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Top 8 Reasons Why Does Your Husky Nibbles On You

Husky Nibbles

Nibbling is a form of communication for dogs. It’s how they interact with their littermates and mother when they’re puppies, and it’s how they continue to communicate as adults. When your husky nibbles you, he’s trying to tell you something. Although playful and gentle nibbling is normal dog behavior, sometimes it can become excessive. If … Read more

Leaving Your Husky Out At Night? 5 Safe Things You Need To Prepare!

Leaving Your Husky Out At Night? 5 Safe Things You Need To Prepare! husky out at night,huskies

Are you planning to leave your husky out at night? Giving your husky a place out to call its own is a great idea, but you should keep in mind some factors before making it a permanent arrangement. Though huskies like to be the leader and independent, you need to be careful when leaving them … Read more

Why Do Huskies Look Angry? The Truth Behind Their Expression

Huskies Look Angry

Do huskies look angry? Huskies are dog breeds that were initially in Siberia. Huskies are good for sledding and other working purposes in cold climates. Because of their thick fur coats, they can withstand freezing temperatures that other dogs couldn’t handle. Have you ever seen a Husky and thought to yourself, “What an angry dog?” … Read more

What Fruit Can Huskies Eat? Ultimate Guide to Huskies Healthy Diet

What Fruit Can Huskies Eat

Want to know what fruit can huskies eat? As a Husky owner, you might be wondering what the best diet is for your furry friend. While huskies are known for being able to eat just about anything, there are still some things that they should not consume. It includes certain fruits that can be harmful … Read more

A Guide to Husky Eye Colors: Why Do Huskies Have Heterochromia?

why do huskies have heterochromia

Wondering why do huskies have heterochromia? Huskies are one of the most popular dog breeds globally, and part of their appeal is their striking appearance. One feature that sets huskies apart from others is their heterochromia – meaning they can have two different colored eyes. While it might look like an incredible coincidence or even … Read more