A Guide on How To Stop Husky From Digging Under Fence

how to stop Husky from digging under fence

Huskies are like giant mole rats. They have an affinity for digging whenever they got the chance to. Whether it’s your fence, flower bed, vegetable patch, or simply an empty lawn – it’s not fully safe from your fluffy digger. Specifically, Huskies like excavating under fences to escape and roam around. In this case, knowing … Read more

Why Does My Husky Keep Running Away? 8 Reasons + Proven Tips to Try

why does my husky keep running away (featured image)

Huskies are notorious for being excellent escape artists. And it can be stressful for husky owners when their dogs run away. But, you wonder, why does my husky keep running away? From their instincts to curiosity, there are many reasons huskies run away. I’ve listed eight possible reasons why your husky keeps running away—and the … Read more