Grapes: Can They Be Lethal To Your Husky?

Have you ever sat down and eaten grapes while your husky stared at you? While it might be tempting to give them some, not all of our food is suitable for dogs. Some types of food contain chemicals that have harmful or even fatal effects on dogs. Knowing what you should avoid foods is essential to understand as a dog owner.

In this article, we will discuss grapes and if huskies can eat them. But first, we will directly answer the most crucial question. Is eating grapes safe for huskies and dogs in general?

Grapes Are Extremely Toxic To Dogs

Grapes are one of the most amazing foods to avoid feeding dogs. There are several instances when dogs have passed away due to the consumption of this seemingly harmless berry. This means raisins, which are basically dried grapes, are unsafe for dogs as well. You should make sure your husky will never have an opportunity to capture these berries.

Grapes contain chemicals that are known to cause anuria and kidney failure in dogs. Anuria is the inability of the urinary system to produce urine. Within just three days, the dog can reach a critical state because of the damage done to the kidney. But with that information, how much grapes should be worrying? This question is mainly for husky owners who witnessed their dogs eat a certain amount of grapes.

How Many Grapes Is Considered Dangerous?

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Medical records of these instances have stated that even just one grape can cause kidney damage. In addition, within 15 ounces of grapes, the husky may already experience poisoning. Therefore, it may be optimal for you to avoid even buying grapes at all costs. If needed, make sure it is secluded in a room the husky isn’t allowed to enter. You never know how much they can eat once they have an opportunity to.

What Are The Symptoms Of Poisoning From Grapes/Raisins?

Your Husky Loses Appetite– because of the poisoning brought by the grapes, your dog will experience a loss of appetite.

Dehydration – because the kidneys are not functioning correctly, dehydration may occur. You can test dehydration by gently pulling the dog’s neck. If the neck returns to its formal state immediately, the husky is not dehydrated.

Lack Of Urine – because of anuria, the husky will not urinate for an extended amount of time.

Pain Around The Abdominal Area – the abdominal area will usually feel bloated or stiff during this state.

Vomiting And Diarrhea – this is the body’s reaction to the poisoning as an attempt to eject the chemicals.

Lethargy And Fatigue – one of the usual signs of illness. Your husky will most likely stay in one spot for extended periods.

Seizures – if the husky has reached the point of kidney failure, this symptom is more likely to occur. At this stage, it is essential that the husky should have already had veterinary attention.

What To Do In Case Your Husky Accidentally Eats Grapes

Grapes: Can They Be Lethal To Your Husky? grapes

🍇 Recognize How Much Was Consumed

If you are familiar with the number of grapes you bought, this should be easier. You have to be quick in doing this because you have to bring the husky to the vet afterward. This can help the vet determine how much of the grapes should be ejected. The amount will also determine the severity of your husky’s situation.

🍇 Bring The Husky To The Vet Immediately

Eating grapes is considered a medical emergency for dogs and cats. The dog will usually stay in the clinic for extended amounts of time in this situation. The vet will eventually perform induced vomiting to get rid of the grapes. As for the dangerous chemicals, there isn’t an antidote or cure for them. The vet will usually have to make sure the kidneys of the dogs stay healthy.

🍇 Accompanying Your Husky

In medical emergencies like this, your presence as the owner is needed. This helps the vet make decisions just in case other instances occur. For example, poisoned dogs are not guaranteed to survive mainly when they consume high amounts of grapes. This also helps your dog recover because it knows you are with them.

🍇 If Your Husky Recovers, You Have To Follow The Vet’s Advice

Once the husky is brought home, immediately get rid of all toxic food in your house. This includes chocolates, avocados, and of course, grapes and raisins. This is because the dog is quite fragile at this stage of recovery. The husky cannot afford to experience another case of poisoning. Unfortunately, they are unaware of what they eat, so you have to pick it for them.

Besides this safety measure, you need to follow the vet’s prescriptions. This may include medications for the kidneys, specified diets, or specific environmental settings. The duration of recovery is based on the severity of the poisoning.

🍇 Going To Follow-Up Treatments

Your husky will usually have to return after a week or so for a follow-up check-up. The vet will have to ensure the recovery is not regressing through these clinic visits. It also allows the vet to monitor any side effects that may occur while recovering.

Will A Dog Recover From Eating Grapes?

Many dogs who have been through this type of poisoning made it out okay. However, some developed permanent side effects such as kidney damage or failure in one. Some also experienced problems with urinating after recovery. Most dogs will also require frequent monitoring and constant hydration after they go home. Overall, a lot of dogs experience changes in how they are taken care of.

Bottom Line

Poisoning because of grapes has harmful effects on your husky. It will not only change how they live but how you live as well. Poisoned pets will require more care and more maintenance than those who never got poisoned. Because of the long-term effects, their suffering can even be prolonged.

So take this as a sign to ensure your husky never eat grapes or raisins. You never know what degree of harmful effects the poisoning can eventually lead to. So be conscious of what your husky eats to ensure it maintains its health and well-being.