Husky Puppies Hair Out of Car: Top 9 Tips for Clean Travel!

We all know how a dog’s fur can get anywhere—literally. But for huskies, it’s 10x more intense. And this can get annoying, especially when traveling with this giant dog on the road. So, the burning question is: how to get husky hair out of car?

I’ve compiled this list of the best ways to remove husky hair from your car. These will leave your ride looking fresher, cleaner, and hair-free.

Doggone Dirty: Why Do Huskies Shed So Much?

Like regular hair loss for people, shedding is common among dogs, especially huskies. It helps these giant dogs cope with warm climates, keeping them cooler. 

A husky’s coat is thicker than other dog breeds, consisting of a double coat with an inner coat and topcoat. These are short and soft strands of fur, keeping a husky warm even in the coldest weather. Also, a husky’s topcoat repels water and heat, keeping them cool in warm environments. 

Since huskies have a thicker coat than usual, expect more intense shedding. And it can be surprising to see so much fur falling off them, but rest assured, this is normal. Huskies shed a few times a year, mostly during spring and fall. 

But if you live in a warmer climate, expect your husky to shed beyond that limit. Either way, accept that you’ll have to deal with husky hair a lot, whether at home or on the road. 

Luckily, there are many ways to control a husky’s shedding, and it’s relatively easy to get rid of husky hair off your car. Read on to see how to get husky hair out of car in-depth. 

How to Get Husky Hair Out of Car? 9 Tricks to Explore

Once you understand why your husky sheds so much, it’s time to accept it and adjust. Here are eight easy tricks on how to get husky hair out of car:

how to get husky hair out of car (infographic)

Husky Puppies Hair Out of Car: Top 9 Tips for Clean Travel! Husky Puppies Use Rubber Gloves

yellow rubber gloves on blue clothes hanger - how to get husky hair out of car?
Photo Courtesy of Karolina Kołodziejczak

If you’re looking for a way to remove husky hair and clean your car simultaneously, use rubber gloves. These are excellent tools that let you do both jobs at once, leaving no fur behind!

Don on a pair of regular rubber cleaning gloves, then sweep your hands over your car. It’s best to start from the upholstery to the carpet to avoid spreading dust around the vehicle. The loose strands of husky hair should stick to the rubber gloves, making them easier to remove. 

On the other hand, the remaining strands should gather in large clumps for easy removal. I recommend sweeping your hands in a single direction to avoid spreading the dog hair more. 

If using the rubber gloves alone doesn’t work, you can soak them with plain water. But don’t soak your gloves entirely, as this makes your car more prone to husky hair. You may also lightly spray your car seats, carpet, and upholstery with water for the best results. 

Husky Puppies Hair Out of Car: Top 9 Tips for Clean Travel! Husky Puppies Think Outside of the Box When Learning How to Get Husky Hair Out of Car, and Try Using Balloons

colorful balloons
Photo Courtesy of Yang Miao

Using balloons is an unusual but surprisingly effective way of getting rid of husky hair out of a car. By taking advantage of static electricity, balloons can make great tools for removing dog hair from any vehicle. Best of all, you can use any type, brand, and color balloon you want! 

Whether you’re using old balloons from your last birthday party or bought new ones for this task alone, all you need to do is rub them on your car’s interior. It should be able to lift any loose husky hair off the vehicle’s upholstery, sticking to the balloon. 

After, wipe the husky hair off the balloon and repeat until there’s no hair strand. 

However, as good as this method is for removing loose husky hair, it won’t work as well for stubborn strands. Still, this is a helpful trick if you’re only dealing with surface-level husky fur in your car. 

Husky Puppies Hair Out of Car: Top 9 Tips for Clean Travel! Husky Puppies Keep it Simple and Invest in Seat Covers to Get Husky Hair Out of Car

Use seat covers if you’re going on a long road trip with your husky and can’t be bothered to keep cleaning after them. This is another helpful trick in reducing husky hair in your car. It makes removal easier as it gathers all your dog’s loose fur in one place. As a result, you can remove husky hair as you go. 

You can remove these seat covers and replace them quickly if necessary. Additionally, you can wash them after each journey, saving you money. 

If you don’t have the budget for a seat cover, you can compromise by using old, clean towels. Just make sure you place them securely to produce a similar effect. 

Husky Puppies Hair Out of Car: Top 9 Tips for Clean Travel! Husky Puppies Use Fabric Softener

Fabric softener has all the ingredients needed to get rid of loose hair, and yes, it applies to dog fur as well! So, you can most definitely use this trick to remove husky hair from your car’s upholstery. But never directly apply the fabric softener. 

After all, it might damage your vehicle’s interior! Instead, dilute the solution first. Do this by mixing at least 2 to 3 teaspoons of fabric softener with water. It’s best to place the mixture in a spray bottle for easy application. And all you must do is put some on the affected areas and clean from there. 

When dealing with stubborn husky hair, I suggest wiping it off with a clean, dry paper towel. This way, you’ll loosen the strands better, allowing you to remove them via a vacuum cleaner. 

Husky Puppies Hair Out of Car: Top 9 Tips for Clean Travel! Husky Puppies The Classic Lint Roller

An unbeatable tool to use in how to get husky hair out of car is the lint roller. It’s a cheap, easy, and efficient way of removing these pesky strands from your vehicle. Best of all, it can even get through the most stubborn and planted dog hair in your car. 

Roll the lint roller with your car’s seats, carpet, and upholstery. It should be able to pick up most stray and embedded husky hairs with ease. Also, you can reuse your lint roller as it won’t lose its adhesiveness until multiple uses. 

Additionally, you may also opt for non-adhesive lint rollers. They’re more convenient, reducing the hassle of removing or replacing conventional adhesive sheets.

Husky Puppies Hair Out of Car: Top 9 Tips for Clean Travel! Husky Puppies Get Husky Hair Out of Car with Duct Tape

brown duct tape
Photo Courtesy of Klára Vernarcová

If you don’t have a lint roller on hand, you can always grab your duct tape at home. It’s a proven and reliable way of removing husky hair from any vehicle. Not to mention, duct tape is widely available and cheaper than other tricks mentioned. 

Roll some a generous length of the duct tape around your hand, with its adhesive side facing out. Then press your hand on the affected areas. After rubbing it on each surface, I recommend lifting your hand to see if you’ve gotten most of it.

And from here, repeat everything until you remove all the husky hair in your car. 

The only downside to this is that you often have to replace the duct tape as it quickly loses its stickiness. So, it can get quite messy and time-consuming. Still, it’s a practical method to explore as it’s cheaper and rid of even the most stubborn husky hair in a car. 

Husky Puppies Hair Out of Car: Top 9 Tips for Clean Travel! Husky Puppies Explore Instant Husky Hair Removal with a Vacuum or Squeegee

black vacuum cleaner on brown wooden surface
Photo Courtesy of Lukas ter Poorten

Are you looking for a fast and efficient way of removing husky hair from a car? Look no further than using a vacuum cleaner or some squeegee. Although simple, these are incredibly convenient and offer instant removal. 

If your car or luggage space allows it, I recommend bringing a handheld or small vacuum cleaner for easy husky hair removal. It’s a simple solution, but it can remove most pesky strands on your vehicle’s upholstery.

I suggest investing in a specialist vacuum nozzle to get the best results. Also, make sure it has rubber bristles as these collect the most hair with ease. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have time to whip out a vacuum cleaner, try using a squeegee. It’s a quick and cheap option and works similarly to rubber gloves. A squeegee’s rubber blade catches husky hair as you drag it along your ‘s upholstery. And it should be able to gather most of the strands in one pile for instant removal. 

Husky Puppies Hair Out of Car: Top 9 Tips for Clean Travel! Husky Puppies Try Dryer Sheets to Get Husky Hair Out of Car and Keep It Clean

If you have limited time and will be on the road for a while, dryer sheets will be your best friend. These can pick up most husky hair from a car’s upholstery. And best of all, it doesn’t ask for much movement. 

But you’ll still need to vacuum afterward to get the remaining husky hair out of the car. 

Husky Puppies Hair Out of Car: Top 9 Tips for Clean Travel! Husky Puppies Get Stubborn Husky Hair Out of Car with a Wire Brush

Finally, grab a wire brush if you’re dealing with stubborn and embedded husky hair on your car. It’s an excellent tool for coping with hard-to-reach strands of husky fur in a vehicle. And it’s perfect for getting rid of any remaining traces of dog hair. 

So, it’s easy to see why many use a wire brush as the final step in husky hair cleaning. You just need to run it on the affected areas till you remove all the strands. 

Are You Tired of Removing Husky Hair Out of Your Car? 5 Best Tips for Shedders!

As discussed earlier, huskies shed more than usual, so expect plenty of dog hair to invade your car. Unfortunately, you can’t completely stop it from happening, but it can be manageable. So, if you’re tired of discovering ways how to get husky hair out of car, check these five tips for shedders.

Each one allows you to prepare your husky for shedding season, reducing the chances of them getting dead fur left on your car on your next road trip:

Husky Puppies Hair Out of Car: Top 9 Tips for Clean Travel! Husky Puppies Never Shave A Husky’s Coat

Never shave a husky’s coat off, no matter how much of a “shedder” your dog is. Shaving a husky’s coat won’t stop your dog from shedding in your car. Plus, you’re removing an essential part of their bodies. And huskies need their coats to regulate their body temperature. 

If you get rid of a husky’s coat, you’re putting them in danger, and their fur risk becoming a tangled mess. As a result, your husky may get tons of matted hair, making them vulnerable to the sun. And this puts your dog at risk for heatstroke. 

Finally, shaving a husky’s coat may lead to irreversible bald patches. Overall, if you’re trying to control their shedding to avoid cleaning your car after each road trip, don’t shave their coats. Instead, there are other methods you can try. 

Husky Puppies Hair Out of Car: Top 9 Tips for Clean Travel! Husky Puppies Regularly Brush Your Husky’s Fur to Avoid Getting Husky Hair Out of Car 

Although you can’t shave your husky’s coat, you can brush it regularly. And though it may seem like a hassle, it’s worthwhile as it minimizes your husky’s shedding. It helps rid some of your dog’s dead fur, keeping the healthy, growing ones intact. So, I recommend creating a brushing routine for your husky, especially if they’re a shedder. 

Generally, it’s best to brush your husky’s coat at least once a week during non-shedding seasons. Meanwhile, daily brushing is the way if you’re dead-set on not getting husky hair on your car! It helps you remove all the dead fur from the get-go. 

When brushing a husky, remember to use a wide-toothed comb to go through mats and other tangles with ease. Also, I suggest focusing on the undercoat first to remove all the trapped dead fur under it. 

Husky Puppies Hair Out of Car: Top 9 Tips for Clean Travel! Husky Puppies Give Your Husky a Bath Every Now and Then

Although huskies don’t need to take baths often since they don’t produce much oil as other dogs, bathing them now and then is ideal. It keeps their coat healthy, reducing shedding and freeing you from the task of dog hair clean up. However, I don’t recommend doing this often, as it can negatively affect your husky’s fur. 

If you bathe your husky a lot, their coats will be stripped of their natural oils, resulting in many skin issues. Generally, it’s best to give huskies once every 3 to 4 months. 

Aside from that, if your husky needs a bath, remember only to use a mild or organic de-shedding shampoo. These are safe enough for a husky’s coat and skin, keeping their fur lush and healthy. Also, brush your husky’s coat while it’s a bit wet to remove all mats and clumps.

Husky Puppies Hair Out of Car: Top 9 Tips for Clean Travel! Husky Puppies Invest in the Best Grooming Tools

Using the best grooming tools is a simple yet overlooked trick for husky shedders. These help you take care of your husky’s coat without harming their fur and skin. And this can only be genuinely efficient when using quality tools. As daunting as this may sound, it reduces your husky’s shedding over time. 

Husky Puppies Hair Out of Car: Top 9 Tips for Clean Travel! Husky Puppies Feeding Your Husky Right is the Key to Avoid Seeing How to Get Husky Hair Out of Car

A husky’s diet is among the main culprits for excess or unhealthy shedding. The healthier your dog eats, the more robust, healthier, and luscious their coats become. Best of all, even the worse shedders can enjoy this easy-to-do trick as it mostly asks for a balanced diet. So, eat nutritional and balanced meals to avoid excessive hair loss. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get stubborn husky hair out of my car?

A: You’ll need to create a fabric softener solution to get rid of stubborn husky hair out of your car. And you can make this by mixing 2 to 3 teaspoons of the laundry product with some water in a spray bottle. It helps loosen any stubborn strands of your husky’s fur on your car seats or floor. I recommend wiping the same areas with a paper towel for easier removal. 

Q: How to get husky hair out of car seats and carpets?

A: You can use a clean, unused dryer sheet to remove stubborn husky hair from every surface in your car. And yes, you only need the dryer sheets themselves. There’s no need for water or other solutions. I suggest running the dryer sheet over your car’s seats, flooring, and console to remove all the hair.

Q: Does a lint roller work for husky hair?

A: Lint rollers are an excellent alternative to getting rid of husky hair on a car if you’re on limited time. It makes it easy to pick each strand, allowing you to make your vehicle presentable in a pinch. But you must choose the right lint roller to keep your car in its prime condition. Either way, most should work with husky hair. 

Q: How can I make my car husky hair-proof?

A: Using a cargo or seat cover is an excellent way to make your car husky hair-proof. These allow your husky to roam around your car without getting hair everywhere. Besides that, I suggest getting the best de-shedding tools for huskies. These help keep your husky’s coat healthy and look its best on the go. 

Q: Can using fabric softener help me get husky hair out of my car?

A: You can create a homemade fabric softener solution to make it easier to remove husky hair from a car. It loosens stubborn strands of dog hair in your vehicle, including the seats, carpets, and floor. But keep it in moderation as prolonged applications may cause discoloration. 

Final Words

How to get husky hair out of car? There are many ways to get rid of these pesky strands from your vehicle, from classic lint rollers to more potent fabric softener concoctions. And each listed trick is bound to resolve your furry situation in no time. See which one works best for a cleaner and hair-free road trip with your furry best friend!