Why Does My Husky Keep Peeing in the House? 9 Causes

When your husky uses your home as its toilet, you may think it’s doing it on purpose and that you need to scold it. But most huskies display inappropriate urination due to underlying causes and not bad behavior. So, why does my husky keep peeing in the house?

Huskies can pee in the house for many reasons, ranging from lack of training to a sudden change in routines. But regardless of the reason, now’s the time to figure out what’s causing it and take action!

This guide will explain why your husky keeps peeing in the house and what you can do to help.

Why Does My Husky Keep Peeing in the House? 9 Possible Reasons

why does my husky keep peeing in the house (infographic)

💦 Age is a Common Reason Why Huskies Keep Peeing In The House

short-coated white and gray dog husky - why does my husky keep peeing in the house
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Age plays a huge factor in why your husky keeps peeing in the house.

For instance, aging huskies won’t have complete control over their bladders. As a result, your senior husky may start peeing inside your home. Meanwhile, younger husky pups also face the same issue as they still lack potty training. 

Here’s more info about huskies, their age, and urination habits: 

🔵Husky Puppies

If you have a young husky pup under one, it’s still in its wild puppy stage. So expect your husky to pee a lot inside your home at this point. That’s why it’s crucial to begin implementing a routine to help your dog form good habits as they age. 

Aside from that, husky puppies tend to pee in the house as they have yet to control their bladders. So, please don’t be too hard on your husky and be patient in potty training it. 

🔵 Adult Huskies

Adult huskies should be able to have control over their bladders, so they shouldn’t pee inside as much. But this might not be the case for a lot. For instance, rescued adult huskies might need to undergo potty training again. 

However, you don’t need to worry about adult huskies peeing in the house. 

🔵 Senior Huskies

Like humans, old age also affects huskies in numerous ways. As your husky becomes older, its ability to control its bladder worsens. And this will eventually lead to your husky peeing in the house. Also, old age often comes with other health issues affecting your dog. 

💦 If You’re Thinking, “Why Does My Husky Keep Peeing in the House?” your Dog Might Be Excited

Huskies, like any other dog, can also get excited. When excited, huskies may lose control over their bladder and pee in the house. And this is especially common if you have a younger husky puppy at home. 

But if you have an adult husky, you might need to take further action as it may state an underlying medical issue. 

💦 Frequent Peeing in the House May be a Sign of Stress and Anxiety Among Huskies

Like with humans, stress and anxiety can also happen to huskies. And similarly, these dogs may also experience many negative impacts on the body due to these. Unfortunately, huskies develop stress and anxiety issues more quickly than other breeds. 

A lack of mental and physical exercise contributes to stress and anxiety in huskies. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that these snow dogs pee indoors when feeling anxious or stressed. Your husky may also display other unwanted behavior like pacing around. 

💦 A Sudden Change of Routine Might Be the Reason Why Your Husky Keeps Peeing in the House

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Photo Courtesy of Alejandro Trinidad

When asking yourself, “why does my husky keep peeing in the house?” have you ever thought that it might be because of a sudden change of routine? When huskies are thrown off their usual ways, it can disrupt many things in their lives. And yes, that includes potty times and urination habits. 

Moreover, your husky’s routine depends on your routine as well. 

So ask yourself, what were the latest changes you made? Have you begun coming from work later than usual? Or do you stay at home a lot longer before going to the office? Anything simple like these can be the issue on why your husky keeps peeing in the house. 

So, the moment anything changes in your routine, your husky may not be able to keep up. 

💦 Huskies May Begin to Pee Outdoors due to Temperature Fluctuations or Weather Changes

Changes in the weather or temperatures affect huskies more than you’d think. After all, these snow dogs thrive in the harsh cold. Their bodies recognize the cold outside, directing their blood away from their skin. And this reaches a husky’s vital organs, including the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys. 

After a while, huskies get a trigger to pee, and when inside the house, they won’t hesitate to urinate. 

💦 Hormonal Imbalance Can Make Your Husky Pee More Indoors

Huskies often experience hormonal imbalance, which happens more often as they age. And as a husky becomes older, the sudden changes may force your dog to pee more indoors. But these hormonal changes will affect all organs in your husky’s body. So, you may also see other odd behavior besides peeing indoors. 

💦 If You’ve Gotten a New Pet and Your Husky Started Peeing In the House, It’s Likely Due to Submissive Urination

black and white siberian huskies
Photo Courtesy of Danitza Pulgar

Submissive urination refers to dogs instinctively peeing when in the presence of others. Usually, huskies do this when in the presence of a more alpha dog or other pets in general. So, if you suddenly got a new pet or have recently adopted a husky, expect the latter to pee in the house.

You don’t need to worry too much about this, as this is the way huskies communicate with other animals. Usually, they’re trying to convey to the other dog or pet that they’re not threatening them. 

This should be easy to detect, so pay attention to your husky’s body language!

💦 Behavioral Problems Force Some Huskies to Pee Indoors

Behavioral issues are one of the most common reasons your husky keeps peeing in the house. For instance, male huskies tend to display marking behaviors when they’re not neutered. And due to their sex hormones, it can become a regular habit—resulting in your husky peeing indoors.

Some behavioral issues in huskies are due to the sudden changes in the environment. So, before knowing why your husky keeps peeing in the house, see if you’ve made changes in your home first. Have you recently adopted a new pet? Or has your family gained a new tiny family member? 

Either way, it pays to be attentive as huskies are incredibly sensitive to these changes.

💦 Your Husky Might Have Health Problems

If none of the reasons could answer your question, why does my husky keep peeing in the house? Your dog might have underlying health issues. 

For example, health conditions like UTIs can cause huskies to pee in the house. But aside from this, there are many other health concerns you need to watch out for. That’s why it’s crucial to consider your husky’s general health and well-being. 

What to Consider When Determining Why A Husky Keeps Peeing In the House?

It can be tricky to pinpoint why huskies pee indoors. So it would be best if you considered some things to grasp why your husky keeps being in the house. And these include:

✔️ Daily Activities Your Husky is Engaging In 

Pay attention to the activities your husky engages in every day. You’d be surprised to find out that your husky may begin to mimic the behavior of other pets. After all, huskies like replicating what they observe in their surroundings. So, it’s best to see your husky’s daily activities. Soon, you’ll be able to find the answer to why does my husky keep peeing in the house?

✔️ Events Happening Around Your Husky

As I mentioned earlier, huskies are naturally sensitive dogs. So, it makes sense to pay attention to their surroundings as well. Huskies may be in a dilemma where they can’t distinguish where to pee and not to pee. Perhaps, you’ve moved homes, or have your house undergone some renovations? Either way, these can affect your husky’s urination behavior. 

✔️ Pay Attention to the Time Your Husky Pees in the House

Time is another thing to consider when determining why your husky keeps peeing in the house. For example, if your husky only pees in the house in the morning, you might not be letting them go out to pee enough. And in this case, it’s better to let your husky go out to pee before sleeping and as soon as you wake up. 

✔️ Body Language

You can tell what a husky’s feeling in their body language alone. And if you see other gestures your husky makes when peeing in the house, it can be easier to find the cause behind the behavior. For instance, if your husky tucks its tail between when or after peeing, it might be stressed or anxious.

How to Stop My Husky from Peeing in the House?

Why does my husky keep peeing in the house? Whether due to age or health problems, it’s still possible to fix this unwanted behavior regardless of the reason. Let’s look at some things you can do to help your husky stop peeing in your home and develop better habits.

🔷 Let Your Husky Undergo Potty Training

Training your husky to stop peeing in the house is easy enough but requires a lot of patience. But to make it easier to potty train your husky, I recommend creating and establishing a “pee spot” in your yard. 

Make it a habit to bring your husky here whenever they need to pee. Doing so allows your dog to associate the spot with peeing. And this conditions your husky to do its business there.

🔷 Establish Morning and Night Routines with Your Husky

If you’ve woken up and seen pee in your home in the morning, set your alarm a few minutes earlier. This way, you’ll wake earlier than your husky and let it out before it does its morning peeing. I also recommend taking your husky outside to pee before going to bed. 

🔷 Bring Your Husky Out in the Yard More

The easiest way to stop your husky from peeing in the house is by increasing the times you let it outside. Try to bring your husky out in the yard during daytime more often. It gives your dog more time to pee outside while enjoying the great outdoors. 

If you don’t increase your husky’s time outdoors, you can’t expect it to be cooped inside and not pee. 

🔷 Reward Your Husky When it Pees Outdoors

Even though this should be part of your husky’s general potty training, it’s a technique you can do alone. Rewarding your husky with praise or tasty treats every time it pees outside lets it associate these fun things with the gesture. So, it shouldn’t be long till your husky develops the habit of peeing outside. 

Remember, positive reinforcement and association are essential to learning. So, it won’t be long before your husky links the two as a good thing. 

🔷 Don’t Settle for Potty Pads

As convenient as potty pads are, they’re never a good idea. These things reinforce the bad habit of peeing inside the house on your huskies. And remember, you need to ensure your husky understands that it’s not okay to pee indoors. So, adding potty pads in your home to stop your husky from getting used to this bad habit doesn’t make sense. 

🔷 Let Your Husky Exercise 

Ensure your husky’s receiving enough exercise to stop it from peeing in the house all the time. Letting your husky exercise for at least 2 hours every day can keep it happy and anxiety-free. Plus, it allows your husky to spend more time outdoors. And this, in turn, halts your dog’s habit of peeing in the house. 

Although there can still be other factors at play, exercise is crucial in a husky’s daily routine. 

🔷 Never Punish Your Husky for Potty Mistakes

Punishing a husky is never okay, regardless of the purpose behind it. But this is especially not advisable when reprimanding your husky for making potty mistakes. This gesture won’t correct these mistakes. Instead, it’ll instill fear in your husky. And not only will this ruin your relationship with your dog, but it can also worsen the habit. 

🔷 Go to the Vet

If none of the remedies work, it’s best to bring your husky to the vet. Your husky might have some underlying health issues causing them to pee in the house. Getting professional help can help you find the best way to deal with this habit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my husky keep peeing in the house again?

A: If your huskies start peeing in your home again, they may have an underlying illness. And these range from urinary tract infections (UTI) to bladder stones. Besides, huskies with diarrhea or other diseases may have poor bladder control. Hence, many of them can’t make it outside quick enough to pee. 

Q: Why does my husky pee a lot in the house?

A: If you have a younger husky puppy, it’s normal to pee a lot whenever they get excited or surprised. That’s because husky puppies have yet to develop control over their bladders. Luckily, you won’t have to deal with this for long since they’ll learn to control their bladders over time. 

Q: Is a husky difficult to potty train?

A: Potty training huskies is straightforward. The only struggle with potty training huskies is trying to get them to adapt to a consistent routine. But you’ll also need to make the process as pleasant as possible to motivate your dog further.

Q: How can I stop my husky from peeing and marking in the house?

A: If you’re dealing with rowdy husky puppies that keep peeing inside your home, it’s never too early to train them. Luckily, guiding your husky puppy to pee outdoors is easy and manageable. Meanwhile, if you have an older husky, spaying or neutering them is your best bet. I recommend doing it as soon as your dog is fit and healthy enough. After all, it will become more challenging to train them not to mark and pee in your home as they age. 

Q: Do I need to be worried if my husky keeps peeing inside my home?

A: Unless your husky exhibits other symptoms like lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, and food refusal, this shouldn’t worry you too much. Aside from that, you only need to worry about your husky peeing inside the house if you see blood in their urine. But if you notice anything unusual, I suggest bringing your dog to the vet immediately. 

Final Words

Why does my husky keep peeing in the house? From behavioral to health problems, huskies, young and old, may begin to pee indoors again. It pays to know the possible causes behind it to help you find the best solution to help your husky. So, be more attentive to keep your husky healthy and happy—and your home pee-free.

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