Proper Ways To Care For Siberian Huskies

Have you ever thought that wolves could become household pets? Not quite, but the nearest canine we have is the Siberian Huskies. These famous dogs are considered one of the most beloved dog breeds. Siberian Huskies are featured in many films for their distinct appearance and appeal to many dog lovers. They are also trained to assist rescuers during incidents.

But like any other pet, taking care of a husky can be a big responsibility. Huskies require somewhat of exceptional care compared to other dogs. They might not be for everyone, but that depends on each person. In this article, you will be able to find out about taking care of huskies.

Proper Ways To Care For Siberian Huskies siberian huskies

So if you are planning to get a husky, consider going through this information first.

Physical Traits And Lifespan

✅ In comparison to other breeds, huskies can grow to more significant dimensions. Siberian huskies can grow to a height of 23 inches and a weight of 60 pounds, respectively. These dogs are said to have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years, according to experienced owners. Their wolf origin is responsible for their unusual appearance.

✅ These canines may have aesthetically attractive eye pigmentation. Photographers who desire to show off the eyes of the Siberian huskies have made them famous. Because of their cold-climate ancestors, this breed naturally acquired thick, woolly coats. Because of their unique outerwear, their fur is weather resistant. The color of their fur will be recognized by those who have lived in snowy climates.

✅ Their bodies are frequently covered in white patterns, which helps them blend in with their surroundings. However, they can also be black, red copper, gray, or pure white. Despite their wolf-like appearance, they behave and have temperaments that are entirely different when it comes to people.

Temperament And Behavioural Traits

Siberian Huskies behave in ways that are startlingly similar to those of children, despite their fearsome appearance. They grow bored quickly, and if they don’t get their way, they’ll throw a fuss. Unless they’ve been appropriately schooled and disciplined, that is. They are, nevertheless, affectionate toward their owners in the same way as children are.

Proper Ways To Care For Siberian Huskies siberian huskies

🐕‍🦺 Socialization

This dog breed has a pleasant personality and gets along well with others. Some dogs include youngsters, for whom it has a particular fondness. They’re also good with the dogs of other household pets. They can be fully self-sufficient when left alone, which contrasts dramatically with this. Huskies are naturally athletic and have a lot of energy, so they enjoy being active.

🐕‍🦺 Adaptability

Because it enjoys roaming around in large open spaces and is highly bold, this breed is ideal for traveling. They’re also likely to be intrigued by new sounds, smells, or sights that attract their attention. These canines may behave differently depending on the weather. They flourish in the cold but become lethargic in the heat.

🐕‍🦺 Agility

Huskies are unable to perform as well as they would in their natural cold habitat, despite their flexibility. Huskies tend to bolt at first sight of danger due to their previous life as sled dogs. As a result, they may run or escape your enclosure if they observe another animal running. In addition, huskies who have never been appropriately educated might be tough to handle since they tend to become stubborn.

🐕‍🦺 Howling

They may become enraged and start wreaking damage as a result of being incredibly bored. Huskies that are left unattended may exhibit unusual behavior. They may try to find a way out of the house or simply make a lot of noise. These dogs’ barking and howling are well-known, especially when they’re in the presence of other dogs. And if your husky barks a lot, you can refer here for some information.

Despite their affection and commitment, their behavior isn’t faultless, as the examples above indicate. Therefore, they deserve direction and training while they are still impressionable. This can be a great challenge for some novice dog owners.

Now that we have gone over how huskies are being handled, we must go to general care.

Vet Visits Are A Must

🩺 Vet visits ensure that your husky gets the vaccinations and treatments they need. This would also include vitamins, probiotics, and deworming medicines. All of this is important while your Husky is still a puppy, especially if you plan to take them outside, which is actually necessary.

🩺 However, it can take a lot of your money and time. Though vet clinics typically try to give the lowest prices possible, it is still costly. In addition, unlike human medicine, each animal species has different demands when it comes to medication. So a husky, a type of canine, can be more expensive than taking care of rodents.

🩺 Huskies have health issues similar to other dogs. They can develop age-related diseases such as cancers and organ failure. They are, however, at less risk for developing high cholesterol due to their history. In the past, huskies ate fatty meat such as those from seals which made them suited for dealing with cholesterol.

🩺 If you see any adverse symptoms, take your husky to the vet immediately. You also have to consult your vet on what diets they recommend. What you feed your dog is your responsibility because they are not conscious of that.

This leads us to another type of care that needs a lot of thought: Food.

Food For Siberian Huskies

Proper Ways To Care For Siberian Huskies siberian huskies

🦴 Like we mentioned, the best husky meal is the one recommended by your vet. However, you are also free to ask them about specific diets husky owners also use. One of these diets is the raw diet which consists of mostly natural ingredients. Some cook for their husky, while others just use commercial dog food.

🦴 Though some cooked food and organic ingredients are better, it depends on the husky. They might dislike anything that is not their typical dog food. Some may also develop food allergies to certain ingredients. These ingredients would include specific types of meat protein, dairy, wheat, and seafood.

🦴 It is also crucial to know that you should be aware of the dangerous foods to huskies. These would include chocolate, avocado, and grapes. If you want to feed them plant-based food, go for bananas, cucumbers, and watermelons. They are pretty sensitive to some fruits, certain nuts, and vegetables, so be aware of the food’s contents.

Now we will go to the part where you will experience hardships. Huskies are actually hard to train for non-experienced owners.

Training, Discipline, And Socialization

To begin with the training, puppies must be exposed to instruction beginning at a young age. If you plan to get a pet, around the sixth or eighth week is excellent for when the Huskies are old enough to be a pet. Another thing to remember is that you should never correct them with physical force. If you act in this manner, you’ll just convey the sense that you’re a threat rather than a leader. The most basic commands are the most specific location to start husky training.

🐕‍🦺 Knowing what’s good and bad

From a young age, they should be taught the difference between good and wrong. Because Huskies are challenging to train, first-time dog owners will have a difficult time with them. Because of their obstinate and rebellious character, they are tough to train. Therefore, it’s vital to provide them with treats in exchange for their excellent behavior. They’ll keep track of your positive deeds because you rewarded them for them.

Pick up your dog and start over if he becomes distracted or refuses to comply during the training procedure. It will take time, but they will be able to learn more successfully as they grow old. The most vital thing to know is that you want your dog to be well-behaved. It’s absurd to anticipate rapid and straightforward training.

🐕‍🦺 Treat it as a family

You will need to devote a bunch amount of time and effort to it. Introduce the husky to the rest of the family as soon as possible. As a result of this method, they will be able to identify members when they are still young. It is a more effective technique to create long-term partnerships, despite the fact that their company is not a huge issue.

Puppy attention spans are also incredibly short, so be careful not to distract them. If you want to avoid any mishaps, teach the puppy to just chew on their toys. This way, they know what they are allowed actually to chew. Crate training can assist in teaching them not to chew on household things.

🐕‍🦺 Potty training

Potty training is another crucial component of the training process. There’s no way you’re letting your Husky relieve themselves wherever they want. It will entail showing them where they should not litter and where they should. Regression and reiteration can become tedious and time-consuming once more.

🐕‍🦺 Enrol in a daycare center

If all of these pieces of training sound like too much, you may always hire a trainer or enroll the dog in a daycare facility. But, on the other hand, this will be expensive. At daycares and trainers, your puppy will be able to socialize with and be disciplined by other puppies. It’s also likely that training the Husky will go more smoothly if it’s done by a seasoned handler rather than a new owner.

It should also be necessary that they are socialized at a young age. This would be for both humans and other animals. Learning to socialize would prevent any aggressive behavior towards strangers from developing in the future.


Proper Ways To Care For Siberian Huskies siberian huskies

🐶 Another crucial part that a lot of people face problems with. It may be because your schedule is full or if you dislike exercise itself. Huskies have very high energy levels and can easily overwhelm you if you are not used to them. Like we mentioned, they absolutely despise being bored and that they crave athletic abilities.

🐶 Though it also depends on Husky’s individual personality. Some huskies may be lazier and more relaxed than others. Yet, the majority of them will actually have to exercise a lot. This is because it is in their instincts of being sled dogs in the past. They ran several miles a day before, and naturally, they would also try to do that in modern times.

🐶 Walk your husky at least once a day. If you can’t, let them play in the backyard while supervised. It would still be best if you put up high fences to prevent any escape attempts from happening. It is also good to have a prominent place in your area because they appreciate wide spaces.

🐶 Use leashes that are a suitable size when walking them. Too loose can cause them to escape, and tighter ones can hurt them. Also, brace yourself for any sudden impulse to bolt away when they see another running animal.

How To Groom Siberian Huskies?

✂️ Huskies have thick fur because they originated in a cold environment. They will shed a lot, and your couch can turn into a pile of hair when left unchecked. It would be best if you did scheduled regular grooming in order to keep their shedding stable.

✂️ For showering, you would need to have gentle shampoo to prevent harsh chemicals from damaging the fur. In addition, it would be best if you only gave them a bath once a month, depending on the temperature. Excessive bathing can lead to dry and damaged skin.

✂️ Siberian huskies should also have regular dental care. Brushing your Husky’s teeth and preventing them from eating contaminated items are all important. Your vet can also administer oral cleaning if you want to clean their teeth thoroughly.

✂️ Their nails should also be in check. Nails that become too long can be dangerous both for you and your dog. If you can’t do it yourself, visit a pet groomer to do it for you. They would usually clip the nails and give them a haircut at the same time for you.


☘️ You would want your husky to stay in an environment where they feel safe and secure. Make sure to keep your bond strong because it is essential for their mental well-being. This is important despite the fact that they have the capability to become independent. Remember, huskies are pack animals, and they thrive the most in socialized environments.

☘️ However, if you are too busy, it can be good to have another animal companion. Though this can become costly, it ensures loneliness does not settle in, especially if you know to yourself that you have no time to bond with your husky.

☘️ It would help if you also kept a lot of entertainment around. Siberian huskies that get too bored can become destructive. So place around their favorite toys when they leave the house. It would be best to secure wiring by using wire cases that prevent them from chewing the open circuit.

☘️ Keep valuable items out of their reach when they are unsupervised. You can also install security cameras or pet cameras in the house to view them on your device. It is always the best idea to give climate control and set colder temperatures. This way, they can become more comfortable during hotter weather.


🗒️ Are Siberian huskies hypoallergenic?

Due to their absurd amount of fur, they are not.

🗒️ Are they difficult to take care of?

They will be for first-time dog owners. But it depends on the Husky’s personality itself. For the things that you need to avoid when handling a husky, click here.

🗒️ Are they suitable for guarding the house?

Due to how friendly they can become, they are not the best guard dogs. Siberian huskies might just greet the stranger at your door without even barking at some cases. Huskies are bred and trained to be working dogs, and they are not guarding dogs.

🗒️ Would they need to be in a cold temperature all the time?

No, but they should be. Huskies can actually adapt to warmer climates and do almost as well as they would typically do. However, huskies will appreciate it more if they are in their natural range of temperature.

Bottom Line

Huskies, like all pets, will bring love, companionship, and double the amount of responsibility. However, they are suited for a particular type of lifestyle, which may not be for everyone. There are many more easy-going dogs that have opposite personalities. But if you really want a husky as your first dog, make sure you can take care of them properly.

As always, vets are your best friend when it comes to your pet. So do not hesitate to give them calm when you feel the need to. Huskies do not demand your entire world, but they do need a lot of time, effort, and money. But it is all surely worth it in the end, especially if it is what you wanted in the first place.