Secrets in Raising a Happy Husky Puppy in an Apartment!

Secrets in Raising a Happy Husky Puppy in an Apartment! Apartment

Siberian Husky is one of the most stunning, if not the most beautiful, dog breeds available. They could also take up a lot of room as they develop. Having a Siberian Husky in an apartment may be difficult.

While it is difficult to have a large dog in an apartment, it is possible to establish peace between you and your pet. So here are some things to consider before adopting that adorable Husky dog and bringing them home.

Tips for Raising a Siberian Husky in an Apartment

Secrets in Raising a Happy Husky Puppy in an Apartment! Apartment

✔️Give them Exercise

For such an energetic breed, a 10-minute stroll for bathroom breaks is insufficient. They require 45-minute to 1-hour daily and evening walks and jogs. Don’t just take your dog to a vacant dog park and let them run around. Plan a workout that is tailored to you and your husky so that you can bond while exercising.

✔️Clean the Apartment Regularly

Siberian Husky shedding is no surprise given, and if you don’t brush them every day to remove any stray hair, it will be all over your apartment. You’ll be breathing Husky fur and eating it. Then there’s flea and tick season, that is why leaning every day will prevent a flea infestation in your apartment; therefore it is essential to keep your flat clean to avoid any bad events.

✔️Apartment Train Them

Since you won’t have a backyard to relieve your puppy when they have to go, take your dog out for bathroom breaks every hour on the hour. This will help your Husky remember when it is time to perform their work. In this area, practice will be quite beneficial, as will patience.

✔️Give Mental Stimulation

This is essential for keeping a large, energetic dog happy in an apartment, training daily, learning new cues, smelling, and puzzle games all exhaust the brain. Interact with them since tiring the brain will exhaust the body. Boredom is avoided by mental stimulation. When you rent an apartment, you’ll need to keep your Husky from trashing it. It is critical to keep children engaged and occupied while they are learning.

What You Should Know Before Getting a Siberian Husky

Like any new pet, the Siberian Husky has its own set of wants and demands to stay a happy and loving part of the family. Although each dog is unique, and some of these may not apply to every dog out there, here are some things to think about before acquiring a Husky.

🐾They Love Cuddles

All dogs are pack animals, but huskies are especially so. You and your family are your dog’s pack. A Siberian Husky craves attention and connection among this close-knit community.

Expect a wagging tail and an abundance of hugs and kisses as you open the door. But it doesn’t end there. They will want to be on your lap, snuggle next to you, and follow you about as much as possible; anything to be close to you and feel the affection.

🐾They Get Along with other Pets

Siberian Huskies are typically friendly and get along with other dogs. However, since they have a strong predatory instinct, they may not get along with other tiny pets like birds, mice, hamsters, and rabbits. Even if your other pets are in cages or tanks, your husky will get obsessed with them and seldom leave them alone.

Integrating a husky with smaller pets is feasible, but it should be done at a very young age and under constant supervision.

🐾They Need Their Space in the Apartment

Siberian Huskies are self-sufficient and curious creatures. They require a space where they may run around and investigate.

They have strong rear legs and can jump to great heights from a sitting position, so make sure towering fences enclose their living area. Unfortunately, they are also excellent escape artists, and they enjoy digging, so their confined habitat should be well protected both above and below ground.

🐾They Don’t Require Tons of Food

You’d think a husky would eat you out of house and home for such an active dog. But, in actuality, they can survive on very little.

They are also picky eaters and may refuse meals for several days. This is perfectly natural, and it is preferable to respond with fierce love. There’s no need to experiment with new cuisines or try to attract them with elaborate additives. Continue to feed them at regular times, and they will eat when they are ready.

🐾You are Their Leader

As long as your Siberian Husky understands who the leader is, it will respect and obey them. You and your family members will need to demonstrate and establish your authority as boss from a young age. Your dog must also realize that he is lower in the pecking order than any other human member of the family, including youngsters.

As a result, it is not unusual for a husky to contest its pack status. For example, it may attempt to violate an order or experiment with violating the rules – and then complain when you tell them not to.

🐾They Need Their Cool in the Apartment

Siberian Huskies originate in the polar circumstances that bear their name, and colder climes are preferable. However, if you reside in a hotter climate, your husky must have access to adequate shade, air conditioning, and water since heat can cause significant health concerns.

🐾Exercise is a Must in the Apartment

Huskies, originally sled dogs, have a lot of energy that must be expended every day. In addition, living in a limited space will require regular walks and exercise to avoid boredom and destructive behavior.

They are excellent running partners and will most likely have the stamina to keep going long after you’ve slumped into a sweaty heap. In warmer weather, their demand for exercise decreases significantly, and any sort of strenuous activity should be avoided.

🐾They Need Grooming

Huskies require just a slight amount of care, and regular brushing is usually sufficient. However, prepare to become acquainted with your vacuum cleaner twice a year.

A Husky will ‘blow’ its coat while losing or ready to gain its thick winter fur. Prepare for a fluffy explosion as massive clumps of hair practically blow off your dog. Even if your dog lives outside, your house, clothes, and garden will appear as a snowstorm has hit, and it will go everywhere.

Caring for a Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a lovely dog breed with gorgeous hair. Huskies come in various fur colors and with a variety of distinctive markings that contribute to their allure. Their eyes are usually multicolored or have an ice blue tint to them.

There are a few pointers for caring for a Siberian Husky to make sure they grow in a happy and healthy environment.  

👍Safety First

Since Siberian Huskies have strong predatory instincts, they must be constantly watched while interacting with smaller animals. Furthermore, because they were taught to pull a sled all day, they should not be permitted to run free. As a result, it is critical to keep your husky in a properly fenced-in yard and to keep them leashed while you go outside.

Huskies are adaptable creatures that can live in almost any habitat. Vigorous activity, on the other hand, should be done at different times of the day rather than in the heat of the day.


It is advised that you brush your Huskies dense coat once a week or more. And, while brushing everyday is ideal during the shedding season, a bath every now and again may help keep your Husky looking its best. 

Regular grooming may be a fantastic bonding experience for both of you, in addition to keeping your pet looking gorgeous.


A Siberian Husky, which is classified as a medium breed, has an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years. What they consume and the type of veterinary treatment they receive may both extend and improve their lives. 

Don’t forget to have clean, fresh water available at all times for your Husky and use bottled or filtered water whenever feasible.

👍Overall Health

The Siberian Husky, like most dog breeds, inherits some health issues, such as eye disease and hip dysplasia. Some Huskies may have health concerns, but the great majority are in perfect health. However, maintaining a healthy weight in your Husky is important to avoid major health issues.

Feeding protein-rich, high-quality meals to your Husky is a vital step toward that healthy goal. Given their size, huskies require only a little quantity. It is best to start feeding your Husky puppy three times each day until they are three months old.

👍Teeth and Nails

Since their nails are strong and long, they should be trimmed regularly using a special grinder or nail clipper. This will help to keep cracking, splitting, and overgrowth at bay. Furthermore, to avoid infection, your Husky’s ears should be checked regularly to decrease wax collection. And, of course, you must brush their teeth preferably every day to maintain those pearly whites. 


Give your Siberian Husky as much love and care as you possibly can. Knowing they are loved is crucial for good health and don’t forget to give them extra cuddles since they enjoy it very much. It will show as they will have a huge smile on their face which will guarantee that they also love you back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a husky live in an apartment?

A: Yes, Huskies can be inside dogs provided they get enough exercise and training to burn off their pent-up energy.

Q: How difficult is it to raise a husky puppy in the apartment?

A: It takes a lot of effort to care for a Siberian Husky puppy. They necessitate a great deal of attention and affection.

Q: Do Huskies ever relax in the apartment?

A: Due to their high activity levels, your Husky will probably not begin to settle down until they are approximately 6-12 months old.

Q: When are husky pups old enough to leave their mother?

A: Puppies are ready to leave their mother when they are approximately eight weeks old.

Q: Is it simple to train Huskies in the apartment?

A: Huskies are challenging to teach and will be a challenge to first-time dog owners.


You must ask yourself if you are willing to commit to living in the city with your Siberian Husky in an apartment. Are you able to devote a significant amount of time to this energetic breed? Are you willing to change your entire way of life to accommodate the demands of a Siberian Husky?

Siberian Huskies are a lot of work, but they also give you a lot of love, so everything is worth it. 

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