Why Are Huskies So Dramatic? (5 Reasons)

If you are a Siberian husky owner or have seen or watched some videos of the husky dogs’ behavior – you would notice that huskies are funnily dramatic! Thus, it’s natural to hear the question – why are huskies so dramatic or psychology behind their different behaviors, while they apparently are energetic and funny dogs? In this article, we will try to go through their behaviors in certain situations, which would help us answer the question. Let’s dive into it! Why Are Huskies So Dramatic? (5 Reasons) why are huskies so dramatic

Huskies are the most talkative and quite different from any other breed of dog. They are overdramatic and show reactive behavior in many situations that are not of their choice. Nobody can force them to do any particular task due to their stubborn nature and strong personalities. Their personality makes them even more dramatic, and thus the owners of huskies have difficulty handling them. Unlike any other breed of dogs, they show very emotional behavior during moments of pressure and pain.

Reactive Behaviour of Huskies – Why?

Generally, to know why are huskies so reactive in certain situations, it’s important to understand the underlying reasons for it, which can be closely associated to their DNA, the environment they live in, and the way they were raised up or trained from early ages.

Typically dogs, in uncertain or dangerous stressful situations, sometimes show aggressive behavior around other dogs and strangers. But the case is different regarding the reactive nature of huskies, as they are not aggressive at all. In fact, they, sometimes to some people – show funny and sometimes a little irritating behavior.

Reactive Behaviour of Husky
Husky Reactive Behaviour  (Photo:

So, why do huskies display dramatic behavior? Huskies love freedom, which is why they become stubborn when you ask them to do something they are not interested in. They can indicate an emotional behavior in reply and can be a little disobedient to your commands in specific ways. For example, one of them is huskies being dramatic to get what they are asking for.

4 Situations That Make Huskies React Dramatic in Certain Ways?

Every pet can be dramatic in certain stressful situations, and thus it is essential to understand their behavior, likes, and dislikes. It would be easy to train a dog after knowing its habits and the things that make the dog react. In the case of huskies, there could be many things that aggravate their reactive behavior and make them more stubborn. New husky owners can check out the factors that can make them react, which helps handle their husky pups with great ease.

Below, let’s go through some of the various huskies that might show dramatic nature depending on the environment they live in.

= Stress

Huskies love to remain open all the time, and if things don’t go according to their wish, they usually become dramatic. Some huskies make strong noises, and sometimes they start howling and yowling. Therefore, it is essential to understand why your husky is barking too much to make them calm and relaxed. 

Ignoring their signs can make them even more dramatic, which can be problematic for you. Like any other dog, huskies don’t like to remain in stress and unease. If you are not giving them proper attention, then they can even feel separation anxiety. Therefore it is essential to provide them with adequate time. Sometimes they even become nervous and start shivering, crying, and shaking. 

= Surroundings And Environment

The environment where the Siberian husky is living also decides the behavior of the dog to a great extent and can explain why are huskies so dramatic. If the environment is full of confusing and new experiences, then they can react quickly. Reacting to environmental conditions is a behavior of almost every dog, but huskies are more reactive than other breeds. 

Crying babies, food timers, doorbells, and noisy vehicles on the road can make them dramatic. They quickly get vocal to any change in the surrounding area as they are pretty active and have an excellent hearing capacity. They are extremely curious about new things and new dogs; this is why they even start communicating with dogs on the street.

Husky Surroundings Behaviour
Husky Surroundings Behaviour  (Photo: )

= They Might Be Expressing Themselves

Huskies sometimes bark and make different strong noises without any reason. This is because they love the chirping sound, and also they love hearing different sounds made by them. There is nothing to worry about; this is just their curious nature. But if they are howling or regularly barking in your direction, it could be a signal, or they may be trying to tell you something. 

You need to check up on them in this situation, as they may be hungry, thirsty, or want to play with you. When your dog is regularly howling towards you and getting irritated, they may be asking for your attention. You should give proper time, but don’t appreciate this kind of bad behavior, making your pet more stubborn and unmanageable.

= You Might Cause Their Reactive Behavior

Several scientific studies have shown that pets usually take their owner’s behavior after spending several years together. If you and your pet have been together for many years, then there is a good chance that they are trying to replicate your personality. The way you react and approach certain situations can also influence how husky puppies will respond. Those can be easily replicated by your canine.  

If the reactive behavior of your dog is becoming problematic, then you need to check on yourself. Analyze yourself and your reactions to different things for knowing about the possibility. The way you talk with your colleagues, homies, and your approach to handling problematic situations needs to change.

What Are The Behaviors of Dramatic Huskies? 

The way your dog is grown up and trained can also reflect on how they react to situations. First of all, it is essential to take proper care of huskies during their growing age. You should train them professionally and must try to make a heart-to-heart connection with the dog. Apart from this, the kind of reactive behavior they show largely depends on their personality. Some common behaviors that are noticed in various huskies are given below; check them out-

These are the most common signs of huskies expressing their likes and dislikes. They look like a wolf because they are descendent of them. Therefore, it is widespread for you to feel that you are living with a wolf as they howl like them only. Remember, huskies are very sensitive; therefore, they need proper care and love. They may be howling to get your attention or describing their fear for some particular thing or person. However, soft and slow howling usually expresses their happiness and love for you. 

  • Chirping And Other Strange Sounds

You have to understand that huskies don’t only bark but make many other sounds. All these sounds are just their different modes of being vocal and expressing themselves. Chirping sounds are made by adorable huskies and seem like they are copying birds in the sky. They may be trying to train you in what they want you to do. It may be bizarre for you, but quite common for Siberian husky-breed dogs. Typically huskies are so vocal, and they usually express themselves by talking and howling.

  • Whining, Pacing, Or Staring

Whining is quite common for dogs of the husky breed, and they usually do it for intercommunication. The whining sound is usually high-pitched and similar to the crying sound, but they are not crying. Dogs generally pace when they are anxious, in pain, or feeling any kind of discomfort. Huskies can start walking when they are becoming impatient and irritated due to any particular reason. Some husky dogs even stare at their owner; it could be just their way of asking you to play and give them some time.

Huskies love to play
Huskies Love to Play (Photo:
  • Faking Death

Huskies are considered the most intelligent breed of dogs, and this is why it is delightful to spend time with them. However, they are always longing for attention and can become aggressive if they don’t get it. Suppose huskies are not willing to follow your command, then they usually fake death. This is uncommon in any other dog breed because no different breed is as intelligent as a husky.

  • Behaving Like A Child

If you are a grown-up husky who is throwing tantrums or behaving like a stubborn child, then it could be a sign that they need to go to the bathroom. You must not ignore this sign, as most trained huskies show the signal if they need to go out. Sometimes they can even do this to get their favorite toy or food. No matter why they are behaving like this, you should understand why you are the dog’s owner. Understanding the reason for their child-like tantrum can quickly calm them.

Vocal – Sign Of Dramatic Behavior

Now, if you really desire to judge whether your husky dog is showing dramatic behavior or not, just check out how vocal he is. (Want to hear how huskies are testing their vocal cords? find out it here) There could be many reasons behind the verbal nature of your husky or why are huskies so dramatic. Some of the most common reasons are discussed above, but there are some others also to understand their bad behavior deeply.  

Husky Vocalize Behaviour
Husky Vocalize Behaviour (Photo:

We have also discussed in another article why huskies are vocal. You can check it out here – Why Do Huskies Talk So Much? Here’s Why They Are So Vocal

First, they are the most communicative dog breed; therefore, it is almost typical for your husky to be very vocal and behave dramatically. But if you are noticing too much barking, growing, or howling, then your husky may be trying to tell you something.

  • Reacting To New Noises And Sounds – During the growing age of a husky, they hear several new sounds and loud noises. It could be due to the vehicles on the road, police siren, loud, talkative people, and new members in your house. It is usual for a husky to react to new noises and sounds, but try to relax them to become usual to all these daily life activities.
  • Due To Their DNA – It is a scientific fact that huskies are the most vocal dogs among all the breeds available. As they are a pack of dogs and have been taught to communicate for their survival, it is common for them to howl and bark. Considering their DNA and where they come from, it is common for them to be too vocal compared to other domestic animals.
  • They Are Defying Their Owner – Training husky could be difficult because they are stubborn and complicated personality dogs. If they are not willing to do something but you are engaging them in the activity, again and again, they usually start talking. They talked to avoid the activity in which they are not interested and willing to prevent it altogether. This way, they are defying their owner entirely and openly, which could be cute sometimes. But there this kind of behavior should not be appreciated, as they would become habitual of it.
  • They Become Vocal When They Are Happy – It is common for almost every dog, but huskies become more vocal when extremely happy. As a husky owner, you could not is that they become incredibly vocal while playing with you all while eating their favorite food. If you talk with them and give them too much attention, they usually show their happiness by becoming vocal and jumping.
  • They Describe Their Pain By Becoming Vocal – People who have got a husky as their pet may be unaware that they even become vocal when in pain. Instead, they howl, crawl, and bark to tell you about their condition. Usually, huskies start panting when they are in pain, which is the most common signal. If the environment is not too hot and they have not been through intense exercise, panting is undoubtedly a sign of pain.

Training – How to train your husky to control its Vocal?

If you notice that your husky is becoming too vocal, it is essential to start their training so that they don’t become aggressive. Ideally, you should start training them in their early years. The only requirement is to become a professional trainer and train them with proper commands and love. Here are some of the best things that you can do to stop your husky from becoming vocal.

  1. Develop A Routine For Your Pet

It is essential to have a daily routine for your pet that can help in reducing their vocal behavior. Their howling can even disturb people in the neighborhood. Therefore, you should work on their habit. It is normal if you are experiencing that they usually start becoming vocal at certain moments. They just require experience. Several husky owners have told that they typically begin becoming vocal when they leave the house. But, after some days, they would become habitual of getting separated from you and meeting again in the evening

2. Keep Them Engaged All The Time

First of all, you should make out proper time for your pet and play with them in an outdoor area. But at times when you are not around them, or busy consider keeping them engaged as well. It would prevent the risk of their getting injured due to any furniture in the house. You can keep them engaged by giving them puzzles to solve and other toys made for intelligent huskies. If you are confused and unable to find the best puzzle or toy for your husky, consider contacting an expert who can advise you on the best

3. Hire A Pet Sitter For Them

When buying or adopting a husky, please remember that you should not leave them alone for too long. It can make them confused, aggressive, and too much vocal. Leaving a dog alone for more than 6 hours is not safe for them and your house; therefore, you should not extend the period. If you are on a regular job, then consider hiring a pet sitter for your husky. It can control their vocal behavior and can also prevent damaging certain assets in your house.

Huskies sometimes need pet sitter
Huskies Sometimes Need Pet Sitter (Photo:

4. Stop Rewarding Them For Their Vocal Behavior

When your husky is a pup, they do not understand anything other than the rewards and encouragement. If you are regularly responding to the vocal behavior of your pet, it may encourage this habit, and they would continue to do it. An excellent idea for stopping them is to stop responding when they are becoming too much vocal. Don’t respond to talkative behavior; walk away from them, teach them the quiet command, or separate them by sending them to another room to keep them quiet.

5. Teach Them Different Commands

Teaching commands to your husky is essential for their safety and the safety of other people staying in the house. Teaching those commands can save you a lot of time and make it easy to domesticate a husky. First, you should start with the speak command, as it is easier than the quiet one. Then, you can teach them the speak command by rewarding them every time they go in the right direction. Once they completely understand what speaking means, try to teach them quiet commands with the same procedure.

6. Give Them Proper Exercise Daily

You should understand that huskies are highly active dogs, and they need outings to stay fit and fine. Therefore it is essential to start their exercise routine daily for at least 2 hours a day. It would make them tired, and they would easily sleep at night, preventing them from howling in the night. You can even take them to them along with you on your jogging routine in the morning. But, again, this would make them tired, and they would remain calm when you are at work.

7. Be The Leader

While several people want to be friendly with their dogs, at the same time, it is vital to teach them how to respect their owners. If they are not respecting you, then it can be harmful to you in the future. Therefore, ensure that they follow your command; if they are not doing so, it is essential to gently point them out that they are doing something wrong. But remember, don’t be aggressive, don’t hit them, abuse, or act violently. Instead, just be consistent to understand the right way of behaving and respecting the leader.

Good Leadership found in huskies
Good Leadership Founds in Huskies (Photo:

8. Reward Only Good Behavior

A husky should behave well and must have good manners to become adjustable for home. They can quickly learn what to do and what they need to avoid if they get treats for their different actions. Therefore you should only reward their good behavior for understanding the difference between good and evil. As soon as they perform according to the command, reward them instantly and avoid giving them treats and snacks when they disobey you.

9. Divert Their Attention From Their Drama

As soon as you notice that your husky is becoming dramatic, try to divert his attention from vocal behavior. You can do this by playing with him or taking him to the garden. Alternatively, you can even do this by giving your puppy his favorite puzzle for food that can attract attention easily. By keeping your dog busy and distracting them from the dramatic behavior, they would slowly stop doing it frequently.

Should You Worry About The Dramatic Behavior Of Your Husky?

It is already told that the dramatic behavior of a husky is in their DNA and completely normal. If they are just playful, and active, and start howling sometimes, you need not worry about the situation.

But if you notice that they are becoming aggressive day by day and have begun disobeying you, you must work on it. It could be harmful to you as well as for people residing with you in your house. If huskies are not given proper training, they can become wild, and thus it becomes impossible to handle them.

Why Are Huskies So Dramatic
Dramatic Behaviour of Husky (Photo:

Those are the times when you might want to start looking closely to your husky’s types of behavior to control it as they might go another edge of being sometimes aggressive when they don’t achieve what they want to get. Hopefully, above tips and tricks will help you do so.

If none of the tips provided here helps, please refer to your local veterinarian or canine professionals for the help. Huskies are playful and full of energy, but they require constant attention and care – not to mention, love and safe environment from owners or family members.

People Also Ask

Why Does Husky Start Howling At Night?

As discussed above, huskies are similar to wolves in behavior and appearance. Wolves usually howl at night in forest areas. Therefore, it can be predicted that they may copy their ancestors or feel sad on a lonely night.

What Are The Areas Where Huskies Like Scratching?

Similar to any other breed of dog, the huskies like scratching, and they feel very good while being caressed and gently rubbed. They usually love getting caressed around the base of their tail, near the chin area, and the area below their collar.

Why Do Huskies Sometimes Behave Weirdly?

Huskies can be just as weird animals because of their reactive and playful nature. They are intelligent dogs and also very talkative by nature, and remain curious about different things. Their fast-acting and questioning behavior can be weird sometimes.

Why Do Huskies Have Different Colored Eyes?

The blue eyes and other colors of eyes are usually due to a lack of pigment in the eyes. It is very common for huskies to have different colored eyes due to inbreeding and genetic variations.

happy husky is healthy husky
Happy Husky is a Healthy Husky (Photo:

Ending Lines

So, we tried to dig into the reasons why huskies are so dramatic above. Hopefully you find it helpful raising your husky as well as understand what to expect if you are planning to get this adorable dog breed.

Above all, huskies are adorable and furry babies that are incredibly suitable for domesticating and playing. However, while they are very loyal and funny sometimes, they tend to be also vocal and dramatic simultaneously; you need to be a great leader for handling their dramatic behavior. All the above-provided information would surely help you in managing their reactive and vocal behavior several times.

Let us know in comments how you handle your husky’s dramatic behavior and whether the above-provided information was helpful to manage it! Why Are Huskies So Dramatic? (5 Reasons) why are huskies so dramatic After all, dramatism is an inseparable part of huskies as it’s part of their DNA. And that’s one of the many reasons we love huskies!

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