15 Ways On How To Get A Husky To Like You

While Huskies are outgoing and sociable, some won’t acclimate to people right away. A few may be aloof and distant at first, especially when brought to their new home. The good thing is that there are ways how to get a Husky to like you easily.

Always remember that each dog has its personality. While the Husky breed is generally affectionate, some may not be as warm when it comes to meeting new people.

The key here is winning the Husky’s trust by associating yourself with a positive experience. Below, we discuss 15 ways how you can achieve this.

How to get a Husky to like you

Is your Husky giving you the cold shoulder? While you have a lot of work to do to forge your bond, the following ways will surely make a big difference:

1.    Feed your Husky regularly

how to get a Husky to like you

If you want a Husky to like you, food will be your bosom buddy. Huskies are highly food-driven and they will surely appreciate anyone who will feed them regularly.

Make sure that you’re the one to serve your Husky’s meals. Hand-feeding the doggo with treats is also effective in forging a bond between the two of you.

Over time, the Husky will see you as their provider and alpha. You’ll be surprised by how much food can strengthen your relationship with your dog.

2.    Take your Husky to outdoor walks

Huskies love exploring the outdoors, being sled dogs by nature. By taking your doggo on long walks, it will associate you with a positive experience. This is a very effective way for a Husky to like you.

Moreover, Huskies are high-energy dogs. They require an intense level of exercise and mental stimulation to remain happy. With that, they will surely get attached to the person who will provide them with this much-needed stimulation.

It’s recommended to stick to a routine when it comes to your Husky’s physical and mental exercise. This way, the doggo will get used to it.

3.    Play with your Husky

Huskies are playful, which you can use to make the canine like you. With this, you’ll bring fun and become fun for your dog.

Active play is the perfect choice for Huskies. This helps exhaust their intense energy, which also provides them with mental stimulation. Whether it’s throwing Frisbees, playing fetch, tug-of-war, or simply running around the yard, these playtime sessions will help boost the bond between you and your doggo.

By showering your Husky with attention, you’re positioning yourself as your dog’s main companion. 

4.    Perform positive training

how to get a Husky to like you

Training can also be a fun way for you and your Husky to bond. You should perform positive training wherein you teach your dog commands through a positive approach.

For example, you can teach your dog to sit, lie down, stay, and more. When your dog follows the command, you will give it a treat as a reward. Through this method, your pet will realize that responding to your commands is a positive experience.

Take note that you can integrate positive training during playtime sessions. This way, you can hit two birds with one stone.

5.    Give your Husky a kiddie pool

Huskies love water, especially during summer when it’s really hot. Your pet will appreciate it if you’ll give him a water pool of its own. This way, the doggo can cool down and even play on the water.

During winter, you should let your Husky play in the snow. There’s no need to worry about frostbite because Huskies are bred to survive freezing temperatures. In fact, letting your Husky enjoy the snow is one of the best things you can do for this breed.

6.    Set up a dirt box

Huskies love digging, so make sure that you set up a dirt box for this doggo. This way, you can satisfy the breed’s instincts, which is something that won’t go unnoticed by your pet. You can also play with your Husky on the dirt box to make it more fun.

Aside from that, a dedicated dirt box will also help curb obsessive digging around your yard. It’s also an effective solution to stop Huskies from digging under your fence.

Just make sure that you use a different soil than the one in your yard. That way, your Husky can easily identify where it should dig.

7.    Let the Husky run

how to get a Husky to like you

Is it even a Husky if it doesn’t have zoomies every day? Another way to make this dog like you is to let them run and roam a large yard. This allows the doggo to exhaust its excess energy and satisfy its instincts.

However, make sure that you supervise your dog at all times. Also, make sure that you have a tall fence to prevent the doggo from jumping over.

As much as possible, you should also aim to add playtime or training during these outdoor trips with your dog. This way, you can make the most out of it. 

8.    Take your Husky to outdoor adventures

Huskies are always up for an adventure, which isn’t surprising for a sled dog known to run for hundreds of miles. So if you’re going for a trek, hike, or camping trip, you should consider taking your Husky with you.

This is a great chance to get closer to your dog. Just make sure that your pooch is properly vaccinated and obedience trained before venturing it to the great outdoors.

If this is your Husky’s first time going on long trips, you can start acclimating it on shorter adventures. You can visit a nearby lake, beach, or park to allow your dog to get used to the new stimuli.

9.    Shower your Husky with physical affection

Physical affection is often the love language of many Huskies. They love pets and cuddles, with some even acting like they are lap dogs.

In fact, you can schedule cuddle sessions with your Husky to strengthen your bond. The simple manner of resting with your Husky has a great impact on how close the two of you can be.

Take note that you can also use affection as a form of reward when training your dog. This will let you wean your Husky off food rewards, especially if it’s starting to gain excess weight.

10. Be the source of comfort

15 Ways On How To Get A Husky To Like You how to get a Husky to like you

Huskies are sensitive dogs that are prone to separation anxiety. And like any other canine, they get frightened of loud sounds.

During these moments, you can win your Husky’s trust by being the source of comfort. When there are fireworks, you should take your dog to a quiet room and cuddle with him. Through this, your dog will see you as its protector.

11. Know your Husky’s body language

By understanding your Husky’s body language, you can understand and connect to your pet even more.

Relaxed huskies have a tongue sticking out with bright eyes as well as a straight posture. Meanwhile, a Husky that growls and has a posture leaning forward is showing aggression.

By knowing these body language cues, you’ll know how to approach the Husky properly. It will also help you understand your pet’s personality, temperament, and preferences.

12. Give your Husky its own space

Even though Huskies love being with people, they still need their own quiet time. This is why you should give your pet its own corner with a comfy bed, favorite toys, and privacy.

Aside from that, you shouldn’t force your dog to cuddle if it doesn’t want to. Forcing a Husky for physical affection will be counterproductive to your goal. In the long run, the doggo may start to hate you and associate you with an uncomfortable experience.

13. Stay calm

Huskies can be pretty stubborn and they will surely test your patience. But no matter how frustrating the situation is, you should never shout or hurt your dog. Violence never yields positive results, worse, it will make the Husky hate you more.

Always remain calm and address behavioral problems with the right approach. If you think you can’t handle your Husky’s behavior, you shouldn’t hesitate to consult with a professional pet trainer.

14. Reward good behavior

15 Ways On How To Get A Husky To Like You how to get a Husky to like you

Positive reinforcement through the reward system is an effective way to become a Husky’s favorite. Whenever your Husky heeds a command or behaves well, you should give it any reward.

When it comes to rewards, this can be in the form of food, affection, toys, or any other thing that your Husky likes. Just make sure that you give it right after your pet exhibited good behavior.

15. Avoid prolonged eye contact

Lastly, avoid challenging your Husky to a staring contest. In canine body language, a prolonged eye contact is a form of intimidation. This may end up in aggression, which is something you wouldn’t want to happen when wooing your Husky.

If you want to show affection to your dog, you can pet or cuddle with it. You can also yawn in front of your dog to show that you mean no harm. It’s because yawning is a vulnerable moment in dogs, which they would only do if they trust the person or animal near them. So if your Husky sees you yawn, it will give the pooch the assurance that you’re harmless.

Mistakes to avoid

To ensure that you’re on the right path in gaining your Husky’s love and affection, you should also avoid the following mistakes:

1.    Not taking training seriously

When it comes to Huskies, you can never skip training days. This breed is a working dog, which means they require a lot of physical and mental stimulation.

If not trained well, a Husky will become destructive, anxious, and even aggressive. Also, it will not respect you as the alpha. In this condition, it will be difficult for the Husky to like you as its owner.

Aside from that, training a Husky isn’t a one-time thing. It should be a continuous effort on your part to ensure that you’re raising a disciplined and well-rounded canine. 

2.    Leaving your Husky alone for too long

Huskies aren’t the best dog for busy and empty households. These dogs are bred for working and companionship, so leaving them for long periods is bad for their well-being.

If you keep leaving and locking up your Husky at home, it will develop a myriad of behavioral problems. It will also start to develop an insecure attachment to you, which isn’t a good thing despite having signs like clinginess and affection.

If you can’t accompany your dog, you should at least consider a doggy daycare or dog walkers.

3.    Forcing your dog physically

Training and raising a Husky isn’t easy. This dog can be strong-willed at times, which can make training a challenge. But despite this frustrating situation, you should never force your Husky physically.

Never drag, clutch, or restrain your Husky tightly. If you do so, your doggo will become resentful of you, which can also trigger behavioral problems.

4.    Shouting at your Husky

Always remember that dogs have a sensitive sense of hearing. Whenever you shout, your Husky hears it multiple folds louder. It’s a scary experience and something that will push the Husky’s trust away from you.

As with violence and punishments, shouting is never a solution. Always try to take the calmer option when dealing with your pet’s misbehavior. 

5.    Making training feel like a chore

Lastly, never make your Husky feel that training is a chore. If it happens, your dog will lose interest in the commands and you as their owner.

Instead, you should keep the drills fun and rewarding. You should shower your Husky with treats to keep it engaged. Also, you should keep each training session short and end it while your dog is still in a good mood.

If you wish to train your Husky further, you can schedule multiple sessions throughout the day. You can also insert training commands here and there. For example, before giving your dog its meal, ask it to sit and wait first. Through that, you can manage to reinforce training and the reward system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you know if a Husky likes you?

A: A Husky likes you if it appears calm and relaxed. Also, the pooch will have a slightly open mouth and wagging tail. Aside from that, the dog’s ears should be neutral and not too erect. So if you see a Husky with a stern look, closed mouth, and firm stance, it just means that the doggo doesn’t like your presence.

Q: How do you win a Husky’s heart?

A: Huskies are quite easy to win over. They are highly food-driven, which is something you can use to your advantage. By being the source of food, your Husky will start to see you as the alpha. It’s a great start in establishing a strong bond between you and your dog.

Q: How do you build a bond with a Husky?

A: Huskies are sociable dogs, so they thrive in companionship. Being present is already a big deal since Huskies get anxious when they are left alone. Aside from that, you should play with your dog and pet its body to make it happy with your presence. Toys will also be a good way to win a Husky over.

Q: Do Huskies get attached to one person?

A: In general, Huskies are sociable and would love to be surrounded by people. Still, they tend to get attached to their owners or a specific person whom they spend most of their time with. But overall, Huskies aren’t one-person dogs, so winning them over will not be a problem.

Q: Do Huskies get jealous?

A: Huskies can get jealous, especially if you suddenly give more attention to another pet. This will make your dog whiny and stubborn. Your dog may also act out by chewing things around or vocalizing even more. All of these can be prevented by ensuring that your Husky receives its much-needed attention together with regular training.

Final words

Knowing how to get a Husky to like you don’t have to be a mind-boggling process. With a few tips and tricks, you can win your dog’s trust in no time. Just remember to be patient, calm, and consistent with your efforts. Don’t worry because your dog will surely yield to you.

How did you gain your Husky’s trust? Do you have other tips to share here? Free to comment down below!