Watermelon: Are They Safe For Huskies?

Have you ever watched the videos of dogs eating watermelon? It makes you wonder if your dear husky can eat that as well. It is pretty worrying seeing how much of our typical food are toxic to dogs. However, this is why many owners are conscientious when giving their dogs new snacks to munch on.

Fortunately, we will talk all about watermelons and huskies in this article. We will provide information about watermelons, how to serve them, and if huskies can eat them. But firstly, we will go straight to the most critical question.

Can Watermelons Be Eaten Safely?


The answer is yes; huskies can eat watermelons safely as long as they are adequately served. The most important part to note is to remove the seeds and rind them. Watermelons, along with cucumbers, are well-known treats for all dogs. They provide good hydration and beneficial nutrients for the dog. These benefits make watermelon a healthy alternative for commercial dog treats.

The Benefits Of Watermelon For The Husky

Despite being composed mainly of water, these healthy snacks are filled with nutrients. Below are some of the vitamins and minerals watermelons have to offer:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is required for Huskies to maintain a healthy body, fur, connective tissues, and senses.

Some Types Of Vitamin B

Vitamin B complex boosts metabolic activities that convert carbs into sugars, so supplying the body with energy. In addition, it is required in a dog’s health for fat and protein absorption.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a vital antioxidant for Huskies since it can help eliminate particularly harmful toxins in their bodies, promote a healthy lifespan, and decrease inflammation. In addition, ascorbic acid or  Vitamin C can also improve your Husky’s immunity, increase energy, and alleviate UTI symptoms.


Calcium is a vital element of your Husky’s diet. It promotes development, bone and tooth health, proper muscle formation and functionality, a healthy heart, and a balanced neurological system.


Potassium helps positive impulses in the heart, brain, and limbs work correctly. If your Husky is low in potassium, you may notice that he is constantly fatigued.

Other Vitamins And Minerals

  • Iron
  • Fiber
  • Protein
  • Antioxidants
  • Lycopene

All of these nutrients have beneficial health effects for your husky in the long run. For example, antioxidants and Lycopene may help prevent cancer that comes with old age. In addition, vitamins B and C can improve the husky’s immune system. Meanwhile, protein, calcium, and potassium can assist in growth if the husky is not yet fully grown. Granted, watermelons should be accompanied by healthy main dishes as well.

Besides these nutrients, your husky will also stay hydrated thanks to watermelons. All while your dog has a small amount of so you do not have to worry much about excessive sweets. Watermelons also have small amounts of calories as they only contain 50 calories per serving. However, too much of anything can be a threat to your husky’s health.

How Many Watermelons Can They Consume?

Feeding your husky watermelons should be classified as providing them treats. That means watermelons should only consist of 10% of their diet to avoid excessive weight gain. In addition, you should only feed them one cup a day, and the amount varies with the husky’s size. Generally, regular-sized huskies can consume around 60-65 grams a day, while smaller ones get to have 50 grams.

The consumption of too much watermelon is reported to have caused upset stomachs in dogs. Make sure to slice the watermelon properly into portions to avoid choking hazards. Cutting them will also help you measure them correctly. This way, you can give the other slices later when they ask for more. Just make sure to weigh the amount of watermelon and make sure you stick to the limit.

Healthy DIY Treats That Use Watermelon

Watermelon: Are They Safe For Huskies? watermelon

Do you want to change things up for your husky? You can make your healthy treats that use watermelons through the recipes below. These recipes, of course, use safe ingredients for all dogs. However, it should be worth noting that you should only give these in moderation.

🍉 Watermelon Ice Drops

Plain Yogurt

Place these ingredients into the bowl and mix them properly. Afterward, pour the mixture into the mold and put it into the freezer. For about 3 hours, please wait for the mixture to become frozen solid before taking it out. You can now give the sweet treat to your dog. This is a good choice for treats during the hotter seasons.

🍉 Dehydrated Watermelon Jerky


Chop the watermelon into pieces and get rid of the seeds and rind. Further, slice the pieces into smaller chunks to prepare for dehydration. Use dehydrator racks to dehydrate the chunks for 12 hours. If you do not have a machine for dehydrating products, you can use an oven to dehydrate the watermelon chunks. Afterward, you may serve the beef jerky-like watermelon treat to your husky.

🍉 Watermelon Gummy Paws

Unflavored Gelatin

Use a blender to create watermelon puree and pour it into a small pot. Boil the pot and let it cool down after the puree is heated. Next, mix the gelatin with the puree thoroughly and pour it into the molds. Refrigerate the mixture for a few hours, and afterward, you can serve the delicious gummy treat to your husky.

Can You Use Watermelons And Other Fruits As Substitutes For Treats?

Depending on your dog’s preference, you may use healthy fruits as an alternative to the typical dog treats. Dogs are omnivores, so you can serve them fruits as regular treats as long as they have a balanced diet. They are entirely safe for them as long as you know what fruit is toxic or non-toxic for dogs. There are even dogs who lived long lives while having a completely vegan diet.

However, your husky may still prefer the commercial dog treats if they grew up eating that. Even if they grew up eating fruits as treats, though, there’s still a chance they favor commercial dog treats if they get a taste of it. Sadly, you also have to say no if your husky wants too many treats. You can let them get extra now and then but make sure you do it very seldomly. What matters is that you know the nutritional content of each treatment and how much you give to your husky.

Bottom Line

Watermelons serve as healthy treats for your dog as long as they are appropriately served. There are also available DIY treats you can find on the internet involving this fruit. However, you must be careful with the treats you select for your dog.

Treats are only used as a reward or quick snack for your husky. So you might as well provide your furry friends with a healthier and more organic choice for a treat. Just be sure to clean the watermelon thoroughly and remove the unnecessary parts. Now, your husky can join the other dogs in the videos where they eat watermelons.

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