veterinarian before buying and bringing it home. This will guarantee that the canine is in good health and that the breeder isn’t lying about its condition. Ultimately, this will save you from massive vet bills later on.

Final words

Buying a Siberian Husky puppy can be a tricky task for first-time owners. Remember to trust only legitimate breeders with proper documentation and registration. Above all, you should examine the puppy and its parent canines to guarantee its health and structure.

Have you purchased a Husky puppy before? Share your own tips in the comment section!