Husky Puppy Malamute Mix Guide: Traits, Temperament, & More!

The Siberian husky and Alaskan malamute mix, known as Alusky, is a playful, friendly, and energetic dog, which is why they may be an excellent pet for a family. Both of them are originally bred as sled dogs and are quite skilled compared to others.

They are active dogs and great for owners who love to take their dogs on runs or walks. Husky malamute mix comes in large sizes and requires a lot of space to play and run. However, before you make any decision to get Alusky, it is crucial to share all the essential information that you require.   


An Alusky is a mix between an Alaskan malamute and a Siberian husky. It is a hybrid that will claim different characteristics from parents. In the case of all designer breeds, it becomes hard to predict which trait of a parent the dog will get. 

An Alaskan malamute is a parent breed that is the oldest and most ancient, and the stubbornness that Alusky has comes from this dog. These dogs are best in the cold regions compared to the hot and even create to pull sleds and hunt polar bears. Both of these dogs were bred for strength instead of speed and contributed to pulling the heavy loads. 

The other half of Alusky is a Siberian husky from Siberia in the 19th century. These dogs are intelligent and smart to train. They were dogs bred to pull sleds and were essential to their people. Sled racing has become so popular around that time has proved to be quite fast, and both of these will create the Alaskan malamute husky mix, which is also used in carting, search and rescue, sledding, racing, and freight hauling.   


The Husky Malamute Mix is a dog whose size ranges from medium to large and has a sturdy and compact body which means this dog is longer than their height. Their eyes will be in the shape of almonds and deep-set, which can be brown and sometimes blue if they get those eyes from Siberian husky. 

 The ears of Alusky are large, erect, narrow muzzle and wedge-shaped ears, which makes them look like a wolf. These dogs even have fluffy tails, dark noses, and muscular, strong legs. They have a thick and dense coat with different combinations. The Alusky have the fur color of cream, white, silver, light brown, golden, or salt and pepper, and you can find them in these color combinations. 

Some Alusky dogs also have slightly different traits, as they may even get the appearance of one parent more than the other.

CategoryHusky Malamute Mix
Height22 to 28 inch
Weight60 to 100 lbs
Lifespan10 to 15 years
ColorsWhite, black, gray, golden, cream, and golden
TemperamentsGood-natured, social, friendly and loyal, and calm
Do they shed?Yes


This breed loves to dig in the ground, so fences should be deep inside. You can also give them a sandbox for digging, which will help prevent the holes because these dogs may get so bored when occupied. That is why you need to ensure your Alusky has the toys all the time.

The coat of this breed is thick and dense, so you need to brush them regularly. But if it is the shedding season, the owner must brush them daily. These dogs are pretty big, so they require a large home with a yard. 


Temperament and Intelligence of Alusky 

The Siberian husky and Alaskan malamute mix is an active and intelligent pet. They are loyal to their owner and affectionate, which keeps them calm. There are several activities that they may enjoy at home with rambunctious and loud families.

Even if you have kids, then also this is the best option that you can have. But if you have small kids, then you need to monitor them. Plus, this breed is not for elderly adults. Though the dog is friendly and loving, they are not great watchdogs. Because of their friendly nature, they allow strangers as they are curious.  

Food and Diet Requirements 

This Alaskan malamute mixed with husky requires a good amount of food every day. It is suggested to split the food between the two meals, morning and night. The person needs to give their dog food that contains mineral, vitamins, and other supplements, which is crucial for their health.

Giving proper protein, fat, and fiber is essential because this will only help them remain healthy and active. Before providing nutrition to your dog, you need to speak and confirm with the vet. 


Alusky dog requires a lot of exercises daily and should be taken on long, vigorous walks. They may need some time to get play in the yard. The dogs do so well when there is an addition to proper exercise routines. 

You should give your pet a job that includes herding animals, which is good for their overall health. It is essential to give proper attention. Otherwise, they may turn their energies into something that is not appropriate. 

People Also Ask

How big will a husky malamute mix get?

When you get husky mixed with a malamute, they will have a height ranging from 20-28 inches, whereas their weight is around 60-100 pounds. 

Are husky malamute mixes aggressive?

No, the husky malamute is quite friendly and sociable and comes with other dogs but is reserved for new faces. These dogs are not aggressive unless they get any threat. Plus, this breed is so good with other pets, such as rabbits and cats.

Can a malamute husky mix have blue eyes?

Yes, a malamute husky mix has almond-shaped eyes and shades of brown. Usually, darker eyes are preferred, and they can have blue eyes if they are more like husky. But purebred Alaskan malamutes do not have blue eyes.

Can you shave a husky malamute mix?

One should never shave the husky’s coat because that will not help you from shedding. But it will disturb their body temperature, and there will be consequences.

Does husky malamute mix like water?

Huskies hate water, whereas Alaskan malamute like water. Whether husky malamutes mix like water or not depends on the trait they have gained.