Is A Husky A Good Family Dog?

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky

Are you worried that the type of pet you always wanted will not get along with your own family? This is the reality of many parents who could not keep sure pets due to having a family. Not all pets will be able to live appropriately with families, especially those with children. This is why many choose to go for pets that are known to be suitable for children. That is not to say that they should not be supervised when with an animal, of course, especially if you are new to a Husky.

However, letting kids have a pet can be a memorable experience they will never forget. It teaches them about responsibility, compassion, and companionship. This is why many owners prefer to have pets around their children and considering Husky a good family dog.

History Of Domestication

A very well-known dog breed is the Siberian Husky. They are recognizable to most people by the time you say their name. Huskies genuinely are very popular and loved by many. But the question is, do they make good family dogs? In this article, we will be tackling all about that particular topic. We will go over the factors, pros, and cons and if they will make good family pets. But firstly, we need to know their history as domesticated animals. That way, we will be able to indicate their behavior and relationship with humans since their domestication.

About 15,000 years ago, in northeastern Asia, is when the earliest traces of the husky’s domestication were traced. Despite their wolf-like appearance, they are not actually used for hunting. Huskies are not classified as bloodhounds or domesticated dogs who accompany hunters. They were actually bred and trained for pulling sleds in the snow.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Origin of the appearance

Huskies descended from gray wolves, thus inheriting their appearance. Though gray wolves are not as domesticated, the huskies did exceptionally well in accompanying their owners. They were highly intelligent and obeyed their master with utmost loyalty and cooperation, as evidence by their ability to be trained to do advanced tasks such as tracking a specific scent.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Companionship

This dog breed is also very cooperative with their pack. Their ancestors were pack hunters and always lived in groups. Since they consider their humans their “pack,” they also live alongside them. However, like in any pack, there is an alpha who leads all of the members. In that case, the human owner is seen as the alpha of the pack.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Sleds

Huskies were continued to be bred in Siberia throughout the centuries. As you would have guessed, they were bred up to this day. Since sleds are still relevant and being used, huskies are a popular choice as a sled dog. However, they were also kept as pets throughout the yeats. This led to their popularization as house companions.

Though they are just usually kept indoors today, their past is still flowing through their veins. Sled races are still prevalent in the modern times, and huskies are one of the competitors. They also assist rescue teams thanks to their keen sense of smell. This stems from the cooperation and obedience they were able to show from our ancestors in the past.

Size, Appearance, And Physical Features

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Huskies can be relatively more significant than average dog sizes. They can also grow up to 23 inches in height and 60 pounds in weight. These dogs can live up to an average of 12-15 years. Their notable appearance stems from the fact that they descended from wolves. These dogs can have multi-colored eyes that that are pleasing to look at. Siberian huskies are even popularized by photographers who focus on showcasing their eyes.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky This breed had a wooly and thick fur since it originated in freezing areas. Thanks to their specialized overcoat, their coat is also water-resistant. The color of their hair is also notable, as they can be familiar to those in snowy environments. They will usually have white markings, which serve as a form of camouflage. Huskies may also come in black, copper red, gray, or pure white.

They are one of the dog breeds that closely resemble wolves. However, their behavior and temperament towards humans are actually very different.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky

Temperament And Behavior

One of the popular pets that people keep around children is dogs. This is because they can be easily trained, and some breeds are good with children. In some studies, dogs have even been found to be gentle towards children. Possibly because they see how their adult owners treat their children, and dogs try to emulate that.

Huskies, despite their appearance, are actually quite similar to a child in their behavior. They are easily bored and can throw fits when they do not get what they want. That is, of course, if they are not trained and disciplined well to behave appropriately. But like children, they are also affectionate towards their owners.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky People Friendly

This breed has a good temperament and usually gets along with humans very well. This would include children, which it shows its affection to. They are also good companions to other pet dogs in the household. In contrast to this, they can also be independent on their own while they are left alone.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky High Energy

Huskies are highly energetic and athletic, and they crave physical activities. They love to run freely in open spaces and are adventurous, which makes them perfect for traveling. They also tend to be curious about certain scents or stimuli that catch their attention.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Versatile

These dogs may behave differently in certain temperatures. They do very well in cold temperatures but become lethargic in hot temperatures. Though they can adapt to any temperature, they can’t perform as well as they do in their natural environmental coldness.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Love To Run

Their past as sled dogs also causes them to run impulsively. They may suddenly run or escape your enclosure within the household because they saw another running animal. Untrained huskies are hard to deal with because they become stubborn at certain times.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Irritable

They may become angry and start destroying things due to excessive boredom. Huskies may also try to do unusual stuff while unsupervised. For example, they might try to find ways to escape the house or make noise for no reason. These dogs are also notorious for excessive howling and barking, especially if accompanied by other dogs.

As you can see, despite their affection and loyalty, their behavior is not perfect. They require discipline and training while they are still young and impressionable, which can be pretty tricky for some novice dog owners.

Training A Husky

Firstly, it is necessary that training starts at a young age, preferably, sixth to the eighth week when you finally get to keep them as a pet. Another vital thing to remember is never physically to harm them for discipline. This will only give the impression that you are a threat, not a leader.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky People usually start training huskies with basic commands.

These are an excellent place to start. However, they should have an idea of what is good and what is terribly stuck in their head while still young. They will be challenging to train for first-time dog owners. Their defiant and rebellious nature is what makes them dogs that are difficult to work with.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky It is very important to offer them treats for the good deeds that they do.

They will remember these deeds and mark them as good behavior. Then, pick your dog up and start over in the training process if they get distracted or failed to cooperate. It will take time, and they will eventually learn better as they grow old.

The critical factor to remember is that you are training them to grow as a disciplined dogs. Therefore, you should not expect that training will be quick and easy. It will take a lot of your time and energy.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Introduce to other households

It would be best if you also introduced the husky to the members of the household as early as possible. This will give alow them to recognize the members while they are still young. Though their companionship is not really a problem, it is a better method to ensure long-term bonds.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Train it with adults

But it should also be advised that children should not be around during training. They might distract the dog through sudden movements or due to their excitement. Puppies have very short attention capacities, and they can get distracted very easily.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Practice to identify its stuffs

You should also train the puppy to chew their toys only. They should be taught to avoid chewing other objects in the household through crate training. Buy chew toys for your husky to prevent them from destroying essential appliances.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Another notable training phase is potty training.

You can’t let your Husky release their excrements anywhere they want to. It will involve showing them the spot where they should be littering. Again, this can become a tedious and lengthy process of regression and reiteration.

If all of this seems overwhelming, you can always hire a trainer or bring the husky to a daycare. This will, however, cost money. But trainers and daycares will allow your dog to be socialized and disciplined with other fellow student puppies. It can also be better for experienced people to train the husky as opposed to a first-time owner.


Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Vet Visits

This will be necessary for all puppies. Vets are trained to provide the care your animals will need at a young age. Vaccinations, medications, and essential procedures are all in your vet’s hands. This may become pricey, but it is absolutely necessary for your husky’s well-being.

Vet visits will also prevent possible disease transmissions from your dog to your family. These diseases will include rabies and certain parasites. So you will have to offer some time and budget for this prioritized maintenance.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Food

What you feed your husky is absolutely going to affect their lifespan. Huskies are prone to various age and diet-related diseases as much as other dog breeds are. With the exception of cholesterol-related conditions, which they are less prone to. This is because wild huskies ate seals in the past, which had high amounts of fat. They adapted to this diet, and their risks of developing conditions due to cholesterol were reduced.

However, this does not mean they should not have a balanced diet. It is essential to give the Huskies the proper meal that they need. It would be best if you also look out for food allergies that they may develop.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Grooming And Hygiene

Huskies have one big problem when it comes to grooming. They tend to develop large amounts of fur in their overcoat. This means they can frequently shed more than other dog breeds will. As a result, they will need frequent haircuts, especially in a hot environment.

They are also prone to some dental diseases. Proper brushing of teeth is needed to keep their dental health in check. The majority of huskies can develop dental problems due to oral bacteria. They may also develop infections around the head due to these unchecked harmful microbes.

Huskies are recommended to bathed only once a month. Too much can harm their fur, and too little can lead to smells. Instead, use suitable shampoo and be gentle in scrubbing their hair. Some huskies may enjoy bathing, while others will absolutely despise it.

Nails also need to be in check. Long nails can lead to cuts when they try to interact with your family or their own skin. You may consult a groomer to do general cleaning, nail clipping, and trimming of fur. However, this will add up to your expenses.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Exercise

This is the part where you have to devote a lot of your time on. Huskies crave physical activity due to their history of being sled dogs. They have very high stamina, which does not help the fact that they get bored quickly. This means you have to walk them every day. If not, you would have to walk them for several hours in your free time.

Huskies also like to play in a large enclosure. Not doing so may cause them to seek other larger spaces. There are a number of incidences where huskies broke out of the house. They may become stubborn if you are not able to give them what they want.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Companionship And Affection

Huskies can be very affectionate and will definitely welcome some bonding time. However, some will not seek it constantly or try to get your attention. Spending time with them is necessary but not as essential as other dogs who crave affection. What they do need, however, is constant supervision.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Environment

Though they can adapt to warmer environments, they prefer the cold the most. If you can afford to provide air conditioning, you are very free to do so. Just know that they may show signs of changes in their behavior in warmer temperatures.

They should also have a lot of entertainment like toys and chews. The company of other dogs will also act as entertainment for them. Huskies do a lot of rebellious acts when they get too bored. So make sure you offer them with the means to keep themselves busy while they are active.

What Makes A Good Family Dog?

After hearing all of those factors, we must ask this question. Elements for a good family dog will include

  1. They are usually calm towards children, but too much playing can lead to aggressiveness and can cause children to get. This includes accidentally hitting or stepping on a sensitive part such as the tail. Though each dog may react differently, some dog breeds are less likely to bite than others.
  2. They are well-socialized with other dogs and pets. This especially comes in handy if you have other pets in the house. Other family members may be likely to prefer other pets to have.
  3. They are independent. Dogs who constantly crave for attention can become a sad dogs in a busy household. So it is best that the dog is separated but still willing to receive affection from the family.
  4. They are adaptable. Families may have a tendency to move places or have new family members. That means they would have to adapt to a lot of changes a family may face. Otherwise, they may become stressed and show signs of aggression.
  5. They are hypoallergenic. Certain family members may develop allergies to dogs. Hypoallergenic dogs are less likely to cause allergic reactions. However, a new family member may have an allergy to a non-hypoallergenic dog. So even if the dog came first, they can still cause problems with allergies.
  6. They are suitable for novice dog owners. New pet owners in the family, especially children, need to have the ability to command the dog. That means the dog should be easy to train and laid back towards humans. This is because, in the event that the family member is alone with the dog, that member will still be able to interact well with the dog.

Do They Make A Good Family Dog?

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky The answer is YES, and they can be good family dogs. However, the vital requirement for the husky to be called a “good” family dog is hard to achieve. It can be for some families, but it is not the case for a lot of families. They might have the potential to be good, but there are a lot of better options for good family dogs.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky That means you have actually to achieve all of those factors mentioned above. But the problem is that you yourself and your family have to adjust to the husky. It will not be the other way around.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky The last two factors are where the husky falls short at being a good family dog. They are not hypoallergenic due to their large amounts of fur, and they are hard to train. This means the family has to deal with those two problems to have the husky as a good family dog.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky This should not stop you if the other factors are hindering you from getting a husky. It is okay as long as you can balance your time and money between your pet and family. But to help you decide, below are the pros and cons of having a husky. These are in the context of huskies as a family dog.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky

Pros And Cons Of Having Husky As A Pet

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Pros:

  1. Huskies do very well with children and other members of the household.
  2. They are independent and can be left for long periods of time on their own.
  3. They do very well as working dogs, such as being sled dogs and rescue dogs. This means they can be trained to deal with certain situations in the event of an emergency.
  4. Huskies are very popular, and having one can bring an opportunity for photography and art. These photos can be sold or used in certain forms of cinematography and media.
  5. They do exceptionally well in cold temperatures. They can also adapt very well to other temperatures.

Is A Husky A Good Family Dog? Husky Cons:

  1. They shed excessively. Their thick fur can also act as an allergen to people with dog allergies.
  2. They are very vocal and can cause a lot of noise. Due to being a descendant of wolves, they have a habit of howling for no reason.
  3. They are prone to boredom. Huskies are getting bored quickly and can be destructive once they are. They may also try to break out of the house or their enclosure. In addition, huskies are known to be good escape artists.
  4. They can be stubborn and hard to train. For this reason, huskies are not recommended for first-time dog owners.
  5. They need a lot of time, energy, and money. Huskies need much time for exercise and play. Their maintenance for grooming, sustenance and vet visits can also add to the overall bill.

They are a responsibility, and it is definitely worth it for the most part. As long as it does not affect your family, then it should not be a failed dream. What’s essential is that you properly prepare and plan out how you will handle the husky.

Bottom Line

Can huskies be good family dogs? Yes, but only if you have the means to care for them properly. Suppose you have much time and a lot of money that you can spend on them, good. But if your schedule is always full and you don’t have extra money for them, reconsider getting another pet. Huskies, despite their popularity, are dogs that will definitely require devotion and hard work.

But for first-time owners in a family, consider getting a different breed of dog. You may not be able to take care of the husky without the necessary experience of having a dog. Like always, pets are not to be impulsively taken into the house. They require an oath of responsibility and an assurance that they will do well with your family.