Why Does My Husky Keep Running Away? 8 Reasons + Proven Tips to Try

Huskies are notorious for being excellent escape artists. And it can be stressful for husky owners when their dogs run away. But, you wonder, why does my husky keep running away? From their instincts to curiosity, there are many reasons huskies run away.

I’ve listed eight possible reasons why your husky keeps running away—and the best ways to stop this habit.

Why Does My Husky Keep Running Away? Here are 8 Possible Reasons Why!

why does my husky keep running away (infographic)

💨 Why Does My Husky Keep Running Away? It’s All Part of their Nature

Two Siberian Husky Running In Snowy Park - why does my husky keep running away
Photo Courtesy of Kateryna Babaieva

Huskies are dogs naturally bred to run, so don’t act surprised if your husky sprints off when out in the tundra.

Remember, huskies are snow/sled dogs originating from the polar regions. And since they need to trudge through the snow, they’ve become more energetic and athletic.

Huskies have ample energy to release, and most need at least 80 minutes of exercise every day.

If a husky doesn’t use all this pent-up energy from physical activity, they’d naturally want to release them. And all it takes is a jump over your fence, and your husky will be able to go to town—literally!

Don’t take things personally, as running is part of a husky’s instinct. It has little to do with your dog’s attachment to you. So, don’t feel too disheartened if your husky sprints off to explore the outdoors once given a chance. 

💨 Huskies Like to Think Independently, Including Running Off

Aside from having the natural urge to run, huskies are independent-thinking dogs. These snow dogs don’t have a problem doing what they want. After all, their origins made them stronger and more independent than regular dogs. 

So, don’t be surprised if your husky sometimes take matters into its paws!

For instance, if your husky sees something interesting beyond your property, it’ll have no issue going to investigate. And by that, I mean jumping off the fence or digging out of your yard. Luckily, huskies are as intelligent as they are active. With patience and the proper training, your husky should be able to resist these in no time. 

💨 A Husky is A Naturally Curious Dog 

A simple yet overlooked reason why your husky might be running away is curiosity. After all, these snow dogs have an intuitive nature of exploring their environment. Therefore, don’t be too mad if your husky runs away when outside. 

You can reduce this habit by giving your husky plenty of exercise outdoors. And whether it’s in your yard or a nearby park, it’s best to train your dog early on. This way, no matter how tempting sites, people, or squirrels can be, your husky should be able to resist its urges.

💨 Huskies Are Easily Distracted, Often Sprinting to Whatever Grabs their Attention

White and Black Siberian Husky
Photo Courtesy of Mikhail Nilov

Why does my husky keep running away? One of the most common reasons is distractions. Huskies are naturally more clever and independent than other breeds.

But, sometimes, their instincts force them to make bad decisions, such as running off. 

These snow dogs are very attentive, even to the slightest distractions. Aside from that, huskies have a high prey drive. So you may notice that when your husky sees a butterfly or squirrel, the first thing they do is run after it. 

Moreover, if your husky hears or smells something that piques its interest, it may also bolt toward it. 

So, it’s crucial to train your husky from a young age. And if you haven’t had the chance to do so, get your running shoes cause you’ll be chasing your husky a lot! 

💨 When Huskies Lack Exercise and Training, Expect them to Keep Running Away From You

As mentioned earlier, huskies are naturally energetic. So, one of the reasons why they may keep running away is due to a lack of exercise. Proper engagement in physical activities lets these snow dogs release their pent-up energy. 

If not, there’s a high chance the husky might develop behavioral issues such as running away. So, if your husky doesn’t get enough exercise, expect it to sprint off whenever given a chance.

Aside from that, lack of training is also a core cause of huskies running away from their owners. If you don’t train your dog at a young age, it might lead to a lack of guidance and eventual unruly behavior. 

It’ll be easier for your husky to follow its wild instincts of running and exploring. So, train your husky with positive reinforcement to control their urges to sprint off. 

💨 Your Husky Craves Your Attention 

Huskies are incredibly affectionate by nature. These snow dogs adore belly rubs and love to cuddle with their human owners. Plus, they’re emotionally intelligent and can comprehend if you’re happy or sad. So, if your husky nestled with you when you felt down—that wasn’t a coincidence!

So considering their emotional capability, your husky may go the extra mile to get your attention. And yes, that includes running off. Remember, unstimulated huskies can become lonely. As a result, these dogs seek excitement somewhere else. 

💨 Huskies Often Run Away From Something They’re Afraid Of

On the topic of “why does my husky keep running away?” an often overlooked possibility is fear. Huskies might run away if something scared them. And unfortunately, fearfulness is common amongst domestic dogs. 

To confirm your husky is running away due to fear, here are some behavioral signs to watch out for: 

  • Excess salivation. 
  • Hiding in nooks and crannies. 
  • Sudden vocalization, such as howling. 
  • Frantic movement, looking for people. 
  • Lethargy. 
  • Trembling or shaking. 

💨 Your Husky is Simply Bored

Husky Puppy Lying Down on Grass
Photo Courtesy of Julissa Helmuth

Finally, the last reason your husky keeps running away is boredom. It’s never good for huskies to be bored as it always leads to unpleasant circumstances. These dogs often get frustrated due to a lack of exercise or mental stimulation. And it doesn’t help that a husky thrives on human interaction. 

Without stimulation or enrichment, boredom creeps in among huskies. Besides making them restless, boredom also forces these dogs to aversive stimuli. And yes, that includes running. 

Here are symptoms of boredom among huskies: 

  • Pacing around. 
  • Non-stop howling or whining. 
  • Excessive yawning. 
  • Napping. 
  • Unexplained aggression. 
  • Self-harming and destroying whatever they get their paws on. 

How to Stop My Husky From Running Away? 6 Proven Tips

Now that we have a couple of ideas about “why does my husky keep running away?” it’s time to look for solutions! Luckily, there are many measures you can explore to prevent your husky from running away. Some keep your dog from being able to sprint off, while others teach them to control their urges.

Here are six proven prevention tips to keep your husky from running away:

✔️ Escape Proof Your House and Yard to Stop Your Husky From Running Away 

The most efficient way to stop your husky from running away is to make your home escape-proof. Here are some things you can do to prevent unwanted escapes: 

  • Install tall fences around your property. It’s best to get over six-foot-tall fences as huskies can jump pretty high. Six feet should be enough to prevent them from escaping. Aside from that, it gives you more time to train your husky not to run away.
  • Ensure all exits are secure around your property. Besides this, you’ll need to make sure that these are safe. For instance, instead of using barbed wires, settle for chicken wires. 
  • Use a chain lock on your doors. A simple yet efficient method of keeping your husky from running away is using a chain lock on your doors. It gives you more control, allowing you to open your doors without your husky running off. 

✔️ Let Your Husky Exercise Enough

We all know how crucial exercise is for huskies, and with enough of it, it can keep your husky satisfied. Engaging in physical activities keeps huskies less hyperactive. And this reduces the chances of them running away. 

Huskies need at least two hours of exercise every day, which you can split during the morning and evening. I recommend creating an exercise routine you and your husky can stick with for the best results. Also, add other activities besides running like hiking or trailing to keep things interesting.

Moreover, it’s best to keep things new and exciting for your husky by going to different places each time! But if you don’t have the time for these, consider hiring a dog walker for the job. Either way, never neglect a husky’s exercise. 

✔️ Crate Training

Why does my husky keep running away? If it’s due to unruly behavior or anxiety, try crate training. It’s an efficient method that helps huskies control their urges to run from a young age. But you can also try it out with older huskies. 

Here’s how to crate train your husky:

  1. Crate placement. Put your husky’s crate in a quiet corner where they can sleep comfortably. 
  2. Let your husky pee before sleeping. Encourage your dog to pee one last time before sleeping. 
  3. Play with them a little bit. If your husky is still a little energetic after peeing, play with your dog for a bit to wear it out. 
  4. Go to the crate. Once your husky begins to show signs of tiredness, urge them to go inside the crate. You can use simple commands like “inside” or “sleep” or bribe your dog with a treat.
  5. Close the crate door. After your husky settles down on the crate, close its door but don’t leave yet! Stay for a bit until your husky falls asleep. 

Crate training is tedious for being a long process, so be patient as your husky is trying its best to learn. And no matter how long it takes, the result will always be favorable to you. It lets your husky control its excess energy and urge to run away long-term. 

✔️ Pay More Attention to Your Husky to Keep them From Running Away

Huskies are affectionate dogs that adore being the center of attention. And providing so allows you to prevent your husky from running away. 

One of the best ways to tackle this is by taking your husky for everyday walks and exercise. Aside from that, being there while your husky is training is also ideal. These won’t only make your husky feel loved, but it also counts toward giving the attention they crave. 

Besides that, spending as much time as you can with your husky, whether playing or cuddling with them, is another efficient way of providing attention. Overall, the more time you give your dog, the less likely they’ll run away. 

✔️ Practice Front Door Training With Your Husky

Front door training is an excellent way to teach your husky self-control. It helps your husky handle its urges to run better by ignoring distractions. Moreover, this facilitates positive reinforcement. And we all know how efficient this is in training dogs!

Here’s how to practice front door training your husky: 

  1. Go to your front door. Stand by a door with your husky sitting in front, facing you. 
  2. Drop some treats on the floor. Before your husky can eat them, call its name, and if it looks at you, it’s a success! If not, keep repeating until your husky gets used to being called by its name. And only give your dog treats when they succeed. 
  3. Slowly open the door. With your husky sitting next to you, command it to “stay.” Once still, slowly open the door and close it immediately. If your husky stays, reward it with treats. If not, repeat the process until it gets the hang of it. 
  4. Open the door wider and wider. Repeat the last step until your husky manages to focus on you and your commands. And each time your husky succeeds, open the door wider than the previous. 
  5. Throw some treats outside the door. Command your husky to focus on you, and if it succeeds, close the door and give them treats. 

Front door training can be time-consuming, so be patient! Regardless, this is an efficient and long-term solution for huskies who keep running away. 

✔️ Be Active with Your Husky 

If nothing works, all you need to do is give what your husky wants—running. But not running away. You can join in the fun by running alongside your husky, but this might be a challenging feat even if you’re fit. So, I recommend investing in a bike to keep up with your husky. Not only will this satisfy your husky, but it also lets you two form a closer bond while staying fit and healthy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it normal for a husky to keep running away?

A: Huskies are a naturally independent and active breed. As a result, these snow dogs tend to think on their own outdoors. So, it’s normal if your husky runs off alone once in a while. After all, huskies are prone to dash off whenever given the opportunity.

Q: Why does my husky keep running away when outside? 

A: Huskies are carefree dogs that like to explore and often sprint away when out in the tundra. Aside from that, your husky might be repeating this habit because they’re simply bored. So, if you spot yours running away from you, don’t take it personally. After all, it’s part of their personality trait rather than an attachment problem. 

Q: How can I get my husky to come back to me after running away?

A: Huskies are playful dogs, so the best way to beckon them to you after running away is to run alongside them. But it’s best to use this tactic only if your dog doesn’t come to you immediately. If not, you two will be running around non-stop. And if that doesn’t work, you can call your husky and bribe them with treats!

Q: How can I get my husky to stay in my yard and stop them from running away?

A: When going out, place your husky on a sturdy leash and walk within the border of your yard. It’s best to stay within the boundaries to help your dog remain within your property once trained. Also, try to keep training sessions distraction-free so your husky can stay focused.

Q: How much exercise does my husky need?

A: Being naturally active dogs, huskies would happily run all day if given a chance. I recommend at least letting your husky exercise at least 80 minutes daily. And ensure that most of that time consists of running—and having fun. You can join in by training your husky to run with you

Final Words

Why does my husky keep running away? Huskies are carefree dogs that like to run away if they’re bored, curious, or need attention. But regardless of the reason, remember never to punish your husky if they run away. Doing so will only add to your dog’s anxiety, so it’s best to guide them to better behavior instead of punishment. This way, your husky won’t be dashing away from you anytime soon.

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