Fast Breathing Husky: Understand 8 Possible Reasons!

All animals breathe fast after vigorous activity, and it is the same with a husky. However, you can find husky breathing so fast even when resting. Please note this is a direct sign something is wrong with your husky. Many husky owners will start guessing the causes and solutions, leading to a fatal end.

We have prepared this article to inform you of various reasons your husky can be breathing so fast. You will also understand if husky breathing so fast is a dangerous condition or not. Get inside information on the standard rate of breathing a husky should have. And how you can normalize husky breathing so fast.

What Leads to Husky Breathing so Fast?

Below are reasons that can trigger husky breathing so fast:

1. After an active engagement

Fast Breathing Husky: Understand 8 Possible Reasons! corgi siberian husky

Active engagement is the evident and healthy reason your husky breaths so fast. Huskies work and run around; hence, they need more oxygen to burn food and release energy. The body has to cope with the high amount of carbon dioxide emitted. Big huskies require more oxygen than small ones because of their big muscles.

2. Obesity

Obesity is when your husky develops more fat layers under the skin, including around internal body organs. The space in the chest cavity reduces because fats fill it up. Moreover, it creates little room for the lungs and the heart. As a result, a husky has to breathe so fast to take in enough oxygen.

Obesity is bad for huskies and easily triggers other diseases like Neoplasia, bone problems, hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, reproductive disorders, and metabolic diseases. Obesity also creates fat deposits in the blood vessels, making it hard for the heart to pump blood, hence husky breathing so fast.

Reduce the number of calories you are giving your husky, and it will stay healthy. A husky missing the waist and abdominal tuck is vulnerable to obesity. Of course, a fat husky looks beautiful but give it some exercising time.

3. Onion poisoning

Fast Breathing Husky: Understand 8 Possible Reasons! corgi siberian husky

Onions make the food incredible but very dangerous to huskies. Onions have a chemical component that will make the GI tract of a husky swell. A swollen GI track irritates the mouth, hence husky breathing so fast to cool down the irritation. Garlic is even worse and can cause immediate death.

Some of the signs and symptoms of onion poisoning are; drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, fast short breathe, nausea, and sometimes collapsing. Onions and garlic can lead to anemia that destroys the red blood cells. Consequently, fewer red blood cells cause husky breathing so fast.

4. High temperatures

Fast Breathing Husky: Understand 8 Possible Reasons! corgi siberian husky

Huskies are adapted to stay in colder areas; hence summer seasons are nightmares to them. Their huge fur will store a lot of heat on the skin. Dogs control high body temperatures by sticking their tongues outs and breathing very fast. Open mouth allows more oxygen into the body, cooling down the heat.

Be careful; your husky might be having a heatstroke. It is heatstroke when you see husky breathing so fast, drooling than usual, and vomiting. In this case, give it water and take it in the shade. Call the vet if the condition persists.

5. Allergic reaction

Husky breathing so fast can happen when it interacts or eats something it is allergic to. As a dog owner, make sure you know all substances your dog is allergic to, especially food. When the breathing rate increases immediately after eating, it is allergic to that food. However, when the breathing rate is high but wiggling the tail, it means the dog is happy and satisfied.

6. Diaphragmatic hernia

When the diaphragm is pushed upwards, it makes the chest cavity smaller, hence your husky breathing so fast. Primarily this condition develops in female huskies after giving birth. Obesity can also lead to this condition. Furthermore, it will worsen when the diaphragm tears and the digestive system move into the chest cavity.

7. Medication side effects

Fast Breathing Husky: Understand 8 Possible Reasons! corgi siberian husky

Some medications can lead to husky breathing so fast. Anti-vomit and diarrhea medications increase the heart rate hence more oxygen is needed in the lungs. Vets advise you to let your husky out to sit in the open air. Turn on the air conditioner if it is indoors and give it a lot of clean water.

8. Respiratory diseases

Huskies suffer from various respiratory disorders such as chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, and collapsed lungs. Respiratory problems make it hard for the husky to breathe, causing short, quick breaths. Some signs and symptoms of respiratory diseases are coughing, wheezing, retching and gagging. Pneumonia affects the lungs and can cause fever and a running nose.

How to Control a Husky Breathing so Fast

1. Ensure it is cool

Huskies do not love high temperatures; you can help them remain calm with a few strategies. Always give it water to lower the high temperature, sometimes you can use the ice chips. Let it outside during summer but ensure it stays under a shade. Turn on the electric fan when it is indoors. In addition, you can shave the excess fur to keep it cool in summer.

2. Visit the vet

When you notice the husky breathing so fast condition persisting, take it to the vet for a precise diagnosis. The vet will give you solutions to the problem and tips on how to control it when it happens again. It can be a disease that is developing or has already been set. The early stages of pregnancy can also lead to husky breathing so fast.

3. Physical exercise

Physical exercise will eliminate obesity. Make sure your husky gets time to play and run around to burn excess fat in the body. Exercise gives your dog a healthy heart and a clean chest cavity. Go with your husky for the morning run and take a walk in the evening. Moreover, avoid feeding your husky lots of calories instead; give it plain foods like white rice.

Common Respiratory Diseases in Huskies

Fast Breathing Husky: Understand 8 Possible Reasons! corgi siberian husky

You have seen that respiratory diseases can lead to husky breathing so fast from above. But do you know the common respiratory infections that affect huskies? It is good to understand their signs and symptoms so that you can treat them early enough before the condition is irreversible. The following are respiratory infections you should watch out for in huskies:

1. Distemper virus

Distemper virus is a common disease that mainly affects puppies under four months. It starts affecting the nervous system then up to the chest cavity. Treat the virus before it matures, or else it will be untreatable. It is an airborne infection contracted through sneezing and coughing. The main symptoms are;

– Fever,

– Lethargy,

– Vomiting,

– Circling character,

– Salivation,

– Coughing,

– No appetite

– Seizures

Distemper virus can lead to permanent paralysis; vaccinate your puppy against this disease. You are advised to have a schedule for all vaccinations and do not miss even one point on the list. Separate the feeding bowls and sterilize them every meal because the virus is highly contagious. Keep off the wildlife creatures like foxes and wolves.

2. Chronic bronchitis

It starts as common bronchitis, but it will develop into chronic bronchitis if not treated. The chronic stage is irreversible because the lungs are entirely damaged. Once you see your husky breathing so fast and a few coughs, most likely in the early stage of bronchitis. The early stages are curable with the correct medication.

Here are the common signs and symptoms of bronchitis:

– Coughing

– Struggled to breathe

– Vomiting

– Wheezing

– Gagging

– Fainting

Allow the vet to perform a diagnosis to determine the stage of the disease. Some X-rays, tracheal cleaning, and bronchoscopy will determine the suitable medication. Bronchodilators and corticosteroids are the best medication for early-stage bronchitis. They open up the airways and clean up excess mucus in the air sacs. Keep your husky off smoke, dust, and aerosols.

3. Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a respiratory infection that causes inflammation of air sacs in the lungs. The husky breathing so fast will start when fluid fills up the air sacs. Something has to trigger pneumonia; for example, bacteria and viruses can bring fluids and pus to the alveoli. Allergens and aspirated foods are also common triggers. Watch out for these symptoms in your husky:

– Fever

– Struggled to breathe

– Easily get tired

– Coughing

– Short and fast breathes

– Loss of body mass or weight

– Dehydration

– Lethargy

– Noisy breathing and running nose

Pneumonia is easy to treat with a series of antibiotics. However, the vet will recommend fluid therapy and oxygen therapy in advanced stages of pneumonia. Pneumonia can spread very fast hence should isolate sick ones. Vaccination is the best way to prevent this respiratory infection.


Husky breathing so fast is a common condition and is a way to regulate most metabolic actions. After a vigorous activity, your husky will start breathing so fast; in this case, it is normal. Another usual point is when it does so to regulate body temperature during hot months. Obesity and diaphragmatic hernia reduce the chest cavity causing fast breathing.

In addition, onion poisoning, side effects of some medication, and respiratory diseases also cause husky breathing so fast. Moreover, always watch out for the symptoms of respiratory diseases like pneumonia and bronchitis. In conclusion, fast breathing is the first sign of respiratory diseases, and other common signs are coughs and running nose. Here is another husky blog post.