Training A Husky: Is It Really Hard?

Huskies are indeed intimidating; that’s why some dog lovers hesitate to get a husky as a pet. But if you already have a husky in your home, did you know that you need to train it to be a house dog? Yes! Remember that huskies have distinctive features like a wolf. So, we can’t deny that there are chances that a wolf’s behavior is reflected in a husky.

But the question is, is it really hard to train a husky? Do you have to be professional before training them? To answer these, keep on reading, and don’t forget to share your training experience in the comment section!

Things You Need To Remember When Training A Husky

training a husky
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Huskies have a lot of energy, and the key to keeping them happy is to make sure that it’s used in a positive way. When given proper teaching, these dogs are obedient dogs who love affection and attention from their owners.

Training A Husky: Is It Really Hard? training,husky,huskies There are some huskies who do not adjust well to strangers.

Though most huskies are known to be friendly, some do not get along well with other people and pets. It can be challenging to train them in social norms because of this. But if you show leadership, there might be a chance that your husky will follow your commands.

Remember that these breeds need a pack leader. They are dogs who respect and follow a strong leader as long as that person is consistent with rules and commands. If you have trouble asserting authority over your dog, then husky ownership may not be ideal for you at this moment in time.

Training A Husky: Is It Really Hard? training,husky,huskies They can be really stubborn.

Huskies are very intelligent and also stubborn! Some owners find it easier to train their husky using positive reinforcement techniques like clicker training rather than punishment-based techniques like shock collars or prong collars.

That is why they need lots of exercises to make them memorize your authoritative voice. Even though they’re not necessarily the most energetic breed of dog out there, they do require a daily routine to keep their minds sharp, and bodies fit. A good compromise would be taking your husky on long walks or even running while allowing them free reign through the house during off days. But if you do this exercise, make sure all doors stay closed so that your husky will not get lost because these guys love wandering.

Training A Husky: Is It Really Hard? training,husky,huskies Not a good watchdog

This may contradict to their known role, but these breeds do not make good watchdogs. Though huskies typically bark at almost everything that moves, it’s advisable not to leave them unattended. Huskies are friendly with people and other animals and will likely greet intruders with a nuzzle instead of snarls. They are more suited to being companion animals than watchdogs.

Huskies also don’t make excellent guard dogs, as they’re not very territorial by nature. If you’re searching for a pet who will growl and snap at strangers, a Husky is probably not the right breed for you.

Training A Husky: Is It Really Hard? training,husky,huskies Strong prey drive

Huskies are active dogs and need daily exercise. However, they love to run, so an open area where they can be let off the lead is best. In this case, these dogs should also be walked in sites free from other dogs as they may see smaller breeds as prey. We all know that socialization is essential in dogs so that they get used to other dogs, cats, and people and learn appropriate behaviors when around other animals. But with huskies, they are not right around smaller pets.

When looking after these dogs, it’s important to remember that they are pack animals and don’t like being left alone for long periods or confined to small living spaces such as apartments or townhouses with no outdoor space. And when they sense small creatures, like rats, insects, or even smaller dogs, their prey drive will be activated.

Training A Husky: Is It Really Hard? training,husky,huskies Very active breed.

As mentioned above, huskies need a lot of exercise. The kind of exercise that is best for your husky depends on what they enjoy. Some huskies prefer running while chasing a ball, and others love going for long walks. Provided you have a well-trained husky, it’s safe to take your puppy off-leash in areas where other dogs are allowed since they are generally friendly toward other animals and people.

Training A Husky: Is It Really Hard? training,husky,huskies Natural stalking behavior.

Your husky will benefit from long walks during which you allow it to stop for playtime, as this allows your dog to use its natural stalking behavior. Huskies like the opportunity to stalk and hunt small animals like squirrels, rabbits, and other small creatures. Allowing a husky to engage in the playtime of stalking will benefit them by releasing a lot of energy, and they must use it up each day to prevent getting depressed.

Training A Husky: Is It Really Hard? training,husky,huskies End the session with a walk.

The final stage of any activity of your husky should be a short walk on the lead back home. By this point, your husky should be very familiar with the recall command, and you should find that it obeys it quite readily. Once again, ensure that you keep the lead short so that if your husky does pull on it, it will immediately feel resistance and stop pulling. This way, it learns not to pull, if there is no resistance, the pulling becomes reinforced in his mind as something positive.

Types Of Husky Training

training a husky

Training A Husky: Is It Really Hard? training,husky,huskies Obedience Training

Obedience training for any breed is one of the most important things you should teach your husky. Good obedience training will help you establish dominance over your husky. It also helps in controlling your husky’s aggressiveness. Obedience training teaches your husky how to behave, such as commanding it to stand, sit, or respond when calling its name.

Training A Husky: Is It Really Hard? training,husky,huskies Socialization

As mentioned a while ago, these dogs have a strong prey drive which is why socialization training is crucial. Huskies need socialization training. Socialization is the process of teaching your dog to behave appropriately around people and other animals. By socializing your husky, you will allow him to be comfortable in more situations, and he will be less likely to get nervous or act out in fear. 

The earlier you start socialization training, the better because you’ll have an easier time working with an impressionable young husky than trying to train an adult dog that has already formed his personality and behaviors.

Training A Husky: Is It Really Hard? training,husky,huskies Good Manners

Teaching your husky good manners includes no jumping on guests, begging at the table, stealing food, running, and barking. 

A husky that jumps up is a nuisance and can cause injury to the face or damage appliances. Also, though food begging is typical for dogs, it can still add a negative approach to mealtime and encourages your husky to beg whenever someone eats in front of it. If you let your husky do this, it may lead it to steal food that can harm it or make itself ill or obese.

Training A Husky: Is It Really Hard? training,husky,huskies Tricks Training

Tricks are an excellent way to bond with huskies, have fun together, and make them smarter. Teaching tricks will also help you control your huskie’s behavior. You can start teaching your husky by using the most common trick: SIT.

Another trick you can do to your pet is by placing the treat about six inches above his nose, but don’t let it have the treat yet. This breed should be looking straight up at the treat and not jumping around. If it can’t keep still from excitement, use a smaller piece of food so that your husky isn’t so distracted by it.

The moment his bottom touches the floor, you can say words of appreciation, like “good,” in an enthusiastic voice and give him the treat. You may need to repeat this several times if your husky just lie down or gets up again quickly. Keep an eye on its body position because sometimes it may just lean back rather than sit down completely.

Is It Hard To Train A Husky?

Husky dogs are known for their intelligence and quick learning ability. They’re also very good at following commands, so you may have heard that training this breed is easy. Well, it isn’t. At least not always. While these breeds are wise and can learn quickly, they can be stubborn and, in some cases, actually forget what they’ve learned in the past. That’s why teaching any dog breed is so important.

Bottom Line

Due to the size and strength of huskies, special teaching is required. And if they are left alone, they could go into a destructive mode. While many people become frustrated and feel like they cannot train their huskies at all, it is vital to know their temperament before jumping to the teaching sessions. Because if they get too aggressive, these dogs can bite you and can lead to more severe injuries. So, if you are afraid of these possible accidents, you can enroll your husky in a dog center and let the professionals do the work for you.

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