Husky Puppies: Red Eyes Clarified – Top 10 Causes & Remedies

You can identify huskies from their distinctive eyes alone. But what comes with this is a ton of eye problems. And a symptom that anyone would notice in a husky’s eyes right off the bat is redness. So, you might be thinking, why are my husky’s eyes red?

Many things can cause huskies to have red eyes, ranging from dryness to glaucoma. Regardless, it pays to know the cause behind the redness. This way, you’ll be able to save plenty of money and treat your husky in no time. 

Here are ten common causes of redness in eyes among huskies and how to treat each one!

Why Are My Husky’s Eyes Red? The Top 10 Possible Causes!

why are my husky's eyes red (infographic)

Husky Puppies: Red Eyes Clarified - Top 10 Causes & Remedies Husky Puppies Entropion is a Common Cause of Redness in a Husky’s Eyes

You’ll notice Entropion during the earlier life stages of your husky. It’s a condition where the lower eyelids roll inward into the eyes. As a result, the tiny follicles on the eyelids rub against the cornea of the husky, causing pain and redness. In this case, your dog might need immediate intervention. 

When left untreated, entropion can cause corneal scarring, leading to long-term vision problems. Luckily, you can spot Entropion a mile away as the redness is often accompanied by squinting. So, once see these symptoms bring your husky to the vet immediately!

Vets often suggest treatment for Entropion if their diagnosis matches the symptoms. And unfortunately, surgery will be required. So, it will be expensive and also highly time-consuming. After all, the aim here is to remove a portion of the skin of your husky’s affected eyelids. 

When done correctly, the surgery should be able to reverse the effects of Entropion. But your husky will need several surgical procedures until the issue gets corrected. If not, the initial surgery increases the risks of worsening the Entropion. 

Husky Puppies: Red Eyes Clarified - Top 10 Causes & Remedies Husky Puppies Your Husky’s Eyes Might Be Getting Irritated Due to Environmental Irritants

husky in the swimming pool - why are my husky's eyes red?

Environmental irritants can hurt your husky’s eyes, especially outdoors. Different elements like herbicides or pesticides may get into your dog’s eyes. And this eventually leads to irritation and redness. 

Aside from that, it would help if you also watched out for other environmental irritants like smoke when in the city. Meanwhile, swimming in pools or seas may also cause your husky’s eyes to redden due to chlorine. 

So, avoid some destinations if you notice your husky’s eyes keep getting red from visiting certain places. 

 Luckily, as prevalent as these environmental irritants are, they don’t require treatment. Redness caused by them among huskies will go away on its own. 

Husky Puppies: Red Eyes Clarified - Top 10 Causes & Remedies Husky Puppies Why Are My Husky’s Eyes Red? Suspect Dryness (Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca)

Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca is an eye condition where your husky’s cornea becomes too dry. The excess dryness causes inflammation and redness. 

It’s a common eye issue among huskies. And it’s usually caused by inadequate fluid production in the dog’s lacrimal gland. 

Dry eye is so common among dogs that every 1 in 100 huskies experience it, usually in adulthood. If left untreated, dry eye can build up dirt and other infectious debris in your husky’s eyes. And when this happens, redness will be the least of your worries. 

Regardless, it can be pretty painful if your husky has dry eye. It’s best to consult your dog’s vet for the best treatment. But generally, a few eye drops into your husky’s affected eyes should ease the redness and pain over time.

Husky Puppies: Red Eyes Clarified - Top 10 Causes & Remedies Husky Puppies Allergies are Common Culprits of Eye Redness in Huskies

Why are my husky’s eyes red? Among the reasons, allergies are among the most common. These can lead to redness in the eyes, whether environmental or food allergies. Luckily, this is pretty easy to spot as it often occurs after your husky eats something or goes outside. 

But there are other symptoms you must look for to confirm that the redness is due to an allergic reaction. Here are some of those:

  • Excess scratching on the eyes and other body parts. 
  • A sudden inflammation in your husky’s eyes and other body parts. 
  • Your dog may also begin to shed around the eyes in more severe instances. 

If allergies cause your husky’s red eyes, taking your dog to the vet is the only solution. They’ll be able to help determine the cause of the reaction and what you can do to avoid it from happening again. 

I suggest bringing your husky to the vet if the redness is caused by allergic reactions, even if it seems mild. After all, it’s better to address these things early to avoid further complications. 

Husky Puppies: Red Eyes Clarified - Top 10 Causes & Remedies Husky Puppies Your Husky Might Have the Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)

Pink eye can be the result of several underlying issues. But it often portrays the infection of the eye conjunctiva. It’s the membrane responsible for protecting your eyeballs against disease and other debris. 

Aside from redness in the eyes, pink eye may also cause green discharge from your husky’s eyes. Also, you can differentiate this from other conditions as the redness spread in the white parts of the eyes. Not to mention pink eye causes inflammation as well. Regardless, this is uncomfortable to any husky. 

Even if pink eye is common among huskies, professional help is ideal for fast recovery. And when left untreated for too long, this might lead to permanent damage to your husky’s eyes. Treatments for pink eye vary, depending on the exact cause. 

For example, surgical intervention is the best option if a foreign object poked your husky’s eye. Meanwhile, if the pink eye is due to an allergy, your dog’s vet might only prescribe antihistamines. 

Either way, you can confirm your husky has pink eye if the redness is accompanied by excess squinting or blinking. 

Husky Puppies: Red Eyes Clarified - Top 10 Causes & Remedies Husky Puppies Glaucoma May Also Cause Redness in A Husky’s Eyes

surprised husky - why are my husky's eyes red

Glaucoma is when there’s inadequate fluid drainage in your husky’s eyes. It can cause severe complications when left untreated, and it may even blind your dog. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about this eye condition as it’s rare. 

You can distinguish glaucoma from other eye conditions as the redness occurs around the white area of your husky’s eyes. You may also see other symptoms like blinking, cloudiness, and a receding eyeball. 

Usually, vets prescribe medications to reduce the pressure and effects of glaucoma within the eyes. After all, with this eye condition, damage limitation is a priority! If not, your husky will continue to suffer and might even become completely blind. 

Although surgical intervention is the best for glaucoma, you also have other options. For short-term cases, glaucoma can still be treated via medication. On the other hand, the affected eye needs to be removed for long-term cases. 

Husky Puppies: Red Eyes Clarified - Top 10 Causes & Remedies Husky Puppies Cherry Eye Equals to Red Eyes in Huskies

Another common eye condition among huskies that causes redness is the cherry eye. It happens when a dog’s tear gland prolapses, resulting in a red mass emerging from the corner of its eyes. Although the cherry eye isn’t painful, the constant exposure to air can dry it out and lead to irritation. 

But if you leave it on your husky, it can lead to other more severe eye conditions like corneal ulcers. So, if you think your husky’s suffering from cherry eye, bring it to the vest immediately. 

Husky Puppies: Red Eyes Clarified - Top 10 Causes & Remedies Husky Puppies Crystalline Corneal Dystrophy May Lead to Redness

husky puppy with tongue out

Schnyder crystalline corneal dystrophy (SCCD), known as crystalline corneal dystrophy, is an eye condition in younger huskies.

Like Entropion, SCCD can cause redness and make the cornea appear opaque with a milky tint. But SCCD has a definitive cause, unlike Entropion. It’s a recessive trait, which means your husky may have the gene but not the symptom.

But if both of your husky’s parents have the gene, your dog might also have it. As severe as SCCD sounds, it won’t likely cause any issues with vision and doesn’t cause pain. So as long as separated crystals do not accompany it, it should go away on its own.

However, if your husky does have separated crystals, it may create a corneal ulcer. This is extremely painful and would need immediate medical intervention. And in some rare cases, your husky may also require surgery.

Usually, vets recommend putting huskies with SCCD under a low-fat, high fiber diet. After all, the SCCD is linked to fat-processing within your husky’s body. Meanwhile, some vets may recommend topical acid treatment for immediate relief.

Husky Puppies: Red Eyes Clarified - Top 10 Causes & Remedies Husky Puppies Sudden Redness in a Husky’s Eyes is Likely Due to Physical Trauma

Since huskies are lively and active dogs, physical trauma can be a culprit for the redness in their eyes. And this is especially the case if you have a rambunctious husky doing whatever it shouldn’t be. Usually, trauma will have several symptoms accompanying redness like watering and squinting. 

Fortunately, redness caused by physical trauma usually clears up on its own. But if your husky hasn’t recovered within a day, you need to take your dog to the vet.

Husky Puppies: Red Eyes Clarified - Top 10 Causes & Remedies Husky Puppies A Husky’s Eyes Can Become Red Because of Corneal Ulceration

smiling husky dog surrounded by sand

One of the most severe eye conditions a husky can experience is corneal ulceration. This happens when your husky accidentally scratches their cornea, causing a bacterial infection. And this often leads to ulceration.

You can confirm your husky is suffering from corneal ulceration if the redness is accompanied by squinting and scratching. Luckily, there are many treatments for corneal ulcers. But it’s best to consult your dog’s vet to see the best treatment option. 

Generally, vets recommend leaving the ulcer to heal by itself for mild conditions. And it should clear up between 3 to 10 days. On the other hand, vets suggest applying antibiotic eye drops for severe cases. They prevent the infection from worsening. 

What Can I Do If My Husky’s Eyes Are Red?

Regardless of why your husky’s eyes are red, your dog’s eyes will get irritated! Luckily, you can do a couple of things for your husky to reduce the chances of harming its eyes. Below are proven preventive measures you should explore:

Husky Puppies: Red Eyes Clarified - Top 10 Causes & Remedies Husky Puppies Keep Your Husky’s Eyes Clean 

If you see any gunk or dirt around your husky’s eyes, remove them immediately! Generally, keeping your dog’s eyes clean is one of the best ways to prevent redness and other symptoms. So, it pays to be diligent and clean your husky’s eyes regularly. 

It’s best to use a damp, clean cloth to wipe the corner of your husky’s eyes to the outer part. Doing it this way ensures you’re avoiding your dog’s eyeballs. 

Husky Puppies: Red Eyes Clarified - Top 10 Causes & Remedies Husky Puppies Trim Hair Around Your Husky’s Eyes

Although it’s improbable in huskies, getting hair in their eyes is still possible. Therefore, aside from brushing your husky’s double coat, try to trim the hair around their eyes. It reduces the chance of those follicles irritating or getting trapped in your dog’s eyes. 

Husky Puppies: Red Eyes Clarified - Top 10 Causes & Remedies Husky Puppies Never Let Huskies Stick their Head Out The Car Window

Although it’s fun for dogs, one of the biggest culprits of eye damage and infection among huskies is allowing them to stick their heads out the car window when traveling. If you do, there’s a high chance a foreign object is going into your husky’s eyes, damaging them. 

But if you don’t want to deprive your husky of this enjoyable activity, you can let it wear goggles to keep its eyes safe. 

Husky Puppies: Red Eyes Clarified - Top 10 Causes & Remedies Husky Puppies Bring Your Husky to the Vet for Regular Check-Ups

Ensure your husky gets regular check-ups from its vet to ensure optimal optical health. Generally, it’s best to bring younger huskies to the vet for check-ups at least once a year. On the other hand, older huskies need to be checked at least twice annually.

Husky Puppies: Red Eyes Clarified - Top 10 Causes & Remedies Husky Puppies Always Keep An Eye On Your Husky

If you spot redness in your husky’s eyes, the best thing you can do is to watch them closely. See for any changes in their eyes, body, and behavior. With this, you should be able to pinpoint the issues and resolve them early on. And the earlier you treat the eye condition, the better for your husky’s vision long-term. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it normal for a husky’s eyes to be red?

A: As famous huskies are for their heterochromia, redness among them is not normal. It’s best to consult with your dog’s vet immediately. This way, you’ll be able to receive a proper diagnosis. But generally, common causes of red eyes among huskies include allergies and conjunctivitis. 

Q: Why are my husky’s eyes red around the white parts?

A: When your husky’s blood vessels infiltrate even the tiniest crevices of their eyes, this can lead to redness on the white parts. It’s crucial to watch your husky for any development of redness as it may be the result of a severe condition. Either way, consult your dog’s vet immediately once you see something off.

Q: Are red eyes in huskies something serious?

A: Although the redness goes away, red eyes may indicate an illness among huskies. And these can range from simple drying of the eyes to a more chronic health condition like diabetes. Even worse, red eyes may also indicate tumor growth. So once you see noticeable redness around your husky’s eyes, pay attention!

Q: How can I treat red eyes in huskies?

A: Any attempt to treat your husky’s red eyes without a professional diagnosis can make it worse. I recommend consulting with your dog’s vet before doing anything to their eyes. After all, one wrong move can either make your husky go blind or develop a worse condition. But generally, you can use anti-inflammatory or antibacterial eye drops to ease the redness.

Q: How can I tell if my husky has an eye infection or allergic reaction?

A: In huskies, redness of the eyes is a general symptom that can come from many underlying diseases. But there’s always a slight difference between each case. For instance, if your husky has an allergic reaction, you’d see redness in both eyes. On the other hand, some eye infections only affect one at a time. 

Final Words

Why are my husky’s eyes red? Many things can lead to redness in their eyes, including conjunctivitis and dryness. Fortunately, all are treatable and won’t likely cause permanent damage. Best of all, you can do most of them at home! Still, it’s best to consult your husky’s vet to ensure their safety. Either way, all you must do is pay attention to your husky’s eyes to determine the cause and find the best solution ASAP.