How Often Do Huskies Shed? Here’s What You Should Know

How often do Huskies shed? These fluffy dogs will blow their coats twice a year as the seasons change. Be prepared as coat blowing is a messy fest of loose fur all over your home. But with proper management, you can spare your household from the wrath of tumblefurs and dander. In this post, I will talk about Husky shedding, when it happens, and what you can do about it.

How often do Huskies shed?         

how often do Huskies shed

Generally, Huskies shed all year long. But the heavy coat blowing occurs twice a year, specifically during the spring season as it transitions to summer and fall as your Husky’s coat prepares for winter.

As sled dogs in the Siberian region, Huskies were made to adapt to very low temperatures. Their coat has a big role to play in this process. It can adjust to varying temperatures to keep the Husky comfortable.

Moreover, a Husky’s coat has a top coat and an undercoat. The topcoat repels superficial dirt, and it appears fluffy and longer. Meanwhile, the undercoat is shorter and has heat and water-resistant characteristics. Since Huskies have two sets of coats, you should expect heavier shedding.

Aside from that, the weather on your location will affect the Husky’s shedding intensity. For example, Huskies raised in a warmer climate will shed more to allow its body to cool down.

In general, it will take up to five weeks for a Husky to blow its coat. Some will experience coat blowing in a shorter period. However, you have to watch out for potential overshedding or when your doggo loses fur to the point of balding. This is something you should bring up with your pet’s veterinarian.

Never shave your Husky!

Dealing with a massive coat blowing during summer can be overwhelming. But no matter how disastrous it looks, you should never shave your Husky. It may seem like a quick fix, but it will actually result in more problems in the long run.

Here are serious reasons why you should never shave a Husky:

❌You’re going to ruin their natural coat.

Huskies have a natural process of eliminating their excess fur. You’re just going to mess the process when you shave them. Aside from ruining the growth, you’re also affecting the natural temperature regulation of the dog’s body. It would result in potential health problems and the risk of hypothermia during winter.

Huskies have no skin pigmentation.

Unlike other dogs, Huskies don’t have pigmentation on their skin. Shaving the pooch will expose the skin to sunlight, which can lead to skin problems. This increases your dog’s risk of having skin cancer, which is life-threatening.

You’re going to deprive your Husky of its natural protection.

Your Husky’s double coat acts as a protection against dirt and insects. This is crucial if you’re taking the Husky on outdoor adventures. Shaving it is like taking away your Husky’s natural protection.

Can you imagine yourself walking naked in the woods? That same vulnerability will happen to your Husky if you shave it clean.

❌It won’t stop shedding.

Even if you shave your Husky, it will not stop shedding. The fur will grow back and shed naturally as it always does. It’s just a waste of time, and you’re going to expose your Husky to various risks.

How to manage your Husky’s shedding

A Husky’s shedding is something aspiring owners need to deal with. Don’t worry because this part is manageable with these methods I swear by:

✔️Stick to daily brushing

How Often Do Huskies Shed? Here’s What You Should Know how often do Huskies shed
Photo Credits – K9 of Mine

Brushing is one of the most important parts of managing your Husky’s shedding. This will let you remove loose fur before it drops all over your house.

Also, daily brushing will prevent the loose hair from being matted. But for this to work, you need to know two things: what brush to use and how to brush your dog.

Huskies are shed monsters, so you need a slicker brush and a grooming rake. These two tools will let you reach the undercoat and lift loose fur underneath.

Once you have the right tool, brushing the right way is the next thing you need to master. Here are some points to help you out:

  • Choose a spot you don’t mind getting messy. One of the biggest mistakes you’ll ever make is brushing your Husky in the living room in the middle of the coat-blowing season. It’s going to turn your house into a fur pit. Instead, you should consider brushing your Husky outdoors or in the bathtub for easy cleaning.
  • Follow the coat’s direction. When brushing your Husky, you should do so along the direction to where the fur grows. Going against this will hurt your pooch and potentially damage its coat.
  • Use brushing tools in order. The first step to brushing a shedding Husky is to use a deshedding tool to remove loose fur. After that, you should use a slicker brush for at least 10 minutes. This will help remove fur that your deshedding tool didn’t get.
  • Be gentle. As much as you’d want to reach the undercoat, you shouldn’t apply too much force on your Husky’s coat. If it hurts the doggo during brushing, it will loathe the following sessions. I suggest rewarding your pet as you brush so that it will become more cooperative.

✔️Get a pet-rated vacuum cleaner.

A pet-rated vacuum cleaner will save you from the tiring process of collecting fur all over your home. Always look for a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and large tank so that you can collect as much fur as possible.

Moreover, you should look for multiple hose attachments so that you can clean up crevices and hard-to-reach areas. And if possible, choose a unit with a lower noise level as Huskies aren’t big fans of noisy vacuum cleaners.

✔️Use a deshedding dog shampoo.

How Often Do Huskies Shed? Here’s What You Should Know how often do Huskies shed
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A deshedding shampoo will also help manage coat blowing by loosening up shed fur stuck on your dog’s coat. So when you brush your Husky, less fur will come off. However, you should pick the right shampoo as each Husky will have varying reactions to grooming products.

For my puppies, I swear by the Furminator Ultra Deshedding Shampoo. It’s a blend of natural ingredients like papaya leaf and calendula extracts. This will help remove loose fur in the bath as you spray the dog with water. Just make sure that you let the shampoo sit on your Husky’s coat for 10 minutes for the best results.

✔️Feed your Husky a healthy diet

A healthy diet is also a big aspect in managing your Husky’s shedding. Look for dog food products rich in Omega fatty acids and vitamin E that will help boost the canine’s coat.

For Huskies with sensitive skin, I suggest a limited ingredient diet. These products are likely to trigger allergic reactions since the ingredients are fewer than other dog food options.

✔️Ask the help of a professional groomer

Lastly, you should never shy away from the help of a professional groomer. Personally, I bring my Yorkies to the groomer every quarter. During the coat-blowing season, visits to the groomer can be more frequent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Huskies ever stop shedding?

A: Siberian Huskies shed the heaviest twice a year, but they will continue to lose small amounts of fur all year long. This process is your Husky’s natural process of removing old fur and growing new ones. This is normal unless your dog starts to develop bald spots.

Q: Can I shave my Husky?

A: Shaving a Husky is never advisable since the dog will naturally shed its fur. Also, shedding too close to the skin may ruin the Husky’s natural coat. The only exception is during vet procedures or if the Husky has severe matting that needs to be removed.

Q: How long does it take for Husky hair to grow after surgery shaving?

A: For most Huskies, it can take up to a year for the shaved coat to grow back when shaved due to surgery. It can be faster or slower for other dogs, depending on the canine’s diet, lifestyle, and overall health. You can also ask the vet for advice on how to speed up your Husky’s

Q: What kind of coat does a Husky have?

A: Huskies have double coats that shed heavily, especially as the seasons change. It requires more maintenance than single coats since shampoo doesn’t reach the skin easily. Also, brushing must be done daily to prevent matting and remove loose hairs before it drops on the floor.

Q: Do all Huskies shed badly?

A: All Huskies will shed heavily to get rid of their winter or summer coats. However, if your Husky is shedding fur and having bald patches, you have to be worried. This isn’t normal and can be indicative of a health problem.

Final words

How often do Huskies shed? Huskies shed all year round, but heavy shedding occurs before winter and summer. This is in preparation for the major temperature changes to keep their bodies comfortable. The only thing you can do is manage the Husky’s shedding as it happens. Shaving is never an answer.