Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons

A burning question that often surfaces for husky owners is, why are my husky ears down? Huskies have naturally perky ears, so it can be a massive concern once we see a bit of drooping. 

There are many things to know about huskies and their ears. Understanding your husky’s body language helps you figure out the cause—and how to treat them. Generally, pulled back and downward ears indicate happiness, nervousness, or aggression. 

To help you distinguish why your husky ears are down, I’ve compiled seven of the most common causes. Either way, these should help you understand more about the ear positioning semantics of huskies.

Why Are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Possible Causes

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down Huskies May Show their Contentment By Pulling their Ears Down

If a husky’s ears are down but not pinned flat against its head, it may be showing signs of contentment. You can confirm this by checking for other body language to see if your husky is genuinely relaxed. 

A distinct sign of relaxed huskies is a “soft-looking” face. That means your dog shouldn’t have furrowed brows or curling lips. Aside from that, content huskies tend to have a looser and relaxed stance, with their tails down. But they are often composed and not placed between their legs. 

So, unless you see other signs of nervousness in your pup, the question as to why are my husky ears down is that your dog is very content. 

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down A Husky’s Ears Might Be Down to Express its Joy

white and black Siberian husky dog - why are my husky ears down?
Photo Credits of Jyrki Sorjonen

Aside from contentment and relaxation, a husky may pull its ears down to express its joy. And though it may seem obvious to you when your husky is happy, it isn’t always easy to tell. After all, many owners confuse anxiousness for happiness due to the mirroring signals.

When huskies feel energized and happy, their ears might slightly be perked up or backed down.

There’s no in-between, so it can be challenging to distinguish what your husky’s feeling. Not to mention ears down and pulled back are among the most common natural positions of these snow dogs.

Generally, it’ll be subtle if a husky puts its ears back as a sign of happiness. You’ll also notice your dog’s ear slightly pushed back alongside a relatively calm demeanor. At this point, your husky is relaxed, happy, and ready to give—and receive attention!

On the other hand, if your husky is excited and wants to play, you’ll see its ears more forward. 

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down One of the Most Common Reasons Why Are My Husky Ears Down is Fear or Nervousness

Fear or nervousness is among the known meanings behind huskies putting their ears down. And often, this is the case for many huskies showing their wariness. You can confirm this if you witness a fearful body language alongside the downward ears. And these signs range from yawning and excess lip-licking down to avoiding eye contact. 

Aside from that, you may also spot your snow dog crouching down lower than usual. You’ll notice most huskies posturing their bodies away from whatever’s making them fearful. 

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down A Husky May Bring Its Ears Down as a Warning Sign

angry black and white siberian husky
Photo Courtesy of Fredrik Solli Wandem

A husky may bring its ears down as a warning sign to humans or other animals. You can confirm this if you see your husky pinning its ears flatly on its skull. And it’ll usually coincide with aggressive body language. Either way, this shows your dog is about to pounce or bite on the closest target. 

Other indicators that your husky’s getting aggravated to the point it’s urging to bite are growling and snarling. And for worse-case scenarios, a husky might lunge at the source of its fear or anger. 

But keep in mind that most huskies or other dogs bite to defend themselves rather than attack. So, please don’t assume your husky is being aggressive on its own. After all, your dog is only throwing these warning signs to protect itself. 

Never punish your pup for snarling or growling, as scary and stressful as it is to see your husky’s ear flatly down. After all, as I mentioned earlier, huskies only do these when they’re scared or nervous. And if you punish your dog for being fearful, it’ll learn that these signs result in punishment. 

As a result, the next time your husky feels nervous or scared, it might not give any warning before biting. So, instead, see what’s causing your dog to feel afraid.

For instance, if your husky’s often getting crowded with people, give it more space for itself. 

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down Your Husky Might Have an Illness or is Injured

Huskies might hold back their ears if they’re in pain due to an injury or an underlying illness. These snow dogs may likely bring their ears down due to fear of getting more hurt. And in some rare instances, a husky may have a severe case of an ear infection, forcing it to hold its ears down. 

Regardless, huskies may guard their ears by pinning them down. 

But it doesn’t help that husky ears are incredibly vascular. If they get so much of a single scratch, they might burst some blood vessels in the flap of their ears. As a result, the area will get clogged with blood, giving your husky’s ears a puffy appearance. 

No matter the severity, this always needs a vet’s attention immediately!

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down Huskies May Pull their Ears Down to Show They’re Listening

Sometimes, the reason why are my husky ears down is as simple as you think. And in this case, huskies may pull their ears down to show that they’re listening to you. This gesture helps them hear better no matter how loud their surrounding gets. 

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down Expressing Anger is a Common Reason Why Husky Ears Down

Siberian husky on snow during daytime - why are my husky ears down?
Photo Courtesy of Auréanne Mailhiot

It’s no secret that huskies are dramatic dogs, and when they get angry, their ears shine through. These snow dogs put their ears in the most dramatic position possible, making it easy to see if they’re mad—or not.

But this is one you want to ensure you pay attention to, as an angry husky is never something you’d like to face. When huskies get genuinely mad, you’ll notice them pinning their ears sharply. And the madder they are, the tighter these dogs press their ears against their skull. 

If you still can’t tell if your husky is angry or not, check for other “angry” body language. And these can include growling, snarling, or puffed fur. 

What Can I Do When My Husky’s Ears Are Down?

Here are some things you can do to help your husky when its ears are down:

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down Don’t Intimidate Your Husky More 

Don’t continue to provoke the dog regardless of why your husky’s ears are down. After all, the cause might be that your body language has surprised or scared your husky. I suggest avoiding staring at your husky for too long and staying calm around it. 

Like any other dog, huskies can feel if you’re nervous. And this, in turn, can agitate them more, so stay calm and don’t intimidate your husky more. 

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down If You Can’t Seem to Address Why Are My Husky Ears Down, Enroll them in a Training Progam

If nothing’s working for your husky, it might be time to enroll it in a dog training program. These can teach dogs to become more obedient and happy, eventually perking their ears up over time. You can register your husky in an online dog training program to watch over your precious pup. 

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down Be Careful Around Your Husky’s Ears

Remember, husky pups are fragile, especially around their ears. The cartilage and bones in their ears are weak. So, even if you notice your husky bringing its ears down, don’t touch them. After all, even the slightest scratches may result in bleeding or injury. 

Also, a husky’s ear cartilage might break down if other dogs begin chewing on its ears. So, if you have another dog or pet in the house and notice your husky’s ears are down, it’s time to separate them. 

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down Let Your Husky Be

As mentioned earlier, a husky with its ears down may indicate its joy. So, if you see your husky pulling its ears back because it’s happy to see you, leave it be. At this point, it’s best to allow your pup to do whatever it wants.

How to Keep Your Husky’s Ears Healthy?

Even if there are many reasons why my husky ears are down, you can also try many practices to keep your dog’s ears in top condition. Here are three efficient ways to keep your husky’s ears healthy.

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down Choose the right Diet for Your Husky

Feeding your husky the perfect diet is essential for keeping their body healthy. And yes, this includes a husky’s ears. There are many minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins present in commercially-made dog food. So, all you need to do is find the best dog food for your husky. 

I suggest dog foods with a healthy amount of zinc, antioxidants, vitamins, and healthy fats. These can keep any husky’s ears healthy and robust. 

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down If You See Why Are My Husky Ears Down, Get Chew Toys

As unusual as this sounds, getting chew toys is an excellent way to keep a husky’s ears healthy. These help your husky’s teeth strengthen, promoting better jaw and neck development. And all these will eventually lead to healthy nourishment of your dog’s ears. So, make sure to pick something extra chewy!

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down When in Doubt, Invest in Glucosamine

Glucosamine is an all-natural substance that’s effective for both people and dogs. It can help a husky maintain its body cartilage via lubricating the joint. And yes, this includes a husky’s ears. But as famous as this supplement is, consult with your vet before giving it to your husky. 

How to Decipher a Husky’s Behavior? Other Husky Body Language to Remember

Aside from paying attention to your husky’s ears, understand general husky body language. It’s the only way to decipher why are my husky ears down and their overall behavior. Here are a few of the common gestures a husky makes:

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down Body

The body is another nonverbal cue huskies can use to communicate with others. Here are a few body gestures to keep in mind:

  • When huskies try to make themselves as small as possible, this indicates fear. You’ll see these snow dogs tuck their head in their bodies and scrunch up as much as possible. 
  • A husky may display their joy by moving around eagerly
  • Angry huskies tense up their bodies. And often, you may see some of them make themselves look as big as possible. 

Either way, huskies use their body language like how people would. So, this should be the easiest way to interpret your dog’s mood. And these are great confirmations when determining why are my husky ears down?

But keep in mind that body postures aren’t limited to the actual gestures themselves. For instance, you may notice unhappy huskies being more guarded than usual. So, it’s best also to pay attention to your husky’s overall demeanor.

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down Noise

The most obvious way huskies showcase their feelings and behavior is by making noise. Here are the most common ones:

  • Huskies whine or whimper when they’re afraid of something. These sounds are similar to barks, but they have a slight feeling of distress. 
  • A happy husky barks at a higher pitch, but not every husky does this. After all, some content huskies aren’t too vocal about their joy.
  • Angry huskies snarl or growl

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down Tail

We all know huskies wag their tails when they’re happy. It showcases your dog’s enjoyment and letting you know it’s ready to move on to the next adventure. Generally, the faster your husky’s tail wags, the happier and more excited the dog is. But few are aware that slow and careful wiggling of the tail shows the opposite. 

A slight wag of the tail is often linked to insecurity or hesitation. And when accompanied with ears pulled down, this can state your husky is afraid of something. 

Why are My Husky Ears Down? 7 Reasons why are my husky ears down Nose Licking

A familiar gesture huskies make when nervous is excessively licking their noses. When accompanied by pulled-back, downward ears, this indicates your husky is nervous. On the other hand, if your husky makes a funny face when licking its nose, it may mean it’s enjoying its time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are my husky ears down and drooping?

A: Many husky owners assume that their huskies are mad or annoyed when their ears are down and drooping. But this isn’t always the case as this gesture may also indicate they’re relaxed and happy. Meanwhile, if huskies have their ears straight back and downward, they might be scared or nervous. 

Q: Why does my husky have a single floppy ear?

A: If you have a younger husky pup, having an erect ear and a floppy ear on the other is normal. After all, these snow dogs develop differently and at various paces. Some huskies may have one ear become pricked faster than others. But this uneven ear standing shouldn’t last long as the other should follow quickly. 

Q: Why are my husky’s ears not standing up?

A: As husky pups age, their ears become more erect. But if your husky’s ears are still not standing up, they might have a calcium deficiency. In these cases, huskies might be using their calcium solely for teeth development. As a result, their ears may seem to droop and not stand up. But your husky’s ears should be back to normal until they’re done with teething. 

Q: Why are my husky’s ears always down?

A: It’s normal for huskies to have their ears down now and then, but pay attention if it happens often. After all, your husky might be nervous or scared. Still, I recommend reading the rest of your dog’s body language to know what they’re feeling. And checking their ears alone won’t be enough to determine what your husky is going through. 

Q: When do a husky’s ears start to stand up?

A: Huskies are among the few dog breeds with naturally perked ears. And your husky puppy should begin to erect around six to ten weeks. But if your husky’s ears are still floppy after ten weeks, have them checked by a vet. After all, it’s very uncommon and may signify an illness. 

Final Words

Some husky behavioral cues can be easy to understand. But others, such as ear placement, can be difficult to read. And as common as anger gets associated with pulled back or downward ears on huskies, it’s not always the case.

So, familiarizing yourself with the listed causes of why are my husky ears down should help you understand your pup better than ever! And with this, you’ll be able to help your husky in no time.