How To Know Your Husky Loves You: 10 Signs To Look For

Siberian Huskies are affectionate and friendly canines. But just like any dog, you have to earn their trust to be worthy of their affection. The first step to making this possible is understanding your dog’s love language. So for this post, we discuss how to know your Husky loves you and what you can do to boost your bond with your pet even more.

Dogs are pretty much like humans – they show their love in different means and ways. With a Husky, it’s not really hard to distinguish signs of affection. Read on below and see if you already earned your pet’s love.

How to know your Husky loves you

Siberian Huskies never hide their adoration for their masters. They have a very obvious love language, which can be anything from these 10 points below:

1. Your Husky is leaning against you.

how to know your Husky loves you

One of the guaranteed signs that your Husky trusts and loves you is it leans its body against yours. This gesture means that the dog is comfortable around your presence.

Take note that leaning against a person is a vulnerable position for a canine. They will only do this if they are sure that the human is harmless and someone they can trust.

Also, Huskies are affectionate and they often use the sense of touch to express this. It’s the reason why some Huskies are too clingy to the point of trying to sit on your lap like a toy breed.

Moreover, a Husky will lean against a person if they are seeking attention or protection during a scary situation. Both of these are signs that the canine likes you.

2. Your Husky brings you its favorite toys.

Another sign that your Husky loves you is when it offers you its favorite toys. As territorial beings, dogs value their place and belongings. Some would even resort to resource guarding when someone tries to retrieve their toys, food, bed, and other items they consider to be their property.

So if your pooch brings its favorite toy and puts it next to you, that’s a sign that the canine loves you. Basically, your Husky sees you as part of its pack. It’s also a sign that the dog sees you as its master since alphas in a pack often get the food and resources first.

Aside from toys, your Husky can show its love to you by bringing other items. It can be as random as a leaf or something more valuable for them like their newborn pups.

Take note that not all Huskies will do this, so you should feel honored if yours does so.

3. Your Husky steals your belongings.

how to know your Husky loves you

Is your Husky stealing your socks, clothes, and other personal belongings? This can be a sign of a behavioral problem or simply a showcase of your dog’s love for you.

Dogs will steal their owners’ belongings because the human smell is clinging to it. And when you’re not around, the smell will give the Husky comfort and a sense of security.

Most of the time, dogs will steal used clothing since it has the most odor. In fact, even your stinky socks are appealing to a Husky who’s longing for your presence.

Even if it’s a cute gesture at first, stealing is something you shouldn’t tolerate. If not addressed, your Husky may soon develop an obsession with taking your belongings. This could turn into destructive behavior and resource guarding, especially for Huskies with separation anxiety.

4. Your Husky makes relaxed eye contact with you.

Eye contact in dogs can mean two different things: aggression or trust.

Direct eye contact accompanied by a closed mouth, erect ears, bared teeth, and low-range growling is a case of aggression. The canine may attack anytime, so this eye contact should be avoided at all costs.

On the other hand, eye contact with your Husky can also mean that it loves you. Relaxed eye contact is accompanied by a calm body, slightly ajar mouth, slow blinking, and a wagging tail. In general, dogs that feel relaxed and loved will not hesitate to blink or even lie down with their tummy out.

Nevertheless, not all Huskies are fond of direct eye contact. Some dogs will avoid eye contact with the person they considered the alpha as a form of respect for its position.

5. Your Husky sleeps with its back on you.

how to know your Husky loves you

In the wild, dogs will sleep in cramped spaces to keep the pack safe from predators. They will also sleep closely with their backs on each other. So if your Husky sleeps with its back on you, it means that the canine trusts you and loves you as a member of its pack.

Sleeping is a very vulnerable situation for a dog. The fact that a dog sleeps in your presence already says a lot about its trust in you. And if the canine leans its back against you, it solidifies the fact that the doggo sees you as its protector.

6. Your Husky gets excited when you come home.

If your Husky gets excited whenever you come home from work, it means that the doggo actually loves you. Being left at home can be a stressful experience for Huskies, especially if they are left with nothing to do. Your arrival gives the pooch an overflowing sense of relief.

Moreover, dogs tend to perceive time slower than humans. It’s said that one human year is equivalent to 7 dog years. With that, a standard 8-hour work schedule feels like 56 hours or more than two days in dog time.

Aside from that, the excitement of your Husky means that it’s looking forward to seeing you. So if you came home and the pooch just stared at you with no enthusiasm, it just means that you have work to do to bond with the canine more.

Nevertheless, over-excitement can also be a bad thing for Huskies. It’s best to train your dog to sit on command, so it won’t become rowdy when you open the door. This is a big help, especially if you’re also expecting guests.

7. Your Husky follows you around.

How To Know Your Husky Loves You: 10 Signs To Look For how to know your Husky loves you

Huskies thrive in companionship, so don’t be surprised if the canine will follow you around. It only means that your Husky loves you and can’t stand being away from you.

Clingy Siberian Huskies will follow their owners to the kitchen, toilet, and basically anywhere at home.

However, it’s important to understand that this behavior shouldn’t be tolerated. Following you around all the time may seem cute, but it’s a sign of insecure attachment. Tolerating this will only make your Husky’s separation anxiety worse.

Instead, you should train your Husky to stay whenever you’re leaving the room. Desensitizing your dog to your absence starts by being out of sight for a few seconds and then returning. If your dog stays in place, you should reward it with a treat.

Do this repeatedly and slowly increase the duration of your absence. This will help combat separation anxiety by teaching your dog to have a sense of independence.

8. Your Husky cuddles with you.

Cuddling with you is a guaranteed sign of affection from your Husky. This breed can be very affectionate and they won’t hesitate to show it to the people they love. With that, don’t be surprised if your Husky will become a notorious love bug begging for cuddles whenever they want.

Huskies will often join their owners in bed, hop on the couch with them, or simply curl beside the person they love. This is characteristic of pack behavior where wild dogs remain tightly close to each other to survive cold temperatures and to stay prepared against enemies.

Just like any clingy behavior, cuddles are harmless. However, if your Husky is starting to be imposing and annoying, you should start training it to combat potential behavioral problems.

9. Your Husky licks your face.

How To Know Your Husky Loves You: 10 Signs To Look For how to know your Husky loves you

Although dogs aren’t self-groomers like cats, they still lick themselves to remove dirt. They can do the same to humans as a sign of submission and affection. Many even regard face-licking as a dog’s version of kisses.

Licking your face is a sign that your Husky trusts you. After all, dogs won’t stay close and physical with someone they don’t like.

10. Your Husky follows your commands.

Lastly, a Husky that loves its owners will follow commands. This is a solid sign that the dog respects you and sees you as the alpha.

Nevertheless, the ability to follow commands still depends on the Husky’s level of training. Make sure that you start with training as early as possible.

If your well-trained Husky starts to ignore you, that’s a sign of being strong-willed. The Husky doesn’t see you as the alpha and therefore defies your orders.

Despite that, this problem can be fixed by brushing up on your dog’s training. The reward system will surely do you a big favor.

What if my Husky doesn’t like me?

Owning a Husky isn’t always a bed of roses. The truth is that some owners realize the breed incompatibility too late. It’s the reason why there are many surrendered Huskies in rescue shelters.

Nevertheless, you and your dog don’t have to end up in the same situation. If your Husky seems to dislike you, there are many ways you can try to win its trust.

Take note that Huskies can be stubborn and strong-willed if not trained well. With that, you shouldn’t give up too easily just because your pet isn’t showing immediate signs of affection.

You can still boost your bond with your Husky. But first, you have to understand where you’re probably doing it wrong.

Here are some of the reasons why a Husky may appear distant from its master:

  • You’re not the one feeding the dog.
  • You’re not playing with the Husky.
  • You have a rescue dog who’s yet to learn to trust again.
  • Your Husky associated you with a negative experience.
  • Your Husky has an illness or injury that makes it grumpy.
  • Your Husky isn’t trained or socialized enough.

If you recently adopted a Husky from a shelter, you must remain patient. Rescue canines are often traumatized and may find it hard to trust a new owner again. This is much so if the Husky’s previous owner has been neglectful and violent towards the dog.

How to boost your bond with your Husky

If you’re facing the dilemma above, fret not, as there are many ways to strengthen the bond between you and your Husky. Here are some of the simple steps you can take to finally win your dog’s heart:

How To Know Your Husky Loves You: 10 Signs To Look For how to know your Husky loves you Know what your dog likes and dislikes

The first thing you need to do is identify what your dog likes and dislikes. Each Husky is unique and so is its preference over things. For example, one Husky may like constant hugs, while yours may prefer providing physical affection at its own pace.

By observing your dog, you can point out the best way to bond. As they say, we all have our own love language – so are our dogs.

How To Know Your Husky Loves You: 10 Signs To Look For how to know your Husky loves you Become its provider

Next, you should become your dog’s provider. This means feeding your dog and making sure that your dog sees it’s you who served the food.

Aside from that, you should be the one to provide and retrieve its toys. Through these gestures, you’re establishing yourself as the alpha and source of good things.

It will also help a lot to hand-feed your dog from time to time. This will help encourage your dog to come near you. Also, it can be the start of affection between you and your dog.

How To Know Your Husky Loves You: 10 Signs To Look For how to know your Husky loves you Be a source of rewards

A way to a dog’s heart is through its stomach. If you want to earn your Husky’s affection, you should be the source of treats and rewards.

For example, if your Husky comes to you when called, give it a treat right away. You can also sneak in a quick ear massage.

Overall, you should provide food rewards, but make sure that it’s earned one way or another. Through this, you can train your dog and win its affection at the same time.

How To Know Your Husky Loves You: 10 Signs To Look For how to know your Husky loves you Play and exercise more with your dog

Playtime is another effective method to bond with your Husky. As energetic dogs, Huskies love playing and running outdoors.

With this, you can consider taking your Husky to your next hike, a stroll around the neighborhood, or even a camping trip with the family.

Over time, your Husky will realize that you’re the one giving them these exciting adventures. Be patient and you’ll soon reap the rewards of your dog’s affection.

How To Know Your Husky Loves You: 10 Signs To Look For how to know your Husky loves you Build a routine with your dog

Canines are creatures of habit. By building a routine with your Husky, you’re positioning yourself as the alpha.

Make sure that you create a schedule that involves feeding time, exercise, playtime, and grooming. Through this, your Husky will get used to a series of activities involving you. It’s a great start to form a bond with your dog and earn its affection.

How To Know Your Husky Loves You: 10 Signs To Look For how to know your Husky loves you Be around during thunderstorms

Thunderstorms are a big dilemma for dogs. Due to their heightened sense of hearing, loud thunder is terrifying.

During these situations, try to be present to comfort your dog. Such gestures won’t be left unnoticed by your Husky. Your dog will see you as a protector and its alpha.

When there are thunderstorms, you should bring your dog to the quietest spot of your home. Try to cuddle the dog while petting its body gently. Using thunder jackets can also help, but remember that each dog reacts differently to it.

How To Know Your Husky Loves You: 10 Signs To Look For how to know your Husky loves you Be hands-on with training

Training is one of the best ways to foster the bond between you and your Husky. You can start with basic obedience and then work your way from it.

Through training, your Husky will see you as its alpha. It’s also a great bonding time with you and your dog. Overall, make sure that the interaction is positive and that you end each training session while your pet is still in a good mood.

Just remember that training sessions should be short. Huskies are energetic, but they are still dogs that can get bored of extended commands.

How To Know Your Husky Loves You: 10 Signs To Look For how to know your Husky loves you Shower your dog with physical affection

Physical touch does a lot if you want to bond with a Husky. As an affectionate canines, Huskies love cuddles and hugs from their owners.

Make sure that your dog is also onboard with the cuddlefest. If your dog tries to escape, let it be. This will teach your dog that hugs aren’t a bad experience.

You can try hugging your dog when it’s calm and rested. Never try to cuddle if the Husky is hyped up and over-excited.

How To Know Your Husky Loves You: 10 Signs To Look For how to know your Husky loves you Indulge in quiet time

Even though Huskies love zoomies, they also enjoy some quiet time with their families. At night, you can help your Husky tone down by lounging on the couch and petting it gently.

Your dog will soon get used to this routine of having a quiet time with you. It’s a great way to make your pet feel cared for and loved.

Moreover, you can use this quiet time to brush your dog’s coat. Other pet owners talk to their Huskies as a form of bonding.

How To Know Your Husky Loves You: 10 Signs To Look For how to know your Husky loves you Never shout or use violence

Lastly, never use violence to discipline your Husky. Dogs don’t understand physical punishments and it will only lead to more problems down the line.

If your Husky is misbehaving, you can place it in a different room as a consequence. After 15 minutes, let your dog out and see if it toned down.

Also, training is always the best solution to behavioral problems. Shouting and punishing your dog doesn’t just create more problems, but it never solves the problem as well.

If all your training efforts aren’t yielding results, you can always tap the help of a professional dog trainer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Huskies get attached to one person?

A: Siberian Huskies tend to gravitate more to one person. It’s characteristic of their pack instincts and their loyalty as a pet. Despite that, Huskies are far from one-person dogs. With training and socialization, these fluffy dogs will shower your entire family with love.

Q: Are Huskies jealous dogs?

A: Siberian Huskies can become jealous pets, especially if you have another dog at home. If your Husky feels neglected or you’ve started to spend less time with it, the canine may develop a jealous attitude. This is why you should always provide equal attention to your pets to prevent this problem from occurring.

Q: How loyal is a Husky dog?

A: Siberian Huskies are loyal to their owners, but they aren’t one to tail you around all the time. They love roaming around on their own and even escaping to wander off the neighborhood. While they are far from being lap dogs, they still prefer to cuddle with their owners at the end of the day.

Q: What do Huskies like to do?

A: Huskies love staying active, so a large yard would definitely be their favorite. As working dogs, these snow canines will enjoy running, biking, hiking, and camping with you. You should also keep them busy with physical and mental stimulation that satisfies their breed-related needs.

Q: How long does it take a Husky to trust a person?

A: There’s no specific timeline as to how fast you can gain your Husky’s trust. It all depends on the dog’s past experiences, how you bond with the dog, and the environment where you’re raising the canine. Most of the time, it will take longer for rescue and neglected Husky to trust another person again. The key here is staying patient and following your dog’s lead.

Final words

Huskies are affectionate canines, but it may take some time to earn their love and trust. We hope that this post helped you assess how to know your Husky loves you and how to win its heart in the process.

Do you have a Husky, too? How are you bonding with your dog? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!