Miniature Husky- Friendly And Gentle Dog That One May Want To Have!

People usually confuse Miniature Husky and Alaskan Klee Kao. These two breeds may look the same but are separated by breeds. 

Miniature huskies are Siberian huskies but in a smaller size. This miniature husky was formed when small-standard size Siberian huskies were bred. 

These miniature dogs are more companion dogs, but usually, they are known as working dogs. Standard huskies were bred to carry the light load over long distances as they have so much energy and are also intelligent. 

Miniature Husky Appearance

Like Standard Husky, these miniature huskies also share the same coat coloring. The only difference that you may find is in their weight and height. The main feature for which the huskies are known is heterochromia. It is the feature when one eye of the husky is of a different color than the other one. The ears are alert and erect and have a brush tail.  

When it comes to the size of this miniature husky, then –

  • The size of male husky will stand between 14-17 inches and weigh around 25-35 pounds.
  • Whereas the size of the female husky stand between 13-16 inches and weighs around 20-30 pounds.

If you talk about coat and color, they usually have the same color as a standard Siberian husky. These dogs can be in any color variation, between white and black, and include brown, sable, and red.

It is uncommon for mini huskies that they have unusual patterns or markings on their body and face. These huskies stay in the cold snow, which is why they have a double coat. They have a medium coat with an undercoat that is dense and soft.

The outercoat is straight, and one needs to know that the undercoat of huskies is what they shed in the shedding season. Even if it is not the shedding season, they may also shed, which is why they require regular brushing.   

Traits Miniature Husky
WeightMale- 25-35 lbs
Female- 20-30 lbs
HeightMale 14-17 in. 
Female 13-16 in.
CoatDouble coat, straight 
Exercise RequirementNot more than 2 hours a day
Energy LevelHigh-energy
Longevity Range12-15 years of active lifestyle
Tendency to BarkDo not bark but howl like a wolf
ColorWhite and black but also include red, brown and sable.
UKC ClassificationNorthern breeds
AKC Classification Working

Miniature Husky Personality and Temperaments 

You are wrong if you think that miniature husky is smaller and they will not lie on the sofa for the entire day! A miniature Siberian husky is not a lap dog, and it is bred to be a companion dog who loves to do exercise. 

This breed is quite active and athletic, requiring more physical and mental stimulation. Because of their working breed background, they are happy when they have something to do.

Regular exercise is beneficial for the miniature husky and its owner because it will strengthen the relationship between the owner and the pet. 

These are social dogs that require socialization with both humans and dogs. They are friendly and socialized dogs and get easily engage with the children. Supervision of an expert is still required because of their high energy level.

Plus, these dogs are great at escaping, and they must be in an enclosed and fenced environment when left alone. They are pretty prone to mischief and combated with several exercises and attention. 

This is not an aggressive breed and will not make great guard dogs as they do not bark much. These dogs howl instead of barking and make other vocalizations similar to the wolves who are their ancestors. 

Living With:

Miniature Huskies are gentle and friendly dogs. Plus, they are so good with the kids and will get along with the other family members.  

These dogs love attention from humans and are not clingy type. It is the perfect idea of togetherness; they love to run outdoors to stay in the house and sit on their owner’s lap. They are known as escape artists and are curious. They combine a fluffy coat with an eye-catching appearance and a goofy personality, making it impossible to fall in love with. 

Miniature Huskies do love attention, and from seeing the children, they get so excited. These dogs are pretty intelligent and energetic dogs with stubborn streaks, which may become a struggle for people to get off. 

These huskies have not suffered any problems related to selective breeding but have the health condition same as standard-sized Siberian Husky. These include- eye issues, skin problems, and hypothyroidism.  

It is essential to take them to the vet regularly to ensure good health so they can give till the age of 12 to 15 years.   


Mini Huskies are the most suitable dogs that look similar to Siberian Huskies, but the dog owner does not have space to keep these dogs. Having a miniature husky means you do not have to exert much energy to care for them or train one of these dogs like you do with a full-grown husky.

 The history of mini husky goes back to the 20th century when breeders in the United States looked for a way to breed the smaller huskies that are pretty small. All they want is dogs with the same features and temperaments, which remind the pet parent of the wolves.  

Bree Normandin originally bred these dogs, who took some smaller standard-sized Siberian huskies and bred them until this miniature husky was formed. 

People Also Ask

How much is a miniature husky?

If you are fortunate, it is possible to find a miniature husky puppy for about $600, but sometimes, you may have to pay about $3000. It is essential to have a budget of about $1500, so you can be on the safe side.  

How big do miniature huskies get?

The full-grown males are usually about 14-17 inches tall and weigh around 25 to 35 pounds. However, if you talk about the full-grown female Miniature Husky, that will be between 13 to 16 inches and weigh around 20 to 30 pounds.

Are there miniature huskies?

Yes, there are Miniature Huskies, which are a small breed of dogs. However, there is one more small breed than these huskies: Alaskan Klee Kai.

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