Weird Things Huskies Do: What Do They Mean

Siberian Huskies are unique animals that frequently exhibit behaviors that your other canines do not. They were developed as pack animals and will likely be more challenging to train than your Labradoodles and Goldens.

Huskies’ odd behavior is a common trait of the breed. There is nothing wrong with your Husky if it is acting strangely or goofily. Their lively spirits are simply reacting in the only manner they know-how.

Here are some playful things only Siberian Huskies do, which makes them a one-of-a-kind dog breed.

Weird Things Huskies Do: What Do They Mean huskies
Weird Things Huskies Do: What Do They Mean huskies

🐾Sniffing and circling

Huskies do this extremely clear, and it may appear hostile to a dog owner unfamiliar with the breed. It begins nose to nose and progresses to the other end — if not discouraged, your Husky may do the same with humans. So when you take your dog to the park for exercise, make sure that other dog owners are comforted that it is entirely acceptable behavior.


You may have observed that your Husky does something that few other breeds do: he will place his paw on the shoulder of another dog. This is his attempt to assert his control over that dog. Although it may appear hostile, dogs determine who is who and is an instinctual means of averting battles in which they may be injured. This may also be seen when one dog tries to place his chin over the other dog’s muzzle or head.


A Husky that nudges or hits you with his nose wants you to play with him. It is more dominating than the bowing gesture because he demands your attention rather than asking for it by bowing.

🐾Mouth Licking

This is a care-seeking behavior that young pups use to get food from their moms. The habit frequently continues throughout maturity. Allowing Huskies to continue doing this is not ideal since it is unsanitary. Make sure your Husky gets enough attention and that his fundamental needs are met, and gently discourage them if they attempt it.

🐾Tilting the Head

In general, this perplexed expression indicates that he is confused or curious about anything. Think how you can scrunch your face up slightly when you’re trying to figure out something – Huskies can’t scrunch, so they tilt instead.


This is one of the more humiliating habits for Husky owners. Mounting another dog or attempting to mount a human is not often considered sexual activity. However, in the Husky world, it is a symbol of dominance – they are attempting to assert themselves and their place in the hierarchy. It’s similar to a solid handshake and eye contact between two individuals meeting for the first time — it conveys confidence and a lack of anxiety.


A Siberian Husky wants to play and crouches down, wagging his tail fast. But, don’t let them down since Huskies are energetic and fun-loving creatures – and what better way to burn off a few calories after lunch than to go for a brisk run and let people see and appreciate your beautiful animal?

🐾Holding your Hand

Your Husky may take your hand in their jaws and gently grasp it as a gesture of devotion. They are expressing their love for you and begging you to believe that they will not bite you. Huskies do this with other members of their pack to ensure that everyone feels safe and gets along. This is an excellent bonding tactic, and enabling him to do so demonstrates your trust in them.

🐾Chewing the Tail

This is generally an anxious reaction, but chewing at the base of the tail might also indicate that he has fleas. Suppose your Husky’s licking activity persists for weeks with no apparent explanation. In that case, especially if it reaches the point of sore or bleeding paws, they may be suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Amazing Siberian Husky Facts

There’s a lot to learn and appreciate about Siberian huskies, from their unique, wolf-like look to their piercing blue eyes and exciting history. So whether you’re a husky parent or thinking about getting one, you’ll want to read up on these fascinating facts about the world’s most outstanding sled dogs.

Weird Things Huskies Do: What Do They Mean huskies

🐕Siberia Heritage

Around 3,000 years ago, the Chukchi people, a semi-nomadic Siberian tribe, sought to extend their hunting areas but required help dragging their sleds such great distances. So they set out to develop the ultimate sled dog, one with extreme endurance, a thick, winter-ready coat to shield them from subzero temperatures, and the capacity to survive on very little food.

🐕They are Energetic

If you’re adding a high-energy husky to the family, be prepared to put them through many exercises. Siberian Huskies, according to the American Kennel Club, are bred to run and require frequent training. Just be sure to increase your Husky’s mileage gradually—it shouldn’t run a 5k right away—and only exercise outside on calm, humid days.

🐕They are Friendly

Siberian huskies are quite sociable despite their rough, wolf-like looks. If you live in a colder area, have a large backyard, and have children, a Siberian Husky may be the best choice for your family.

🐕Colorful Fur

Although their coat colors can vary significantly, Siberian Huskies are commonly associated with thick gray and white or black and white coats. According to the American Kennel Club, huskies’ coats can be one of six colors: black, agouti, gray, red, sable, or white.

🐕They Thrive in Cold Places

Siberian huskies are always prepared for harsh winter conditions because they evolved in subzero temperatures. They have a double coat made up of a thick, short undercoat that helps them maintain body heat and a long, water-resistant outer coat, and their almond-shaped eyes shield them from loose snow and bright sunlight reflecting off the snow.

🐕Great Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are uncommon in most dog breeds, yet many huskies are born with them. In addition, heterochromia, or having eyes of multiple hues, is frequent in huskies, resulting in blue, gold, brown, or orangey-colored eyes.

🐕Great Metabolism

Huskies can gallop for hours on end without stopping and without depleting their bodies’ glucose or fat stores. How do they manage to expend so many calories without depleting their reserves? They control their metabolisms to function well. Huskies were trained to travel large distances with little nourishment, so it stands to reason that their bodies have developed to operate with little weariness.

🐕They like to Communicate

If you own a husky, you know how chatty they can be, with their jabbering, moaning, and complaining. But did you know that a husky’s cry can be heard from 10 kilometers away? That will be useful.

Advantages of Owning Siberian Huskies

While many Siberian Huskies are abandoned at shelters, it is also true that many happy owners can’t get enough of them for the reasons listed below.

Weird Things Huskies Do: What Do They Mean huskies

👍Good-Natured Breed

The American Kennel Club characterizes the breed as having a friendly and outgoing personality. Siberian Huskies are kind and gentle, and their easy demeanor makes them appealing companions ready to work. In addition, huskies are often friendly to strangers and social with other canines.


A Siberian Husky may be welcomed if you desire a dog breed that is not always in your area. Unlike other breeds trained to work closely with their masters, mushers have limited interaction with their Huskies during severe weather, yet the breed appears to do just nicely as long as they are with their pack.


Huskies are naturally clean, which is a huge plus for people looking for a breed that does not stink like a dog. However, they may be extremely particular about their fur, frequently licking themselves like cats. Nevertheless, the breed does emit relatively little doggy scents.


Huskies are also highly lively and nimble creatures with a great deal of stamina. They like being outside, which makes them terrific jogging, hiking, camping, and riding buddies. This breed, which was bred to draw sleighs over great distances, enjoys rigorous activity, especially in cold weather. Investing in carts and sleds is ideal for pulling to give this energetic breed a purpose in life.


One benefit of the Siberian Husky breed is that they were initially designed to perform on very little food. Indeed, it is not uncommon for this species to forego eating a meal now and again. While a Husky may require less food per pound than another breed, it is vital to remember that they still need a well-balanced diet high in protein and fat.


This breed’s stunning coat, upright ears, and brushtail give it a wolfish look that many people find appealing. The icy blue eyes contribute to the allure; however, some Huskies may also have brown or bi-color eyes. This breed sticks out in shelters, which makes them popular for adoption.

Behaviors Of a Siberian Husky

➖ Aggression

Aggression in dogs can be a major issue. When aggression is not regulated, it may be hazardous. A large or small aggressive dog may lunge, bite, or even attack a human or another dog.

Aggressive conduct is not acceptable. It’s more than simply improper conduct; it’s dangerous for any dog. It is heartbreaking for a family to witness their dog’s erratic behavior to the point that they are scared of the dog.

➖ Chewing

Dogs must chew to massage their gums, make their new teeth feel more comfortable, and exercise their jaws. This is a natural trait that is firmly ingrained in everything canine. It is not your duty as owners to stop the chewing but rather to channel it to something beneficial. Purchase safe dog chew toys for your Siberian Husky, such as sturdy nylon bones intended for large dogs, as an informed owner. Since your dog’s safety is at stake, be sure the gadgets are both safe and long-lasting.

➖ Jumping

Jumping up is a dog’s pleasant way of greeting you! Some dog owners don’t mind if their dog leaps up, and that’s OK with them. The issue comes when visitors arrive at the house, and the dog greets them in the same manner. A developing canine dog will not be able to tell who he can and cannot jump on. As a result, it is generally better to discourage this practice all together.

➖ Digging

Digging, which is perceived as a harmful habit in humans, is typical in dogs, particularly in Siberian Huskies. So when your dog digs in your yard, it is a typical habit that has been channeled into something the dog can do in his daily life.

➖ Stealing Food

Is your dog attempting to take food from your countertops? If this is the case, you must answer the following questions: Is your Siberian Husky hungry, or does he seem to be “constantly starving” like any other chowhound? What’s the deal with the food on the counter? 

Let’s face it; some dogs are more food-motivated than others; other dogs are entirely fascinated with a piece of meat and can only think about their next meal. Food theft is terrific fun and always results in a fantastic reward—food, delicious food.

➖ Separation Anxiety

Your Siberian Husky may cry, whimper, or otherwise express his dissatisfaction about being left alone when you leave the house. This is a common occurrence of separation anxiety; however, some things may be done to alleviate the situation. Your dog must learn that he will be OK on his own for a while and that he will not wither away if he is not pampered at all times. Continuous attention might cause separation anxiety to begin with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What activities do Huskies enjoy?

A: Sledding and skijoring are two activities that Siberian huskies like.

Q: What are the particular skills of Huskies?

A: Siberian huskies are most well-known for their amazing sled-pulling abilities.

Q: Are Huskies obedient to their owners?

A: Huskies are highly devoted dogs. They are devoted to their families, and their lives revolve around them.

Q: Huskies are devoted companions. Their lives revolve around their family, which they adore.

A: A dog’s aggressive behavior toward another dog is caused by a lack of early exposure to other canines.

Q: Do Huskies have a sense of humor?

A: The Siberian Husky is a happy, extroverted, active, and friendly dog.


The brilliant blue eyes and wolf-like characteristics only add to the magnificent appearance of these creatures. Their personalities are another cause for their international acclaim. Their strange conduct is only a response to your orders or requests. To get rid of this habit, the bright but independent breed requires a particular sort of training.

However, eccentricity is one of the characteristics of Huskies, and you should consider this before you decide to care for it.

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