Is It Good To Shave Husky? Learn From Here! 

Are you wondering about shaving your Husky? Do you want a Shaved Husky? If you are, then please do not even think about it! One should never shave or clip the fur of a Husky. It is essential to have double-coated fur because of several reasons. On the contrary, some dog groomers and vets say that a Husky should never be shaved unless or until they have a severe medical procedure.

Grooming is a must! One must brush the fur of their Husky often because, in that way, they can avoid the hair falling all over the place. Not just that, it also helps them stay hot in winter and cool in summer. So, get a brush for your Husky’s double coat instead of shaving. 

Why Should a Person Not Get Husky Shaved?

You should understand fur growth and its functions if you have a husky. Huskies usually have a unique double coat of hair, meaning these dogs have two layers of fur. The bottom layer of the coat will be closest to the skin and is quite fluffy and dense. Contrary to that, the top layer of the coat is water-repellent and stiff.

These coatings protect your dog as the outer layer will protect it from rain, dirt, and other elements. In contrast, the inner layer offers you insulation from the cold or the heat and helps you regulate Husky’s body temperature. 

In the summer, the undercoat of the dog will trap the cool air and protect your dog from overheating. However, this may have some limitations, and you may not want to leave your dog in extreme temperatures. But usually, these two layers protect the dog from the hot summer sun and help it stay cool.

In the winter days, the dog hair can get thicker and help them in keeping warm and protect from frostbite and hypothermia. The topcoat is water-resistant and keeps the undercoat protected. It will work only when your coat is clean and without mats. 

When someone shaves Husky, then that will make two layers at an even length. It is a problem because undercoat hair will grow back naturally, creating a problem with the guard coat. It will interrupt the natural shedding of the dog and make it easy. Shaving the dog will cause permanent damage to the coat and cause bald spots or hair loss.  

Shaving Does Not Stop Shedding

Who does not love dogs? These are amazing creatures and can easily adapt to thrive and survive in the environment. That is why Husky starts shedding hair and loses a lot of hair at the end of the cold winter months when they head into the summer and spring seasons. 

 Finding hair everywhere will become a pain for you, which may tempt you to shave the dog because you think it will help with shedding. But that is not the solution; it will not stop shedding! It will just make their hair shorter and will shed shorter hair. 

Shaving Will Not Cool Down Husky

You may think that shaving will help your dog to stay cool in the summer, but you are wrong! If you remove the hair, they will not be able to retain the cool layer of air on their skin. 

The coat combination may grow simultaneously, making your Husky even hotter because the undercoat will not keep the air from circulating. The change in the texture of the long hair that guards a dog’s skin will absorb heat from the sun and make your Husky susceptible to overheating.

When Should You Shave Your Husky?

There can be several reasons you get shaved husky dogs, which will benefit them. Some of those reasons include the following- 

Dogs When They Have Health Problems

You may not want to see your dog with any problem. Thinning the hair of the dog from a winter coat to a summer coat may take a lot of time and energy from you. When your dog is older, it becomes difficult to stand for a long time for grooming.

They even have arthritis and other health issues, which make the grooming painful, and shaving will be the only option. But before you shave Husky, you need to take advice from a professional, which means you should go to the vet.

Serious Matting and Neglect   

It may be heartbreaking when you hear some neglecting stories. If you adopt any dog from a shelter or rescue, there are chances of a severely matted coat. It is a big problem they have to deal with, and it helps your Husky have a better life. 

The only goal of the person is to help the dog and give them a better life. You need to work with professional groomers because they know the right tool and how to get through the dog’s coat. They will cut away some mats and make it achievable for regular brushing.    

Parts of Husky That Can Be Shaved 

When someone discusses Shaved Husky, they are talking about the entire body. It is a great idea to shave the entire body, but certain parts of the body will be helpful to be shaved. 

  • The hair that is between the pads of the feet as it helps them to keep the Husky cool and comfortable. It will also keep the hair from matting when they walk on it.
  • The groin area has less hair naturally, and it is crucial to shave them for cleanliness and sanitary reasons. 
  • If the Husky you have is prone to get its poop stuck to its bum, removing the hair around the anus is essential. You can trim the hair around the bottom and not shave the area completely. 

People Also Ask

Can you shave a Husky?

It is not good to shave a husky until or unless they have any medical issue or severe matting. 

How to shave a Husky for summer?

One should not shave Husky for summer because their coat helps in keeping them safe and trap cool air in the coat, which keeps them cool.   

Should you shave a Husky?

Shaving a Husky is not a good decision because the coat of the Husky helps in protecting them from different weather.