Why Does My Husky Puppy Sleep So Much? Should I Worry?

Huskies are known to be an active breed, but why does my Husky puppy sleep so much? If you’re asking yourself this question, you’re at the right place. A lot of reasons could cause a canine to sleep more during the day. Most of them are harmless, but you shouldn’t discount the possibility of a health problem brewing.

In this post, I will tackle this question and help you navigate the problem properly. I’ll also include my personal recommendations to help you keep your Husky active.

How much sleep do Husky puppies need?

why does my Husky puppy sleep so much

In general, puppies need more sleep than adult dogs. They require around 18 to 20 hours of sleep a day. Puppies are fast-growing, and their bodies need to rest in order to produce more growth hormones. Also, pups get easily tired due to their small bodies.

So if your Husky pup is dozing off most of the day, there’s nothing to be worried about. It’s their growth phase kicking in. As the doggo gets older, its sleep duration will become shorter and more established.

It’s fascinating how a Husky puppy can be a raging furry tornado in one moment then a sleeping bug in another. This is the doggo’s internal body clock doing its work and telling its brain to slow down and rest.

Still, some Husky pups are sleepier than others, so that this duration will vary widely. The most important thing is you don’t force your doggo to stay awake. Let it get its much-needed slumber before the next playtime.

Why does my Husky puppy sleep so much?

Are you worried that your Husky pup is sleeping too much than usual? If so, here are some of the usual reasons behind your doggo’s extended bedtime:

🐶It’s part of your Husky’s growth.

why does my Husky puppy sleep so much

As mentioned earlier, Husky puppies are still in their growing phase. And as a medium to large breed, it’s normal for them to require more sleep than small canines.

Dogs grow best when they get enough sleep. This is because the pituitary and mammary gland can produce more growth hormones when the body is in the slumber phase. Aside from that, sleeping is the body’s way of blowing off steam so that the pup will be reenergized.

This is why sleep-deprived Huskies, or any human, in that case, are prone to sickness and stunted growth. So if you see your Husky pup sleeping in the daytime, just let it be.

🐶It can be a sign of hypoglycemia.

While it’s normal for puppies to sleep a lot, you have to watch out for hypoglycemia. This condition is also known as low blood sugar and can cause life-threatening repercussions among puppies if not addressed right away.

Puppies have small bodies, so they can only eat and store a small amount of glucose at a time. Pair that with an energetic behavior, and this energy source will be depleted fast.

Remember that one of the signs of hypoglycemia is lethargy and weakness. It may appear as if your Husky pup is just sleeping, but it could also be the onset of hypoglycemia.

So how would I know if my Husky puppy is experiencing low blood sugar? First, think about the last time you fed your dog. Has it been a couple of hours? Is it too long you can’t remember? If so, it’s likely that your pooch is succumbing to low blood sugar levels.

Aside from that, hypoglycemia can cause muscle tremors, impaired vision, seizures, and incoordination. If your Husky puppy exhibits any of these, you have to perform the following steps:

  • Rub honey or corn syrup into its gums. Make sure that it’s Xylitol-free.
  • Encourage it to drink water mixed with honey
  • Offer a small amount of food or treats
  • Bring the pup to the vet if it’s unresponsive.

At the vet’s clinic, your dog will receive intravenous fluids to force nutrients back to its body. This will help the pup regain its strength and combat the progressing hypoglycemia.

🐶Your Husky is tired.

Why Does My Husky Puppy Sleep So Much? Should I Worry? why does my husky puppy sleep so much

You should expect Husky puppies to become extremely tired and sleepy after an exercise or playtime session. They are still small after all, and their bodies need to recharge through sleep.

Don’t worry because as your Husky gets older, it will be more tolerant of exercise and exhaustion. While your pup sleeps, you can take it as an opportunity to run errands. Huskies hate being left alone, so going out while they are sleep is a good use of time.

🐶You’ve just been given medication.

Some medications can make a puppy groggy and sleepy. This is the case if your Husky pup is experiencing health problems and has been prescribed pharmaceuticals.

It’s important to discuss this side effect with your dog’s vet to ensure that it’s completely normal. The vet can also examine your pup to see if it’s suffering from other side effects that could compromise its health.

However, if your Husky pup isn’t on any medication, you should check your own medicines. This breed is curious, and they love mouthing things. There’s a possibility that your doggo got into your prescriptions and chomped a fair amount of drugs.

Take note that ingestion of human medicines is dangerous for canines. You should bring it to the vet right away if you suspect that this is the case.

Aside from grogginess and sleepiness, drug poisoning in dogs is often accompanied by excessive drooling, palpitation, vomiting, and diarrhea. In many cases, the doggo will have low blood pressure, increased thirst, seizures, and even coma.

🐶The weather is hot.

Huskies are bred to withstand extreme cold weather. With this, they have a thick double coat that protects them from hypothermia and frostbite.

However, if the Husky pup is exposed to hot temperatures, it will easily succumb to overheating. This condition is dangerous and will become life-threatening within minutes.

Aside from lethargy and what seems to be excessive sleeping, overheating in dogs is also accompanied by excessive panting, pale and dry gums, vomiting, and confusion.

If your Husky pup is overheating, you have to do the following first aid steps:

  • Bring the pup to a cool area. Never rush the dog to an air-conditioned room, as this will cause shock. A spot with ventilation and shade would be ideal.
  • Offer cool water. Next, you should encourage your Husky pup to drink cool water. Again, don’t provide ice-cold water as this will make it harder for the doggo to breathe. Also, never administer water to an unconscious pup as this will only be inhaled.
  • Douse water on your Husky’s body. While your Husky is drinking, you can douse water all over its body. For example, you can use faucet water to make sure that it’s not too cold.
  • Rush your dog to the vet. Even if your Husky puppy seems to have recovered, you need to bring it to the vet just the same. The veterinarian will check if any organs are damaged due to the heatstroke episode.

🐶Your Husky is bored.

Why Does My Husky Puppy Sleep So Much? Should I Worry? why does my husky puppy sleep so much

On a less serious note, a sleepy Husky puppy might be nothing but bored. Since there’s nothing to keep them active, the doggo just decided to catch up on some winks. This is normal for Huskies, but beware because once they are awake, there will be zoomies around.

Take note that boredom isn’t a good experience for dogs. As your pup gets older, it will soon explore other things to pass the time. For Huskies, this includes excessive vocalization and destructive behavior.

🐶Your pup just finished a meal.

Isn’t it inviting to take a quick nap right after a hearty meal? The same goes for our Husky puppies! As blood flow gets concentrated in the stomach, puppies will feel sleepy and groggy. This is why you’ll catch your Husky dozing off right after finishing its meal. In this case, let the doggo rest.

Proven advice to give your puppy quality sleep

Why Does My Husky Puppy Sleep So Much? Should I Worry? why does my husky puppy sleep so much

Husky puppies must get quality sleep as part of their normal growth. To ensure that your pooch is dozing off properly, here are some of my proven advice as a Husky owner:

✔️Give your pup a comfy bed

Many Husky owners don’t realize the importance of giving their puppies a dedicated bed. Aside from keeping your own bed dog-free, you’re also training your pup to be independent. This will give the dog its own resting quarters instead of being kicked on its hooman’s bed.

I highly recommend orthopedic dog beds since Husky puppies can grow on them. Also, you should pick a size that can accommodate your pup’s adult size. Huskies grow fast, and before you know it, you already need to buy a new bed.

✔️Choose a quiet corner.

Like us, pups need a quiet space for sleep. You should place your bed away from excessive foot traffic and make sure that there are no loud sounds around. This can be a corner in your house or a nook where your dog can retreat after a tiring day. It will also help to keep your pup’s sleeping corner dim.

It’s important to train your puppy to sleep on its own spot. This will pay off once the doggo is an adult canine.

✔️Stick to a schedule

If you want your puppy to remain active during the day, you should come up with a schedule. This includes feeding, exercise, playtime, and other activities. As beings of habit, canines thrive when they can predict the flow of the day’s activities.

Aside from that, a schedule will be the foundation of your dog’s future training sessions. In addition, it will help curb separation anxiety and boredom.

✔️Perform crate training

 Whether or not your Husky can sleep through the night, it’s crucial to perform crate training nonetheless. Remember that this breed is prone to separation anxiety, and crating is a great way to calm their nervous nerves.

Contrary to what others think, placing a dog inside a crate isn’t a form of punishment. In fact, it mimics the denning behavior of canines in the wild, where they find comfort hiding from predators. Aside from that, crate training will pave the way for effective potty training.

✔️Don’t forget about potty breaks.

To ensure that your pup’s sleep won’t be interrupted, you should bring it out for potty breaks multiple times a day. This is especially crucial at night since your doggo is supposed to hold its bladder for hours.

I suggest scheduling the last potty break as late as you can. Personally, I do this 30 minutes before my own bedtime, so my Husky puppy will be all set for sleep, too.

✔️Consider giving a relaxing massage.

For Husky pups with a bad case of anxiety, a massage will help them doze off. The relaxing sensation and your presence will give your pup a sense of security.

However, you should start shedding this habit as some Huskies may grow reliant on your touch and presence. Over time, you can replace the massage with relaxing scents and sounds.

✔️Provide ample exercise

A tired puppy is a sleepy puppy. If you want your Husky to doze off well through the night, you should drain its excess energy. You can do this through playtime or a short walk around the neighborhood. This will save you from ear-splitting howling in the middle of the night.

How to keep your Husky puppy active

If you’re worried that your Husky pup isn’t getting enough physical stimulation, here are some of the things you can do to keep it active:

  • Provide fun toys. One of the most effective ways to keep a Husky puppy active is to provide interactive toys. Toys are also great tools to provide mental stimulation, which is integral in the brain development of your pet.
  • Schedule short bursts of playtime. Husky puppies love a good playtime, but you should give it in short bursts. A 10-minute session is enough, then let the pup take a nap. This way, you can keep your doggo active without forcing them to miss out on much-needed sleep.
  • Teach a new trick. For variety, you can insert short training sessions by teaching a new trick. Aside from keeping the pup busy, you’re also shaping it into a well-mannered canine.
  • Take the dog out. Like us, Huskies need to get ample sunlight. This will align their body clock, so their shedding will be on time for the season. However, just don’t do it on a hot summer day since this breed can easily overheat.
  • Stage a scavenger hunt. Another way to engage your pup is to set up a scavenger hunt. You can hide treats around the house that your doggo will sniff. This will keep your pup moving without too much effort on your part. Of course, make sure that the treats are healthy and rich in protein!
  • Consider getting another dog. If you can’t keep your Husky accompanied all the time, you can consider getting a second dog. You should get one from the opposite gender and with a size similar to the Husky. You should also consider the temperament of the canine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Husky puppies breathe fast when sleeping?

A: It’s normal for Husky puppies to have a faster respiration rates than adult ones. This is the same as a human baby having faster breathing than adults. As long as your Husky pup isn’t choking or snoring, there’s nothing to be worried about.

Q: Should I be quiet when my puppy is sleeping?

A: It’s important to keep your dog’s sleeping area quiet. If not, the doggo will miss sleep, which will cause disruption in its sleeping patterns. Too much noise may also make a Husky puppy anxious, especially those that just been placed in their new homes.

Q: What time should puppies go to bed?

A: There’s no specific bedtime suggested for canines. They just need to catch up to 10 hours of sleep a day, which can be during the day or night. Also, most dogs follow the schedule of their owners. So if you’re more awake at night, you should expect your Husky to do the same.

Q: Can a 10-week-old puppy sleep through the night?

A: It can be challenging to get a young puppy to sleep through the night, especially if you’ve recently brought it home from a breeder. Still, keeping them comfy and eliminating noise will help the pup doze off. Some pet owners also let the puppy sleep in their bedrooms on the first days.

Q: Can Huskies oversleep?

A: Dogs need more sleep than humans do, much so if you have a puppy. Oversleeping isn’t really a thing with canines, though you have to watch out for potential health problems causing sleepiness. While it may seem like harmless behavior, it may unravel something at the vet’s clinic.

Final words

Why does my Husky puppy sleep so much? It’s normal for puppies to sleep for up to 20 hours a day. However, you should watch out for potential health problems that could be triggering sleepiness in your dog. When in doubt, you should consult your dog’s veterinarian.