Husky Puppy Temperature Tolerance: Crucial Points to Know

When you hear or see a Husky, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Wolf? Snow? Sled? These are some of the most popular misconceptions about Husky dogs. Did you know that Huskies can endure a slight rise in temperature? Since a Siberian Husky is a usual dog that can survive well even at a freezing temperature, most of the owners just want to confirm the maximum temperature at which their husky can stay well. In this article, we’ll learn how hot Huskies can become. We will also explore what will happen if there is a slight change of temperature in your environment.


husky playing on warm temperature
Photo credits: Andres Gomez

Whining is a significant sign that there is something your Husky does not like. Aside from this, there are different factors you need to observe before regulating your house’s temperature. You have to keep and be aware of signs like overexertion and more.

🐕 Dehydration

Dehydration occurs in huskies, especially if there is an increase in temperature within the environment. That is why you must be observant when it comes to providing water. This is because you must increase the amount of water, especially during the hot season. If you let your husky suffer from dehydration, you will notice that its skin will not be elastic anymore.

🐕 Annoyance

Like humans, huskies tend to be irritated when it is too hot in the surroundings. Your dog will be anxious, and you will notice that it moves a lot. This is because your Husky is looking for some comfort to ease its uncomfortable feeling. Your husky will also be very sensitive to touch. So be careful with your dog, especially during summer, because the temperature might trigger its bad temper.

🐕 Lethargy

Weakness is also a sign that your Husky is suffering from overheating. This is also related to dehydration. Lethargy and dehydration come at the same time because the muscles and bones lack lubrication and cooling factor. So regardless of how much your Husky eats, if it doesn’t receive enough water, your dog will still feel weak.

🐕 Overheating

Of course, your dog will overheat if there is an increase in temperature. Remember that huskies are prone to overheating because of their coat. So, if you are aware of the time of the seasons, prepare your husky especially trimming of its coat. Signs that your dog is overheating are extreme thirst, glazed eyes, fast heartbeats, collapsing, and bloody feces. Also, your husky may experience vomiting, seizure, excessive drooling, and stumbling.

🐕 Oral problem

If your dog has swollen tongue and it’s summer, this is a sign that your Husky is having a stroke. If you notice, huskies do show signs of sweat. This is because huskies cool themselves through panting or heavy breathing. One reason for heavy breathing as their cooling method is that they have plenty of nerves in their tongue. Once the air touches its tongue, there will be moisture that will be absorbed all over its body. Also, dehydrated Husky has a dry and tacky nose and gums.


Husky Puppy Temperature Tolerance: Crucial Points to Know Husky Puppy Temperament

Most of the people consider husky as a standard breed for the cold climate that usually races through a snowstorm. These breeds are perfect for tundra-like areas because of their hardworking temperaments and thick fur. But what about those people living in the temperate regions?

Huskies are believed to get adapted to any climate. But since your husky can adjust to a bit high temperature, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to worry anymore. Remember that there are some considerations and restrictions as huskies are built for tropical climates.

If your Husky is getting enough air circulation, cold fresh water, and proper access to shade, they are likely to be fine at 32 Celsius. Anything above this temperature is expected to be high for your dog. So make sure that your dog is having a normal behavior. A slight change in its temperament means there is something wrong with its body.


Before going outside with your husky, it is better to know how to prepare for the worst. Here is the list of advice you can do during hot seasons.

If your dog has severe signs and symptoms, it is advisable to visit your vet as soon as possible.
Provide lots of water sources for your husky to keep them properly hydrated.
Keep their hair under control. Extra hairs over your husky body can overheat them. You should do brushing the hairs of your husky daily and try removing excess hairs.
Avoid sitting your husky on carpet or dirty rugs as they will prevent them from releasing heat. This is because the materials used in carpets can also add heat to the body of your dog.
Bring them for a walk early in the morning and after sunset because these are the time when you can have average temperatures.
Keep your husky inside your home in a cool place while hot hours.
If you are having a window where sunlight hits directly, always fit a blind shield to protect your dog against UV rays.
If you are having a tile floor, it is good as it is will keep your fur baby cool.
Don’t forget to keep your room temperature below 20 degrees Celsius.


So it’s summer, and you want to bring your husky and enjoy the season. But what are the tools you need when spending time outdoors with your furry pet?

🐕 Water

Water is the main thing you must have to keep your husky hydrated in the hot climate outside. Let your husky drink water from time to time while observing its behavior. If your dog starts acting differently, take time to rest under a shade and cool down your husky.

🐕 Phone

Bringing your smartphone is essential, but it is so vital so that you can contact your vet in case of emergency. Aside from calling the vet, you can also use your phone to do some basic research on how to manage your dog.

🐕 Umbrella, mat, cooling bed, thermometer

These things are very important to manage your Husky’s overheating. You must frequently check its temperature and immediately bring your dog to a shade or just use your umbrella and cooling mat. You can also search for a kiddie pool that is not too deep. Make sure that you are around your husky while playing in a pool.


Even though huskies can adapt to different levels of temperature, it is still advisable to keep them inside for their safety. It may be enjoyable to enjoy the sun, but don’t let your dog suffer. If you really want to enjoy the summer, better to go to the vet first so that you will be oriented on what are the possible things that might happen.